[RP Lore] Valkorian Timeline


The Valkorians use the system of years to reckon the passage of time, and date their years starting from the end of the great war where Valkoria first fell, some 800 years ago.

12,000 Before War(Roughly) - Valkorians come together as a tribe.
10,000 ~ B.B - Chieftain strikes deal with Neptune, giving the Valkorians their great height and long life.
5,000 B.B - Outside world discovers Valkorian hideout.

4,500~ B.B - Valkorians begin their conquest of Southern Allura.

4,00 B.B - Conquest ends. Pax Valkora begins.

150 B.B - United army of barbarians destroys the Empire. Caesar concludes a second deal with the Sea God, and the long life of the Valkorians is renewed. Their ship building skills grow at an enormous rate.

0 Post-Bellum - The great war with the barbarians ends. The City of Valkora is all that remains of the Empire.

47 P.B - The Valkorians discover gunpowder, and fashion guns from it.

A period of peace ensues, with the Valkorians remaining content to remain in their single city, untouched by the world.

306 P.B - First encounter with city state of Lavande.

704 P.B - Contact with the Xoloteca, and the defeat of the Capitol.

720 P.B - A son, Gaius is born to Emperor Quintilius.

739 P.B - Ties established with Kaveh.

741 P.B - Felix Mehemii is born.

762 P.B -Gaius comes to the throne. Auxiliary system with Kaveh established. Felix joins the army, fighting alongside the first Kavehan troops.

From this point on, I will note every incident so I don’t have to do a bunch of backstory episodes

763-765 P.B - Felix fights hard in the army, displaying great skill in arms and leadership, and rises to the rank of Legate.

766 P.B - Felix gets captured during a battle, and is sold to slavers who give him to a gladiator school. He meets Vadim. About this time, Roklavian pirates begin attacking Valkorian ships, shores, and trade.

767 P.B - Felix is recognized, and returned to his station. He continues fighting.

773 P.B - Contact with Ebonsgrap established.

780 P.B - Gaius reconstructs the army, and prepares for conquest.

796 P.B - Coronation of Oribel and Eurwen in Lavande. Gaius meets Valentina.

801 P.B - Felix returns home to Valkora.

801-2 P.B - Felix trains heir to Kaveh

802 P.B - Battleships, and steam/coal power rediscovered.

803 P.B - Felix is sentenced for treason, and escapes. He flees to Roklavia. Numitor goes to war with Gaius in revenge. Beginning of the Valkorian Civil War. End of Roklavian depredations on Valkoria.

804 P.B - Lucius Ultorius joins the conflict, and destroys Valkora from the sea. Felix survives the monster invasion, and meets Rhoa in Kleriel.

805 P.B - Civil War continues. Felix leaves Kleriel. Danheim raid on Valkoria. Gaius defeats Lucius and Numitor surrenders. Numitor leaves Valkoria.

807-8 P.B - Gaius declares war upon the north. His army is turned back at the Neck by Kleriel. Gaius receives word of the return of Kaveh. The Valkorian army and fleet attack Danheim, destroying its port, fleet, and heavily damaging its army. The army returns home. Peace Treaty between Valkoria and the North is signed. End of Alliance with the Iron Concorde.

809 P.B - Treaty with Kaveh established. Modernizing of the military begins.