[RP Religion] The Three-headed God


The threeheaded God

The Threeheaded God is a divinity worshiped by certain cults across multiple alluran nations. Although this religion is now forced into hiding, there once was a time when it was indeed rather common in certain parts of the world. The followers are thought to be the constructors of certain structures, which can be found in, amongst others, modern day Tauros.

The first mention of the Threeheaded God is on a rock in the southern parts of modern day Willowsong forest. There, a man with large eyes kneels in front of a hovering figure with three human heads. Below, an inscription reads “Power makes destruction, destruction makes power” in the language of Sukri, a tounge today resticted to the local tribe.

Ebon sources tells us that the areaj around 600 years earlier was inhabited mostly by large tribes of vicious savages. One in particular was the Sukabra-tribe, that, around 573 b.a. started expanding their borders with rapid speed. By 568 b.a. most land in the northern hemisphere of [SURVIVAL WORLDS NAME] belonged to the sukri. They held this area for only about a decade, then dissappeared tracelessly, along with their culture and their threeheaded god.

During their short rule, the sukri is thought to have created a series of forts in the hellish world of Tauros. Tgese are thought to have worked as some sorts of temples, although the exact details are unknown. The way in how these buildings were built is also a mystery, considering the simple technology the sukri posessed, along with the short duration of their ruling.

To this day, the faith of the sukri is unknown, although sole reports from tauro fortresses up until 219 b.a. have stated signs of inhabitance. It is noteworthy however that the only confirmed inhabitants of these structures today are the flaming semi-humans known as blazes and the rotten living corpses known as wither skeletons.

Today, a few minor cults are told to worship the threeheaded god, although these work in uttermost secret, as their presence is banned in close to all alluran communities.

The latest confirmed worshiper was the last diarch of Altor, Inceptus V Agetos. Uncovered by a royal knight, Inceptus V had uncovered the sukri secrets and had using these techniques aquired considerable strength, which gradually made his human self wither away into something similar to the beings found in many ruined tauro forts. The revelation of his dark secret, which in time had turned him mad, sparked the altori rebellion and later, the revolution.

Not much is known about the structure is known, but speculations about wether the god really is the beast commonly reffered to as “The Wither” have raged for centuries. In many places around the world, the religion has gained the infamous nickname of “Wither Worshipping”.

One thing that is clear however, is that most known Wither Worshippers have gained much power in a small time frame. This power have, despite the obvious temptations, rarely lasted. Recorded effects on former wither worshippers are mental instability, weaker muscles and a sickly dark, greyish skin.

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