[RP Lore] Kleriel's History & Timeline


Wiki: The stone age saw the ascention of the Keelish race to the status of a proto-civilisation, roughly 50 thousand years ago, in the wild and untamed land of Kesada. Amongst the many lethal and exotic predatory life in the region, the Keelish stood above their rivals thanks to their superior intelligence and the ever increasing practice of laying traps for prey, not just chasing it down, and using tools to achieve this. Eventually they began building themselves primitive shelters and crafting simple weapons as well, naturally leading to the formation of the first communities.

Wiki: During the bronze age, the Keelish began gathering in to larger tribes and built sturdier buildings to call their homes. As they managed to domesticate a number of herbivorous animals and pen up to keep them away from other predatory life, they could afford to build permanent structures. The need to feed these herbivores, as well as themselves, lead to the practice of farming. They built houses, barns, and granaries from wood, stone, and clay, and erected wooden palisades around most of their major settlements to keep the wildlife out. Due to this, they also needed to improve upon their tools, thus they began crafting and using bronze, which is an alloy of copper and tin. The concept of mining and the practice of forging was a slow development, but once it picked up in one tribe, the others quickly caught on.

Wiki: The iron age saw the spread of Keelish civilisation all over Kesada, having severely culled and pushed the other predatory life out of their homeland with their own rising numbers, the tribes were unified under a single banner of the largest tribe of the many, who vowed to protect them from any old and new threats. It is because of the region’s predatory life growing to such unusually large sizes is why Kleriel had formed a professional military in the first place, which back then were simply called hunters. With the unification of Kleriel in to an empire, the Keelish were finally able to fully tame these lands for themselves. With this development came new wisdom, knowledge, and innovations, such as architecture, medicine, alchemy, enchantment, cartography, astrology, the invention of iron, the development of sailing, and the public study of the arcane. And for over two thousand years, the iron age saw Kleriel prosper. It is in these times that the Keelish came in to first contact with Humanity.


  • Barbaric Incursions - 4th century B.C. (B.C. = Before Counting)
  • Day of Unification - Year 0

Wiki: Great minds brought forth great innovations and advancements in both the sciences as well as mechanical technology, launching Kleriel in to an age of automation and industry. With realising the full potential of coal and the invention of steam power, the Keelish found themselves in a golden age where technology rivalled and challenged the arcane in every way. Steam trains, ships, and even airships were developed, new goods made their way to the markets, and life became easier as ever. In this time, the Keelish began experimenting with the idea of mechanical servants, but could only ever create simple minded droids who could not even climb stairs, nor could they speak or even think, they could only repeat a single or few actions repeatedly, sometimes even failing that. This continued cycle of innovation continued for roughly two centuries before another major breakthrough changed everything.

Wiki: In what has been named ‘‘The Age of Discovery’’, the Keelish have managed to combine the industrial with the arcane, technology with magic. Unlocking the full potential of redstone, lapis, and other ethereally imbued minerals they have propelled Kleriel further than they could have hoped for. Coal use plummeted as steam power became obsolete, and the environment could take a fresh breath of relief as well. Magic became common place in Keelish society, omnipresent wherever one might go, whereas before it was only in use by studied mages. Redstone power allowed for advanced automation and processing, as well as the creation of the Mechari. The government has also reformed to a model where wisdom and experience surpasses the importance of bloodlines and titles. Further pursuit of knowledge became Kleriel’s agenda, as who knows what else might be possible. It is in this time of Kleriel’s introvertedness that they began making contact with other major empires of the world.





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