[RP] Kleriel History (old)


World events experienced by the faction of Kleriel in this order so far. Both in-game and RolePlay.
Note that these are the listed advancements of the people of Kleriel. Other nations and cultures may differ drastically.

Stone age:

  • Kleriel is formed as a nomad hunter-gatherer community.
  • Discovered how to make and maintain fire.
    • Discovered cooking.
  • First stone tools are made.
    • Invention of boats and fishing.
  • First permanent buildings are erected, along with farms.
    • Discovered irrigation.
  • Invention of the wheel.
  • The beginning of quarrying.
    • Stone, sandstone, and terracotta having increased use in construction.
  • Writing invented.

Iron Age:

  • Discovery of coal and iron ore.
    • Invention of iron tools.
    • Discovery of gold ore and lapis.
  • First iron weapons and armor. Kleriel forms its first professional military force to battle the ‘‘hell spawn’’ from beyond the western desert who periodically invade.
  • A number of new settlements are formed somewhat away from the original.
  • Governing hierarchy evolves to be more complex.
    • First writ laws are made with the military tasked of upholding them.
    • First detailed maps are drawn.
  • First domesticated animals. These being pet animals such as wolves, cats, and parrots.
    • Wolves being trained by the military to fight.
    • Kleriel avoids domesticating animals such as cattle due to lacking means to feed them in the savanna. Population evolves being more vegan oriented.
  • First mountable animals such as horses and llamas are domesticated.
    • First armored mounts and caravans.

Age of discovery:

  • Redstone, diamonds, and emeralds discovered.
    • First diamond gear made.
  • Further mapping of the world.
    • Foreign plants with useful quantities or are edible discovered and brought back home.
  • Kleriel makes first contact with Ebongrasp (part of Ironglade).
    • First trades being made between Kleriel and Ironglade. Trade functions on a barter system and runs primarily on pointing, nodding, and groaning due to the still present language barrier.
    • Kleriel established trade post Haratar in its outer territories in the direction of Ironglade.
    • First recorded merchant caravans.
  • Kleriel makes first contact with the Vanguards.
  • Construction techniques improve with the invention of the lever and pulley.
  • First bandit raids on trade routes through the desert.
    • Haratar trading post fortified with protective wall.
  • Advances in chemistry and alchemy lead to the invention of medicine and health potions.
    • Population growth explodes.
  • The Keelish discover their affinity for magic.
    • First magically enchanted items are made.
  • Massive hell spawn incursion devastates Kleriel, government considers new options to deal with future invasions.
    • Enlistment in the military is mandatory at the age of 16 to receive basic combat training. If the trainees decide to return home after their mandatory service, they remain to be considered soldiers who may be called upon in Kleriel’s hour of need.
    • Kleriel begins fortification projects across its lands.
  • Old long abandoned buildings found in eastern Kleriel. Speculated to have been built by an as of yet unknown culture.
    • The birth of archeology in Kleriel.
  • The invention of the ballista and catapult ‘‘war machines’’.
  • After much debate, Kleriel joins in to the Ironglade Confederation for mutual defense and stability in the region.
    • Because of most people not knowing Ironglade’s common language, and their untrusting nature towards outsiders, relations are developing slowly.

Age of Expansion:

Early age:

  • With Ironglade’s military support against the hell spawn, the Keelish are adequately protected and grow in number substantially.
    • Settlements grow in size, as do the economic output and resource exports of Kleriel to the rest of Ironglade as payment for their aid.
  • First contact with the knights of Milites.
  • New settlements are established in northern lands.
  • Unknown buried ruins discovered in the sands of the Dakkar desert.
    • Ruins found to have already been tempered with and claimed by Ebongrasp, which was a breach of the agreed upon terms of Kleriel joining Ironglade. Kleriel demanded the site be turned over to them, and even though the Ebongraspian leadership stated it were useless to them, they did not wish to hand it over unless Kleriel paid them a considerable amount of diamonds. Begrudgingly, Kleriel accepted to pay for land in their own territory.
  • Unknown crashed object found not far from a newly founded settlement north of Kleriel’s main land.
    • Object kept secret from the rest of Ironglade due to lack of trust.
  • Further mapping efforts revealed the previously thought eastern ocean to actually be an inland sea.
  • ‘‘The Conclave’’ was formed to better govern the growing Kleriel territories and its provinces.
  • Many fortification projects come to a conclusion.
    • Being able to more effectively defend themselves, the Keelish send foreign Ironglade forces stationed in Kleriel back home.
  • The Keelish head south and colonize the Pallyrian region.
  • Ancient tower discovered in the dense jungle north of Pallyria.
    • The Keelish connect the ruins they have been finding around their lands to The Ancestors. Locations declared holy sites.
  • Kleriel’s military goes through a full reform. A professional army is established.
  • Relations between Kleriel and the rest of Ironglade worsen due to mockery and conflicting views.
  • Through Ironglade, Kleriel meets a number of previously unknown foreign factions, all of which appear to be human, and all of which Kleriel dismisses as irrelevant.
  • Extensive efforts were made to connect the major towns of Kleriel with durrable roads.
  • With lots of Keelish colonies on the rise, Kleriel begins throwing around ideas of a capital city somewhere in central Kleriel, that would serve as a political and trade nexus.
  • The knights of Milites unknowingly settled in Keelish territory, luckily, they were open to negotiations when approached by the imperium and agreed to a payoff as well as a limited access to the imperium’s territory if they turn over the colony to Kleriel. The negotiations were initiated by the Keelish lord protector, and has thus avoided an inevitable conflict in the region.

Middle Age: (aka The dark age)

  • The Kleriel Imperium has left the Ironglade confederation, along with the Yellow Cloaks and Graymanes. Kleriel declared full independence and has left with a new fresh hatred for humanity.
  • Kleriel assists with the formation of Vas’Volsung (Yellow Cloaks’ & Graymanes’ union).
    • With seceding Ironglade, Kleriel and Vas’Volsung confiscated as much of Ironglade’s resources and equipment as they could get their hands on, while disposing of any witnesses. Many lives were taken to this end.
  • The Altor Empire was observed in its collapse.
  • Kleriel brags about what they did, tipping them off about what a betrayal indeed the secession was. Relations between Ironglade and Kleriel drop sharply.
  • Vas’Volsung, infuriated by this, immediately cuts itself off from Kleriel and brakes their alliance. Wanting nothing do with them from then on forth, while keeping the large majority of confiscated loot for themselves, and leaving Kleriel with little else than a bad name.
    • Feeling betrayed, the Keelish begin to outright despise humanity, and Kleriel begins to purge it from within its borders. Mass exile, enslavement, and/or executions are held of all remaining stationed troops from their former allies, merchants, and diplomats.
    • Kleriel fully embraces isolationism once again.
  • Slave uprisings in the imperium. Signifficant numbers of human slaves unaccounted for, presumed escaped. Caught escaped slaves were made an example of.
  • Circulating rumors about the Empyrian kingdom and Axcom Industries confirmed accurate through distant observations and random encounters.
  • In an attempt to compensate for the rising number of potential enemies, and the lack of allies, the Keelish have been exploring new ways to conduct warfare, and have discovered a way to weaponise black powder, now also known as gunpowder.
    • The first canons are made.

Late Age:

  • Printing press invented.
    • Books of all sorts are being mass printed and distributed through out the imperium.
    • Mapping techniques have been improved.
  • Significant advances in medicine are made.
    • First few people cured of the ancient undead plague.
  • Further fortifications built in northern border regions of Kleriel.
  • Active trade established with Mon-Taizon.
    • The small border town of Lav’osh grows in to a trade port.
  • First contact with the Mireesh.
  • Kleriel builds its first proffesional warship.
    • The 1st Flotilla is formed.
  • Further fortifications built in central regions of Kleriel.
  • Events from the RP episode ‘‘Something Stirs’’ take place. Link: Something Stirs
    • Minor incidents involving mercenaries and Ebongrasp.
    • Mireesh integrated in to the imperium along with the Duskwind region.
  • Investments shifted from expansion in to economic and militaristic development.
  • Charkovian hamlet of Neudorff within Kleriel’s borders sacked and razed.
  • Major incident with the Grimguard faction in RP episode, Link: A meet of figureheads

Age of Automation

  • Greater economic funding allowed for the construction of a number of windmills, sawmills, and improved farming efficiency.
  • A number of mines were opened and forges built.
    • Kleriel finally fulfilled a huge order of armour sets and weaponry for its legions.
  • The Hammerite Order was founded. Link: The Hammerite Order
  • First autonomous redstone sentry ‘‘golems’’ constructed.
  • First airships take to the sky.
  • Automatic farms invented.
  • First railway built.
  • Many reforms were passed regarding quality of life and personal freedoms. Link: The Reformation
    • With relative peace in the region and growing industry, many human families enslaved many years ago at the fall of Ironglade were deemed redeemed and released with minimal effect on economic output, many of which remained in Kleriel and found a renewed purpose.
    • Slavery restricted to caste system only.

Timeline implication

I was careful to remember when I made my first boat, when I cooked my first stake, and what not to have accurately written it down here. Every bit here is of significance, so if you wonder about what do I mean I invented the wheel in minecraft, you may ask so I may reply that in roleplay, by that I mean it was the first time I hauled a backpack full of rocks from my mine. Not very probable to do that on foot in real life.

[Tier III RP Faction] Kleriel Imperium (old)

It is now official.

The Kleriel Imperium has agreed to join in to the Ironglade Confederation.
This new alliance is based on mutual defense against all threats, maintaining stability in the region, and cooperatively establishing order and new trade.
Due to this, Kleriel has opened its borders to all other Ironglade members and allow both their civilian personnel and military to freely pass as well as conduct military operations through or in their territories. In turn, Kleriel forces are ready and able to assist any Ironglade member in most any endeavor.
This alliance does NOT allow other Ironglade members to begin any sort of construction, prospecting, or excavation projects in Kleriel territories.
Kleriel filling the gap as the fifth member nation of Ironglade has also acquired it the status of council member.


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The Kleriel Imperium declares full independence with its secession from the Ironglade confederation.
All agreed upon terms of Kleriel’s integration in to the Ironglade confederation have been rendered null and void with its departure, and its borders are now again closed to Ironglade and its associates.

Kleriel will no longer suffer the humiliation it has been put through by Ebongrasp and Charkov, and will be pursuing its own goals by itself. Now allied to the Yellow Cloaks and Graymanes, who have left the confederation as well.


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First contact with the NPC nations has passed. The discovery was uneventful. Kleriel is wary of both, and reluctant to interact with either at the moment, as they surpass Kleriel’s knowledge in both the arts of magic and technology.


It was a pleasure to meet you.


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