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    Recent Events
  2. Structure
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  3. Diplomacy
    Historical Diplomacy. Attitudes to war and peace.
    Modern Diplomacy. Attitudes to war and peace.
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    Religion / Philosophies.
    Technology / Magic
    ###General History
    Legends have it that the first lords of Altor slew a mighty dragon in the East who spew frost and cold. After burying his carcass where they destroyed him, the land remained wintry, despite the summery beaches and forests that lay around it. All that remained of the dragon was it’s icy skeleton. Its remains decomposed into valuable ores and minerals, beginning the bustling mining community known as Dragonspine. Muzwall Frostwither’s father was eventually appointed lord of the province, and renamed the region Wyverndale, to honor the dragons that used to rule the world.

The people of Wyvernsdale lived in relative peace and prosperity until tensions began to rise in the Altori Empire. Sir Georgar, a knight in the service of King Inceptus had begun to distrust him. The Altor Empire was allegedly, a diarchy, meaning that there were two kings who ruled side by side. However, the second king, known as Felkros had not been heard from for some while, never appearing in public. People began to suspect something had gone awry and Inceptus was ruling how he pleased. In fact, council meetings had come to a complete halt. The remaining king was up to something. Sir Georgar, as one of the king’s senior advisors began to investigate. However, after being threatened by Inceptus for discovering his private plans for the realm, he fled for his life, arriving in Wyvernsdale. There he spoke with Lord Muzwall, telling him of the dark secrets he had uncovered. Lord Muzwall had suspicions before, but now he was certain - their king was up to no good. He rode to the Willowsong Forest, home of Inceptus, and confronted him.
The following is an account of their conversation.

[details=Summary]>[@Inceptus is quoted from Discord]

Lord Muzwall: My Liege Ɨηcepϯuʂ

Ɨηcepϯuʂ: Yes, Muzwall?

Lord Muzwall: In light of recent events your majesty, I wish to declare your kingship both void and ineffective. Wyvernsdale wishes to be free.

Ɨηcepϯuʂ: And why so?

Lord Muzwall: Close friends of mine inform me you keep dark secrets from us that threaten the destroy the realm. Secrets so dark, and so sinister, that we can no longer with associated with your kingship and false diarchy. We see not a diarch but a power mongering monarch

Ɨηcepϯuʂ:I have no intention to destroy the realm, whoever told you that is lying. While I do have my secrets, they do not effect you and are purely personal.

Lord Muzwall: Where is his Majesty Felkros? Men say he hasnt been seen in Altor since the uniting of the clans
Ɨηcepϯuʂ: He’s most often busy writing, recording history, etc. Don’t worry, him and I are in close contact. He’s just busy.

Lord Muzwall : A king? who never speaks to his subjects? Why you yourself my lord barely reveal your plans for the realm.

Ɨηcepϯuʂ: My plans for the realm lie solely in expansion of military, economic, and territorial expansion. You know this.

Lord Muzwall: I did not

Ɨηcepϯuʂ: We discussed this some time ago.

Lord Muzwall: WE have done very little together my lord, YOU have been holding council with yourself more than with any of us. I thought the purpose of the council was for us all to voice our opinions and for us to be open with each-other. Never have you asked us for our opinions how this empire would be formed, hell, you write OUR history for us.You hardly remember how my people swore allegiance to your ancestors.

Ɨηcepϯuʂ: While I may seem like I keep many things from you, I assure you I don’t. Yes, I am writing our history; I did invite all to comment on the writings when thought necessary, and I tell you now that I will take it all under heavy consideration. In addition, I have in many instances tried to contact you with any consultations, but I failed to reach you. I admit I should attempt over and over again, but it seems most of the council refuse to show their faces, other than you, the one who appears the most. Even then, I still often can’t reach you.

Yes, the purpose of the Council is to give a voice to each and every member; But most often they don’t use it. This includes you. I see that you have spoken often, however not often enough. You all know you ave just as much power within the council as each member; And with it, you should know comes responsibility. We share power, we share problems.
Yes, it may have been partially my fault, but just as much your’s as mine.[/details]

After failing to come to an agreement with his king, Muzwall turned his back on Inceptus, never to return.
In a fit of rage, Inceptus banished all of his lords, essentially dissolving the Altor Empire. Lords Kodi and Davos travelled to Wyvernsdale, and after a long council with Sir Georgar and Lord Muzwall, they declared Muzwall their new king.

Current Events

Currently Wyvernsdale has declared its independence from the Altor Empire and began a new alliance that currently has no name, simply known as the Altori rebels.


Wyvernsdale is home to Muzwall Frostwither, who was declared king by his fellow lords. Currently he has two vassals, Lord Gerrey Kodi @Kung and Lord Davos Crowport @Snev . Both king and lords treat each-other as equals, but the king makes the final decisions, in the same fashion as a traditional monarchy. Commanding officer of Wyvernsdale’s (currently non-existent) armed forces is Sir Georgar @SirGeorgar , a knight elevated to the position of Lord Commander after his heroic efforts in revealing the seemingly sinister plans of their former king, @Inceptus.


Technically, Wyvernsdale is a province of the Altori rebels, as there will be more provinces in the future.
Currently there are 4 main locations in Wyvernsdale:

Frostwither Citadel

This is the home of the Frostwither family. It is large keep built on a tall snowy mountain with a canal going right under it, and then fortifications were added. The Heart of the frost wyvern sits at the top of the mountain chained down to keep it from ever being stolen.


The original mining community that was the humble beginnings of Wyvernsdale. Now the abode of Lord Gerrey Kodi.

Western Keep

Sitting atop a windswept gleaming white mountain, the Western Keep is a strategically placed fortress that guards the Western border of Wyvernsdale. It is home to Sir Georgar, commander of Wyvernsdale’s army.

Southern Border

The Southern Border is unique because of its stunning terrain: The snowy mountains giving way to a lush pink forest. This forest might one day become the domain of Lord Davos Crowport.


Historical Diplomacy

Altor Empire: Just finished rebelling against them.

Modern Diplomacy

Currently Wyvernsdale is looking for recruits and allies!

Altor Empire: Bitter enemies, but it doesnt really exist anymore.
Ebonsgrasp: Disdainful, hearing many bad rumors about them.
Ironglade Confederation: Does it even exist anymore?
Kleriel Imperium: Open but wary.
Brotherhood of the Yellow Cloak: Open but wary.
Vanguard: Who dat?
The Sapphire League: In a trade alliance. We send em ore, books, and maps; they give us beer, ale, wine, and fruits. It’s cold in Wyvernsdale.
AXCOM: Interested in an alliance.


Important People


Ethnic Groups

There are a few different ethnic groups in Wyvernsdale:

[details=The Golden Eyed]These people are the original inhabitants of Wyvernsdale. Their ancestors were legendary Altori lords who slew the great frost dragon that once made its home there. They started the mining colony known as Dragonspine. After a while they began building their capitol in the center of the snowy land that they lived in, and Dragonspine was granted to Lord Kodi of the Iceori for his people to settle there.

The Golden Eyed, as their name suggests, are humans who are renowned for their fiery golden eyes. Most of them have fairly dark hair, ranging from a light brown to almost black. Few of them are born with blond hair and most of them don’t even know what a redhead is. Golden Eyed are shorter than most men.[/details]

The Iceori

[RP Faction] The Iceori

Religion / Philosophies

Wyvernsdale is home to many ethnic groups, and therefore has a few common religions:

Dragon Worship

In the early days of Allura, the first lords of Altor slew a ferocious frost wyvern in the North. Many brave knights and lords were lost in the battle, but after the beast was killed, they cut out its icy heart. The heart was taken to the highest point in present day Wyvernsdale and chained to a mountain top, and to this day still emits a frosty aura that keeps the surrounding lands frozen and snowed over. The people of Wyvernsdale considered the incredible power of the frost dragon to be sacred, and worship dragons to this day.


This particular religion prides itself in the worship of Claire, the Creator Goddess. While the native people of Wyvernsdale dislike Claireism, it inevitably made its way into their land after the exodus of the banished Altori lords.

Wither Worship

The Threeheaded God is a divinity worshiped by certain cults across multiple alluran nations. Although this religion is now forced into hiding, there once was a time when it was indeed rather common in certain parts of the world. The followers are thought to be the constructors of certain structures, which can be found in, amongst others, modern day Tauros.


Wyvernsdale mainly uses technology for warfare, and several inhabitants do possess magical abilities. (Possible run in with AXCOM. More later)


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I would suggest @Snev @Kung and @SirGeorgar to write lore for their settlements dating AFTER they arrived. If you would please allow me to write the lore for everything that happened in Wyvernsdale BEFORE you arrived. Also, to my trusty lords, I would suggest that you start mapping out borders for your provinces, preferably bordering Wyvernsdale. The settlements you currently have can be included in your borders (since you live there now), meaning you can take a section out of Wyvernsdale, since Wyvernsdale is currently as far as the snow reaches.

[RP Character] Lord Gerrey Kodí

Added Trade Alliance with the Sapphire League


So, you must be where most of our iron import comes from… Mon-Taizon & the Sapphire League are doing well for themselves by maintaining neutrality and focusing on trade, bypassing any foreign relations two nations may have, making them get each other’s goods if they get along or not.


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