[RP Lore] Introduction to Khalt Almaeadin


Here are the basics I have put down so far.
Of course there is lots more to come, but these are the principles for my RP faction of Khalt Almaeadin. I will very much appreciate any kind of feedback, suggestion or discussion you wish to leave here.

Khalt Almaeadin

In the mountains of the Red Desert lies the ancient oasis of Sham Maliin. As the only source of water in the entire desert, this oasis and its surroundings has been home to villages and nomadic tribes for centuries. Nowadays the Oasis is home to the city of Khalt Almaeadin, officially “The Free Boroughs of the City of Khalt Almaeadin”. Built on the five imposing hills that surround the oasis and sprawling in the surrounding valleys, Khalt Almaeadin has experienced a surge of explosive growth in the past hundred years. The rule over the city is divided over five prominent families, who form the ultrarich nobility of the city.

Each house governs one of the boroughs of city, which are located around each of the five hills around the oasis. All matters transcending borough affairs are ruled over by the Council of Lords, the governing body in which all five houses are represented by a patron and matron.

Khalt Almaeadin’s economy is primarily driven by the mining of ore and production of Saebe, a precious metal alloy with remarkable hardness and durability, making it suitable for high-grade weaponry and armour plating. The refined metal is exported over the rivers that flow from the oasis and delivered to anyone willing to pay the price.

The inhabitants of Khalt Almaeadin are separated in three classes: nobility, merchants and peasants. These three classes are directly related to the mining industry, and one’s birth strongly determines one’s lifelong profession.

The nobility are all members of the five families which govern the city. All governing offices are held by members of the families, from civil servants to positions on the Council of Lords. The five houses are descendants of five families from a tribe native to the Red Desert. After the discovery of the precious metal in the hills of the oasis, these five families bought the land on which the city now stands and settled on it. They employ inhabitants to mine the metal out of the hill, and sell the ore to local merchants, in return for their loyalty.

The merchants of Khalt Almaeadin come from all over, but are primarily descended from the tradesmen of tribes in the Red Desert, who saw opportunity in handling the manufacture and shipping of the precious Saebe. To purchase the ores they have pledged loyalty to one of the noble houses, and the nobility takes great care in controlling the Saebe trade. In return, the nobility offers protection and investments to their loyal merchants.

The lower class inhabitants are primarily employed by the nobility to work in the mines, and by the merchants and industrialists for labour in the manufacturing of Saebe. The city is also rich in craftsmen who work with lower-grade Saebe to make decorative pieces to be sold to nobility from the oasis and lands far away. After tumultuous years of trouble, the relationship between the lower class and the higher classes has gained stability. Now workers in the mines and factories are earning a set wage and their families live in comfortable conditions in the thriving city, in the shadows of the imposing hilltop villas of the nobility.