[RP Story] [CANON] The Winds of war


Johan kept making small long slips of skin falling off the Tulles " ANSWER THE QUESTIONS YOU BEAST" he shouted as he laughed, clearly Johan were enjoying this abit too much " i’m not gonna watch this Johan i will head outside with maria to deal with the wounded and take head count on kills, while you play" Nanna said as she started to walk out of the house. Johan didnt listen he were busy


Tullus passed out, blood running all over him. And hot on the trail of the Danheimers, Numitor led his force of vengeful soldiers…


" DONT YOU DARE HALF BREED!" Johan yelled as he started to beat the now passed out Tulles
meanwhile outside the house Nanna and Maria was checking up on the troops, and the wounded doing inventory and double checking kill count


Tullus didn’t answer. The blood loss had overcome him, and his head slumber forward. Neptune had taken another to himself.

Numitor and his men found the camp of the raiders. Scouting it out, he surrounded the place, placing his rifle bearing troops at the edges of the clearing, from where they could fire without being seen. He drew his sword, a long deadly blade that was as long as a spear. He raised it, then dropped his arm.

Rifle fire erupted around the clearing, cutting down Vikings in heaps.

”For Valkoria!”

With a rour, the Valkorians burst from the tree line, while keeping up a steady fire, they dashed accross the clearing, slamming into the surprised Danheimers.

The terrible visage of Lord Numitor was fearsome to see, and it struck fear into the northmen, who fled from his face and striking greatsword.


windows were scattered from all sides and floors of the house and rifle and machine gun fire erupted out from the house, as the crews were falling down left and right due of the surprise attack, Nanna and Maria and whoever had the chance made it into the house, if they were going to fall it was gonna be with a fight. However it was gonna be a short fight giving due of the surprise they haven’t had the time to move all the ammo inside. The bullet flew from all sides, Johan had moved from Tulles lifeless corpse " Seems we got careless and greedy, fire every single round you lot got if they want us they have to come and take us!" he yelled out in Norse to the people inside everyone funny enough agreed, however the fight didn’t last long as they ran out of ammo “If we surrender we die if we fight we die, we had a good run” Maria uttered as she had resorted to tossing out fire charges, the few she had left anyway. Nanna however yelled out the window “We will stop firing if you call off your men, we can talk about this!” awaiting this foul half breeds response


Numitor cut the last Viking in half at his feet, and all firing ceased. Norse bodies lay all around, corpses strewn in heaps, the occasional legionarie among them.

At the call for a truce, he called out a response.

”Northman! This is your only warning! Surrender, and I can promise you a fair trial, a chance to defend yourselves, unlike your unhappy victims. Walk out with your arms above your head, or face retribution.”

He motioned a team of legionaries forward, who readied themselves to break down the door. The northmen were trapped, their machine guns outside with their slain gun crews.


the gun fire died out and the front door opened up and a line of 30 Danheimers walked out with their guns over their head, as the lined kept going they started to disarm and tossing their empty weapons into a pile, Mads Johan Nanna and Maria came out last and stood in front of their men
" Here we are so lets talk" Nanna said while the rest stood by her side


Instead of talking, Numitor snapped an order.
”Take them.”

Valkorians swarmed over the captives, forcing them to their knees, and binding their hands ightly behind their back.

Numitor and the soldiers brought the northmen out of the clearing, forcing them along at a rapid pace to the Northern Army. Entering it, they were lined up in the forum area of the massive base. Numitor stood on a raised wooden platform, in front which stood the imprisoned Danheimers.

”Who here speaks for you?” he demanded.


" We do" Mads Nanna Maria and Johan said in uni synced after that Johan spit on the ground


”Then know that you are hereby charged with the slaughter of villagers, including women and children, attacking in peace time without provocation, and the torture of the soldier Tullus. What have you to say in your defense?”


" In peace time?! you half breeds are infighting killing each other, we are simply here to collect on the bounties on your freak asses, ALL WE HAVE KILLED! were the will of the gods! their screams for mercy the fear oh the sweet fear! the streets covered in their foul blood IT WAS THEIR WILL WE ACTED ON IT!, THIS IS JUSTICE UNFOLD ON YOU! AND YOUR KIND!" Johan yelled with wide eyes showing his sharp teeths
"The fact your kind is on midjord is a crime against everyone we acted in self defense!" maria said while mads didnt utter a word
Nanna however " This is the will of the gods we trimmed the herd so you shant march against this world when Ragnarok comes, its the will of Odin, the justice from Tyr himself, we are simply tools of Thor, and every single one of us that has fallen will be guided back to Valhalla by Freja herself" she said


Disgusted by the ratings of the northerner, Numitor was angry, angry as never before. He felt the loss of his people dearly, and these, these savages had cut them in a frenzy of blood lust. He walked off the platform, to stare Johan in the face.

”Out of your own mouth you are condemned. Now, your sentencing.”

He paused. ”I would give you death by beheading, and benefits a warrior, but you have shown yourselves lacking of all honor, and so forfeit that right. Degenerates like you belong on a cross.” The Lord took a step back.

”I Lord Titus Numitor, fulfill my office. I sentence you under the laws of Valkoria and of good people everywhere. To death, by cross.”


Johan started to laugh " So this is the mighty Titus a half breed that can’t even finish the job himself!. You think of us Savages and Degenerates, how are you to talk!? i can smell the scent of blood and guts from you! you’re a killer of nature half breed, so come kill me yourself! or do i need to tell you how i shot, and cut them your offspring?! burned them alive!" he yelled out


Numitor turned around, while the legionaries hustled the prisoners away.

”And as for you…on your knees.” When Johan resisted, he was kicked to the ground, his neck forced onto a stump. ”Perhaps your Gods will give you more mercy than you have those children.” Titus slid out his weapon, and raised it.

The sun flashed on the descending blade.

”Carry out the sentence Centurion.” Numitor walked away, back to his tent to ponder on many things.

The soldiers took the Vikings to the shore. Cutting down trees, they fashioned crosses. After erecting the instruments of death, they lashed the northerners to the beams, and then drove nails through their wrists and feet, blood running from their tattered limbs and shattered bones. There they left them, writhing in agony. All but five. The Centurion in charge of the detachment cast them out, with no weapons or food.

”Go back to your home, and tell your king that Valkoria will have its reckoning. You have only tasted the beginnings of the cup of vengeance that will brought upon you. Begone, cowards and murderers!”

The crosses with their pain-wracked burdens stood, lashed by the wind and rain blowing from the sea. One by one, the corpses turned to skeletons. They stood until the wood rotted, as a warning.

The bones intended for head count by the murderers were buried in a communal grave, with proper burial rights.


Nanna and Maria and a few reminders left in a hurry, in their trip back they made sure to void any contact. The trip home was long and hard but the anger fueled their return home, it was not as joyful was they had hoped their count lost, good men and women dead but for Nanna the valkorians they killed were payment enough for her she had issued the will of the gods, maria were simply pissed the ■■■■ off, after weeks upon weeks of travel they could see the north their home the ship docked at night, but then again it became nightfall fast in the north

they made their way to the great hall of the king in hopes for any sort of reward or atlest get to tell their tale for the king himself. They were let inside only giving their story for the late visit. they told the epic tale of how only a 100 men and women killed and mowed down the half breeds and then end of trip
" I cannot reward what i can’t see however you two might just be what i need, tommorw morning we will talk again i have an order hall that needs to be filled and you five will do just nicely, for now i grant you the offer to sleep in my hall, a bath will be made, food and drinks at the ready, however fail me and death will come for you, so Commander Maria and Commander Nanna from this night you two will be running the new order of Danheim the Order of Loke, now rest tommorw work will start anew" The king said before departing the hall
Maria and Nanna just looked at each other stunned


Numitor sent an envoy bearing news of the raid, the words that Johan had spoken, that Danheim had began a policy of religious war upon the Valkorian people, to Gaius Caesar. He knew that Gaius would make the right response, and would know how to deal with the Northerners.

He led his army back to Castle Numitor, to wait for new developments, and to think. Little did he know how soon the winds of war would shift and change, blowing in another direction, North.

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