[RP Story] [CANON] The Winds of war


It’s a dark night and cold night in Danheim the wind was whistling in the streets, roofs and around the mountains. the snow were falling heavy, a perfect northern night but inside Drunken Boar a private party where going down between 4 groups of sell swords as uncommon it was for them to meet it was more rare for someone to rent the whole boar all day and night. On the 2rd floor around the long table 4 leaders were sitting

" All right listen we all know why we are here we have had our fun, drinking eating whoring. But its time to deal the cards, everyone has heard the order from the king for every of theses half breed jotens that is killed and dropped off as trophy that person or group will be getting a juice reward, we all know where they live and what to expect there, so now we have to lay our weapons aside and come to an agreement" one of the leaders Johan Razorteeth said to the other three " SO you expect us to work together and share the coin we get for this not only found this trip, who the hell told you i would even work with Drake scale crew?" one of the other said as she tossed her mug across the room this person was Maria Flame-barer title gained from her red hair and the fact she had burned down whole villages on her own " yeah why the ■■■■ should i even work with this fucking whore, her whole crew are uncontrollable and you can’t trust them" a man yelled out as he slammed his hands onto the table Mads Scale face the leader of the drake scale crew. " now now there this is an way to serve the gods! theses half breeds cannot be allowed to join Ragnarok the more we kill and take off midjord thous better! and well getting paid aswell is nice but this should be for glory honor duty and for the gods! even if it means paying up from your own wallet and working together, we all know the tale of Ragnarok." a blond woman said while putting his mug slowly down on the table it was Nanna the righteous,
“At Ragnarok the world as we know it will be destroyed. But that is not the end. After a long time, a time of healing, a new universe will be created, one better and cleaner and free from the evils of this world. It too will last for countless millennia… until again the forces of evil and cold contend against the forces of goodness and light… and again there is a time of rest, followed by a new creation and another chance for men. Nothing is ever finished, nothing is ever perfect, but over and over again the race of men gets another chance to do better than last time, ever and again without end. So making sure theres less of them and more of us standing around for round two should be everyones goal you bastards”" Nanna ran the Hel crew
Johan slammed his hands onto the table " See she gets it! we can serve the gods and gain glory and honor and even get a payday out of this world, so we all can relax and even get more members. I have the plan to get there which route to take supply stops everything is planned out, and then we hunt we hunt them all down man woman child, and once we have enough or are forced to leave we pack up and leave and get paid" Johan said, the rest nodded they could agree on what the man said it made sens for now anyway. So three days after all the four crews geared up and start to head south, they took ships in safe waters until they made the south side of the northern zone where they took it on foot, by cart and even horses


The great northern wall stood as a testament to Valkorian engineering. Its mighty ramparts defended the empire from assault by land, unbreachable without great force and power.

But these days, the wall was unguarded. Stripped of the legions that manned the wall by the call to war, the silent stonework was nothing more than a small obstacle to determined assailants.

Beneath the shadow of the wall, the peaceful village of Escalaborum had always been safe and sound, protected from attack or raid by the wall and the troops. But today, their quiet lives were about to be rudely interrupted.

After first scouting for enemies, and discovering their good luck at the abandoned wall, the Danheim raiding party ascended, using grappling hooks and raw climbing ability to ascend. Reaching the top, the first Danheimers to ever make it into Valkoria, they were overjoyed to find a target so close at hand, the village in sight some distance from the wall. With the only Valkorian troops many miles away, holed up in Numitor’s army camp, where he waited to see whether Gaius or Lucius would triumph, the hamlets were at the mercy of the battle hardened raiders.


The Danheim group formed their formations and made their way to this hamlet with great ease and stealth, this day would be a testament to the gods will and would show theses half breeds what only a few vikings could do in the terms of damage and death, the teams spread out machine gunners took their places getting their cone of fire right soon after, the team leaders started to clap their rune stones issuing the sound of thunder and lighting. And fire charges bombarded into the houses setting many of them ablaze the hamlet people ran out of their houses barely awake and in a panic fearing the worst and it was the worst they had to fear, as they ran out they soon after were cut down by hail of bullets, charges tossed around to hit the masses with shrapnel. The people screamed in panic fear and pain, their homes ablaze market blowing up a few Danheimers did get caught unaware but it did nothing to assault, as the fight made it closer and closer into the center a few teams started to drag off the dead working over time to clear every street getting as many corpses as they could the hamlet people could hear battle cries and names unknown names but names screamed from the top of lungs. The few brave that took the fight in the center stood their ground claiming their life to king and country, which only seemed to rail theses small beings anger and aggression, making them fight harder and far more aggressive. The whole assault lasted mer hour or two, the people that didnt flee out of town where killed or taking capture deathly wounded. The danheim troops started to pull out with their spoil while the leaders were looking at this once peaceful and beautiful hamlet now ablaze, smoking and riddled with bullet holes " Get moving we need to move we do not have the time for anyone slacking off, if they find us now its all been for nothing some sort of armed repose can’t be that far a way. so get moving, if they wont move fast enough kill them off and drag them along with the rest" Nanna yelled at the men and women who now started to rush


The savage Danheimers ruthlessly destroyed the village. Those who resisted were butchered out of hand, and those who fled were cut down anyway. Men, women, children, all fell. After completing the destruction of the defenceles Valkorains, who were unable to fight back, the Norse left the gutted village, their faces shining with the joy of wanton slaughter.

With no casualties, the raiding party moved off, further south, seeking more outposts to prey on. Over the next few days, they found and annihilated two more villages, and laid waste to one small mining outpost. As no Valkorians survived the massacres, no one told Lord Numitor, the overlord of the area.

As the band continued, keeping tally of the number of slain Valkorians in order to calculate their blood money, they drew closer to the battlefield that was central Valkoria. While the far north had been untouched until their arrival, the farther south they traveled the more signs of war they found. One day, slipping along, the band came across a massive battleground. Fires flickered in the shattered trees, and dead Valkorians littered the fields and glades. It was the scene of a battle between Lord Ultor and Caesar, and while both armies had since moved on, the corpses still lay where they had fallen.

Pushing forward, the Danheimers passed unknowing by a Numitorian Legion, which lay encamped two days away from the battlefield. With Caesar and Lucius fighting each other farther south, Numitor had led his troops back up north to regroup and rest. Numitor had a truce with Caesar, but he had no wish to fight Lucius in his weakened state.

As the vikings moved through the forest, they saw a road, from which a chanting cadence arose. Light reflected off of polished armor, and the tramp of many feet betrayed the presence of two cohorts, both from the Tenth legion, returning from a quick trip to Castle Numitor to resupply.


theses shiney joten half breeds where just want the Danheim party needed, well not the numbers but some one from their army, if they could just snag one of them and begone with the wind, they would be able to learn whatever they needed and also finding out what was going on in this nation, a fast plan of extraction was formed
not being 8 feet tall made the danheim troops faster so they ran ahead of this cohort, and lay down two machine gun nests om the ditches the rest went left and right hiding in the forest ready to flank the Cohort, from the front the sides and from above, fire and smoke charges at the ready, their retreat were covered, if this didnt pay off they knew where to meet and count whatever loses beside ammo they had taken. Soon enough the marching Cohort were in sight


Their heavy footsteps booming, the two units came in sight. Coming around the corner, they halted abruptly at the sight of two machine gun, manned by fur covered Vikings.

A moment’s pause, then the centurions began roaring orders.

”Drop! Fire! Two ranks! Get of the road! MOVE MOVE MOVE!!”

The legionaries scrambled to obey, while the twin barrels of death commenced firing. Valkorians dropped like flies, the guns blazing away. The front few troops were completed destroyed, but the rest dropped to the ground or to one knee and began firing back, bullets whizzing through the air. The bulk of the troops leaped off the road, and began deploying in the trees and underbrush. At more hoarse orders, two cannon were rushed up the road. Danheimien fire destroyed one gun crew, leaving it useless, but the other managed to get two rounds off, cutting trees apart, before they too succumbed to the deadly blaze of light pouring from the guns.

”Swords! Advance!”

The centurions roared, and the legion obeyed. The men in the forest pushed forward, shields raised, while the rear rank prepared to obliterate any enemy that show himself with rifle fire.


Shots now rang from the forest side in the front as the flankers opened fire down the road, the rings and pings of the bullets hitting targets and trees the few danheimers sitting in the trees started to throw down smoke screens to cover the road, to cover the machine gunners and the rest of the units, however down the line one danheimer saw an small opening to take their target, and lined up a shot for the leg on one of the legionaries, one two three bullet were fired and hit the target, the poor guy were rushed, and grappled, struggling and not making it easy for the danheimers to carry the pile of meat which were the legionnaire, now the gun fire changed from assault to defense as the danheimers drew back, and started to run for life and limps doing their best to avoid more fighting. Taking on that large of group in the first place were a risk anyone sane wouldn’t have done, the seer mount of luck that has just happened were a rush for the danheimers as they ran from the battle, more then a few made protests about running claiming there were no glory in running away like scared cats.The few injured were assisted away from the battle the route to safety were long enough on its own but dragging wounded and a rather pissed and struggling 8 feet tall legionnaire, sure didn’t help. Some said he wasn’t worth the hassle but Johan had none of it and issued threats to anyone trying to ditch their own "friend"
the first part of the danheimers made it to an old building deep in the forest, the family that used to live had been “ordered out” their corpses were left to rot in back. The first to come were the first to set up defense awaiting the rest to return.
Upon the return of the last units the package were dragged inside and chained up tied up while the leaders looked upon this proud and wounded warrior
Nanna knelled down " now half breed tell me your name"


The cohorts charged, grappling with the Danheimers for a moment. After a brief bloody slim orbs, the Vikings ran, leaving a dozen of their friends dead on the ground. The cohort moved to consolidate, and let them get away.

The wounded legionarie spat.

”Filis, barbara!” he snarled in Latin, gritting his teeth in pain. He switched to the common tongue. ”■■■■ you!”


" Barbara? is that your name? strange name indeed, now listen i have a few questions and i would love some answers on them, and once we’re done your more then welcome to leave and try to make it back to your half breed friends" Nanna said

Johan were sitting on a chair, washing blood out of his hair

" It won’t talk to you just listen how rude IT is" he said to Nanna
Mads and Maria were cleaning their weapons not saying a word

" Now now Johan it’s by Odins will he will answer, remember the justice we have been doing in this shit show of an doom nation is blessed by Tyr, and clearly the half breed would like to get back to whatever jotens do when their are having a small clan fight" she said as she place her hand under the jar of the warrior

" Lets start it simple Barbara, name the name of the nation we’re in and what part we’re in"


”As if your barbarian kind could fathom other languages, Norseman.” The soldier growled. ”My name is Tullus. Better keep running, before you get hounded down like the dogs you are.”

He coughed up blood.

”You are in the Valkorian Empire, and are desecrating the lands of Lord Titus Numitor.”


Maria started to laugh nearly falling over " it speaks it thinks its human" she said in short busts when she could stop laughing
" Tullus? i see and theses lands roaming with half breeds belongs to the clan of Titus?, good good we’re making head way here. Now i’m here to rid midjord of you half breeds while the rest are here for the glory honor and the massive amount of money we’re making killing you all man woman and child none to tall or small we have killed them all burned down villages and hamlets. But the gods seek more, now tell me dear Tullus whats the little infighting you have going on, and who is this Titus beside being your master of course." Nanna said
Johan walked over with a mug of mead " Drink" he said as he lower the mug down to Tullus


Tullus drank, swirled the mead around, and spat it out.

”Pah, I’m not tell you anything. You lot do nothing but enjoy killing defenseless civilians. But whenever your in ubtoba real army, you break like the cowards you are. Go to hell.”


" we would had fought to every last warrior and shield maiden but we needed some one to press for information, Who is Titus and where is the closes villages, and remember we’re asking you kindly and now answer HALF BREED!" she said as she slapped Tullus


Tullus locked eyes with her.

”I’m not telling you shit, coward. It took 6 of you to capture a wounded man, so your prowess is obviously overrated.”


" you’re a wounded beast, 8 feet tall one aswell, it was only wise. you better tell me what i want to know otherwise Johan will take over and well his less nice" she said and nodded over to Johan standing with a smile on face showing some sharp teeth
" Who is Titus and where are the closes villages and why are you freaks of nature fighting each other, not that we mind you lot killing each other off" she said in a warm motherly voice



Tullus coughed again, and began to murmur to himself, whispering under his breath.


Johan walked over the table and unfolded a carrier bag loaded with tools, and pulls out an S formed knife " Move mother superior clearly being humane don’t work on these beasts theses foul half breeds fucking monsters then lets see how much flesh he really needs" he said as he turned around " Maria heat the poker time to get crafty" he uttered as he moved over to Tulles he took a knee and slowly moved the knife around Tulles face
" last chance before i will start removing flesh"


”…urant autem milites omnia se strenue facturos quae praeceperit imperator, numquam deserturos militiam nec mortem recusaturos pro Imperium Valkorium!” Tullus finished speaking in a determined shout, firmly speaking the words of a Valkorian soldier’s oath. ”Neptunus autem spiritus recirve…”


Johan started slow to dig the knife into the other layer on Tulles Chin as if he were a butcher making jerky
" i will keep this going for hours maybe even days!" he said with a massive smile
before moving down to the arms " so big and large, lets see how long i can make the strip"


The soldier screamed, a deep cheated yell that echoed off the forest. ”AAHHHHH!!!”

Some miles off, a column of quickly moving troops swept past the battleground, and found the trail of the Danheimers, following it. A extremely tall man, with a gigantic broadsword across his back, was at their head…