[RP Pact] The Grand Pact of Ayrith


The Grand Pact Of Ayrith

The grand pact of Ayrith is a military and economic union between the Holy Kingdom of Ayrith, the Greater Ebongraspian Empire, the Constituent Monarchial Province of Aldrain, the United Federation of Former Charkovian States, and the Kingdom of Yinwyr. It’s aims are to protect the sovereignty of it’s members, to aid each other in battle and stabilise the struggling economy of the Charkovian peoples.

  1. History
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  5. Fundamentals

The Grand Pact of Ayrith was founded in the year 1322 by Ebongraspian timescale, shortly after the disbanding of the Irongladian Confederation. The union contains only three former members of the confederation, now including the Holy Kingdom of Ayrith, and the Kingdom of Yinwyr. It was signed during the late fall of 1322, within the Holy City of Ayrith, a cultural center for most of the pact’s members.

The pact is based off of a system that employs a council of five. Xial II of Ebongrasp, Garias II of Ayrith, Thanius Ronshaud Talongon-Alduin of Yinwyr, Camriann Annor of Aldrain, and a bi-yearly elected representative of the charkovian states are each provided with a vote to dispense on matters provided. A majority of 3:2 is required for any resolution to be passed. All member states are required to put their full military might at the disposal of the other council members, save for a dedicated defence force. This provides the pact with a vast military. Yearly, 4% of the income of all members are distributed among the struggling Charkovian states, in order to remedy the anarchy reigning after the supposed hanging of Emperor Konrad II von Feldsturm.

Altorian Empire - Since it’s collapse, the Grand Pact of Ayrith has no affiliation with it’s remnants.
The Northern Realm - Unsure of the tumult up north, the Grand Pact of Ayrith has not yet been informed on the formation of the Northern Realm and does not know of it’s successful coup.
Kleriel Imperium - The Grand Pact of Ayrith, heavily influenced by betrayal during the age of Ironglade and xenophobia of it’s inhabitants, is reluctant to engage in contact with the western empire.
The Brotherhood - The brotherhood is unheard of by the Grand Pact of Ayrith.
Vanguard - Vanguard is unheard of by the Grand Pact of Ayrith
Sapphire League - The Grand Pact of Ayrith is untrusting of the sapphire league, who seem to have engaged in an economic union with the Kleriel Imperium.
Graymanes - The Graymanes are unheard of by the Grand Pact of Ayrith.
The Holy Caliphate - The Grand Pact of Ayrith harbours deep resentment for the peoples of the Holy Caliphate, as they make governing of it’s colonies difficult. The pact also views their religion of Ischlahm as hearsay of the first degree.

Xial II of Ebongrap
Garias II of Ayrith
Thanius Ronshaud Talongon-Alduin of Yinwyr
Camriann Annor of Aldrain,

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