[RP Religion] ''The Ancestors''


###Who are they?

‘‘The Ancestors’’ were initially worshipped by the Keelish of Kleriel, they are believed to be the origins of the Keelish race, and the very first of their own kin.

But who were these ancestors?

They were said to have descended from the heavens, and possessed the power to bend the elements to their will, and have shaped the land to fit them and serve their needs. In to these lands they introduced the Keelish and began to teach them how to live, and how to breathe, but they were still young and naiive, and needed to grow and learn on their own.

‘‘The makers argued in the sky on how to raise their children, there was devastating thunder, and in the end they separated. Those who thought we should be left alone, to grow and evolve by ourselves, left our world back in to the heavens, and those who did not wish to abandon us remained, and lived with us.’’

  • ‘‘The divide’’ from The Book of the Makers

They worship those who chose to remain, for it was they who imparted great wisdom to them, and protected them from all outside threats, until they met their end with age. Those who chose to leave are only referred to as ‘‘The Ancients’’, they are not worshipped, but remain respected. Together with the ancestors, they are called ‘‘The Makers’’.

The Ancestors did have children of their blood amongst the Keelish, those who have noticeably paler skin than the rest, and are referred to as highborn. These highborn are held in high regards in Keelish society, and is a title of high status as well. They will never be seen working in manual labor, but are respected diplomats, priests, generals, governors, and general nobility.

###The Scions

But the Keelish honor the lineage of the leader of the ancestors most, they lived under his rule in ancient times, and his position as Archon became heritable by the first born of each generation. Thus the Imperium was born.

Aside from the leader of the ancestors, Artemix, there are a few particular ancestors that have come to be worshipped by the Keelish, either due to their position, or contribution to their well being. They are called the ‘‘scions’’, and they are:

  • Dominus - Scion of Knowledge
  • Seren - Scion of Purity
  • Talon - Scion of Justice
  • Azril - Scion of Courage
  • Drusera - Scion of Devotion

Though there is seventh deity which the Keelish have come to despise, and he is known as Moraz the defiler. He was one of the ancients who not only wished to leave the Keelish to their own suffices, but wanted to undo them. He believes their children were a mistake, and should never have been. It is believed that Moraz was the only one of the ancients who remained on this world, to undo the work they had done. To exterminate the Keelish, and destroy the land. It is believed that it was he who had created the hell spawn that inhabit the demonic wastelands found west of Kleriel. Lucky for them, the Ancestors worked tirelessly to keep them away, and their legacy and duty of keeping the hell spawn at bay has been inherited by the Keelish after their passing.

In a way, the hell spawn, demons of the west, and the Keelish of the east share a common ancestor.

###Their Mission

The Keelish are set to protecting the Ancestor’s legacy, and treat the very land they stand on as their divine heritage. They wish to preserve the beauty of nature, to defend it from the horrors which want to destroy it, while spreading their own wings, and expanding to new frontiers, building their own future like both the ancestors and the ancients would have wanted.

The discovery of other civilizations, most notably the humans, have somewhat shocked them. Though they do not believe they share their origins with the Keelish, obviously as they are so different, they trust they too serve a purpose, and have a reason to exist.

The Keelish are heavily bent to building their own future, which is why they are so isolationist. But as hyper intelligent as they claim to be, advancing through the ages in just a few lifetimes, they too feel as if they should extend their hand and help foreigners from time to time, just as their ancestors helped them. Because of this, they most often feel superior to the other races, and can casually mock them without realizing it or intending to offend.

Though they are more than happy to welcome any foreigner who wishes to convert to their faith. They will systematically send out missionaries to spread their faith and ideology to other nations, which are usually frowned upon, if not hated, because their preaching can be an outright insult to other races. But they did not expect much from the in the first place.


  • Pilgrimage - Traditionally, a journey taken on foot to the temples or shrines dedicated to each scion. It is usually done in spring, when nature is in rebirth. At this time, there are held ceremonies at these temples and shrines by dedicated priests each day.
  • Funeral - The burning of the deceased and either dispersing the ashes at a pre-designated place, usually somewhere in nature, or depositing the ashes in to a jar, and either burying it on sacred ground, or keeping it.
  • Day of the dead - A day each year dedicated to remembering one’s deceased loved ones, be them family or friends, and bringing flowers and/or candles to where their ashes remain, or were dispersed.
  • Coming of age - It is celebrated when a child reaches adulthood. It is celebrated with a feast, representing abundance in the youngsters life, as well as dancing and lots of vibrant plant decorations, representing one’s bright and exciting future, and fertility.

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