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Note: The following article is about an ethnic group, an alluran minority, mainly found in The Northern Realm. They do not possess an independent nation and cannot act as a selfgoverning organism!


Originating from a city with the same name in the ancient lands of Agder, the iceori has lived through multiple world deaths. Despite never mastering the technique of portal transportation to any other dimension than that of Taurios, they have performed two space-jumps during their history. What remains of them today are settled in the NR Province of Avirock.

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Early History:

The First Space Jump

The beginnings of Iceor lies in the world of Umuv, more specifically in the Kingdom of Agder, where Ic’or was a major town. After the shattering of the kingdom by an assault of conquerors from the west, only the populations of the towns Barcus and Ic’or managed to escape using the fishermens and the traders fleets.

A map of Agder in Old Rayiti

They sailed west out into the open ocean. There they met a furious storm which sank most smaller vessels in the fleet. It is esimated that around 30% of the survivors were lost. Originally not knowing that they’d experienced their first space-jump, they were surprised to find land so soon. They followed a river (later named Azam) Only months later, when the people had started to settle around the banks, did the merchants state that the reason they couldn’t tell by the stars where they were, was because there were different stars in the sky! They then claimed the place they’d arrived in a new world, and called the world Onomok.

Forming of an Empire

Expanding from their simple riverside basin, which they named Vatúreo, the agderians expanded their territory rapidly. The area was not inhabited by any humans, therefor the only concern for the settlers was that the wildlife had to be kept outside the town gates. With the taming of horses their expansion could be carried out in a pace that would have been beyond possible earlier. The agderians perfected their use to near perfection, and it later became one of their most distinctive features. For the first few years, the peoples of Barcus and Ic’or lived separately, but due to the arrival of other humans to the area, they joined forces. The heir of the ic’ori, the young Yori Elighor, married the daughter of the barci Lord Dwasin Kierel, Isceolona Kierel. Their first born son, Lotuk, received the last name Iceoreon, (“of Iceor”). However Yori was still the one to eventually name the realm The Iceor Empire.

The iceori turned rather more brutal over the coming years. The empire expanded not by taking large areas, despite it being the easiest way for them with their newly gained speciality, but by annexing outposts in foreign lands, in most cases indifferent wether the existing kingdom wanted them there or not. They were powerful enough to keep most kingdoms from rebelling against their presence however. The outposts were good for trade too, as fast as the weapons had been lowered. Around two hundred years after their arrival, a gateway appeared on a beach near the 41st iceori outpost. It was revealed to be the end of Onomok.

A Worlds Death

Looming over the trees, dark as the blackest of nights, the gate stood. In the iceori societies, it got dubbed “The gate of Domogoc”, domogoc being a word affiliable with decay, darkness and death. Whatever dark power that had driven the gate to appear, it was clear to be ending their world. Plague after plague struck all around Onomok, and something was coming through. Armies of dead, thousands of lump corpses, spread across the lands. Iceor joined forces with its neighboring countries and marched against them. Again and again they fought, and again and again the humans were driven back. It never seemed to end.

The King of Iceor at this time was Karikus Iceoreon, and he personally led the battles. When he was slain, his nephew, Esto Kodí, stood up to take his place, only to be hammered down by a horde of dead on a bridge north of Vatúreo. His little brother, Gerrey, was only 230 at this point, making him a rather yound leader. He was skeptic as to wether the war could be won at all, and he called for the fleet to be summoned, and what was left of his people, some 800 men, women and children, was ordered aboard. And out they went, out to open sea, leaving the smoking ruins of what they’d built behind them.

Recent History:


Similarily to their first interspacial journey, they were caught by a storm, after about two months of venturing. Their ships were better built this time, and most vessels made it through the rough weather. The first shore they came to was an island. Among the trees, the outlines of a small village was visible, the village of Ryefork. Their journey was, however, far from over.

A few days after getting a temporary docking permit, the iceori leader, Gerrey, met a man on the main village street, who introduced himself as Felkros. He had been sent south by his brother to find a wool shipment that had disappeared. Upon arriving at Ryefork with his men however, he could not help but to notice the fleet of boats at the port. Over a glass of ale at The Grey Ox, the local inn, it was decided that the iceori would follow Felkros and be allowed to settle in his brothers kingdom. Before they left, Gerrey wanted to conquer Ryefork, to have somewhere to return to, in case his journey proved unsuccessful.

The village was taken without much effort however, as the villagers were caught by surprise and surrendered. The iceori luckily didn’t even need to spill any blood. However a fire broke out when a scared villager ran right into a torch on the wall, knocking it to the ground. In the following hours the inn, and most of the village, was destroyed. To look over the rebuilding of Ryefork, Gerrey left his little sister, Isi Kodí. On one of the cliffs on the island, a fortress was built, and a port was added to the village, for the remaining vessels of the iceori fleet. The village itself was renamed Qhionfort.


Venturing North, the iceori eventually arrived at Rosewater, then a small town in the Altor Empire. The king assigned the newcomers to the northern province of Avirock, where a newly opened quarry, along with the construction of the castle of Dragonspine, made the large number of laborers welcome. Other iceori acquired work on horse farms, and their overwhelming expertise was swiftly noted.

As time went by and the iceori began blending into the popultaion slightly, a group consisting of mostly still iceori people were sent east to build a settlement in the far reaches of the province, where the fertile fields would be key to stop famine, which was a slight issue in the young Altor. Their settlement was named properly, Rot Itiv, or “Man’s End”, in english. This was no joke. The builders had ventured from another world, to the end of this one, knew that just north of them lay dangerous wastelands that stopped most exploration, and as it were, to the end of the empire’s territories.

Rot Itiv is today still mostly populated by old iceori.

The Spark of a Rebellion

During the Altori Rebellion, the iceori fought against the crown, despite being offered to live here to begin with. Although the iceori leader, Gerrey, had befriended the other vassals, and even was Lord Feris Burdyns favorite bannerman, tensions had arisen between the diarch Inceptus and Gerrey. Due to this he feared, already before the civil war, that the rulers would attempt to banish them, the foreigners. This actually occured, as Avirock did not immediately answer the call of the diarchs when the rebellion began, the call to destroy Wyvernsdale.

After the war, due to the destruction of House Burdyn, Gerrey was elected as new Lord of Avirock.

Phoenix Nation

The war was won, the diarchs gone, and the iceori celebrated for the first ever iceori Vassal since Onomok.

The week after the Battle for Life, a gathering was held in the Wyvernsdale Citadel, where the only remaining Altori vassal, Lord Muzwall Frostwither, was crowned king of the new realm in the north, The Northern Realm. New lords were chosen for Willowsong, Unarida, Blackwood and Avirock. The new lord of Avirock was Gerrey Kodí, which upset some, but after another iceori was elected as Lord of Blackwood, the complaints died down.

Current Map of The Northern Realm. Title in both english and new rayiti.

The Future of Iceor

The iceori still live and prosper to this day in the Northern Realm, recently reaching 10,000 iceori. Under the rule of King Frostwither, they adapted well to the altori ways of life, and the altori finally truly accepted the iceori as being one of them. Since his demise, new mutterngs have been heard against the iceori, and how they today hold most noble positions in Avirock, mostly due to Gerrey Kodí being named Lord of the province. Qhionfort is an outpost commanded by Onemmo Kodí, Gerrey’s nephew. A railroad is being built to enable quicker transport and trade to the Kingdom of Ayrith amongst others, however the southward work has been delayed due to the tensions arising with the Eastern Concorde, where Ayrith is a member state. Despite not being an independent nation, most iceori are happy with their situation, although suggestions of self-rule has arisen in the north by farmers in Upper Wheaton. The new political system of the NR work well with these ideas, as the people feel slightly more empowered. The Avirock wing, where 8 out of 10 representatives were iceori, voted for Davos Crowport to be the II king in the North.

Most information on how the Agderian Kingdom was ruled (apart from it being a monarchy) has been lost, however it developed into the feudal government of the Iceor Empire in Onomok. There, the vassal families (or houses) constructed a council, which decided most matters together with the king or queen.

At the prime of the empire, there were around 50 iceori houses, who had their assigned outpost or colony to keep an eye on. Of these, only a few are still in existence today.

The new world order of the iceori prevents them from having any diplomatic connections of importance, as it is with the NR the connection is made. See NR Wiki for more information

Note: The following characters are listed in aging order.

-House Iceoreon

  • Koraim Iceoreon, last Iceoreon, resident of Dragonspine, crippled since first World Jump.

  • House Kodí (Dragonspine)

    • Roposena Kodí (f) - Kodí Elder, Mother of Isi, Gerrey and Sira, Inhabitant of Dragonspine
    • Gerrey Kodí (m) - Ethnical leader of Iceor, NR Lord
    • Sira Kodí (f) - Daughter of Roposena, Inhabitant of Dragonspine
    • Isi Kodí (f) - Daughter of Roposena, Head of NW-Railroad Project
    • Onemmo Kodí (m) - Son of Isi, Lord of Qhionfort
  • House Jemycen (Rot Itiv)

    • Bivipo Jemycen (m) - Lord of Rot Itiv, Jemycen Elder, Father of Gabe and Luhotik, Aviran bannerman
    • Gabe Jemycen (m) - Son of Bivipo, Advisor to House Kodí, Head of Dragonspine Extension Project, Inventor of Jemycee Calendar.
    • Luhotik Jemycen (m) - Son of Bivipo, Captain of “The Rotten Tuna” (naval vessel)
  • House Cito (The Gate Keep)

    • Ian Cito (m) - Lord of The Gate Keep, Aviran bannerman
    • Loto Cito (f) - Daughter of Ian, resident of The Gate Keep
  • House Esproz (No Fort, aquatic)

    • Abhi Esproz (m) - Commander of Avirock naval unit, received bannerman status after Altori Rebellion.

The iceori have had an intricate culture in Onomok, worshiping the Two Gods, The Creator (Maar) and The Guardian (Clair), speaking their own tongue, Rayiti, which they used in everyday conversations, and still do today, although the latest world jump has forced them to learn the common tongue as well. The doom of Onomok has made most iceori stop worshiping Maar, who they blame for their loss. Clairism however is blooming like never before.

The iceori came to the NR-area with their own inventions, such as the Jemi stones and the now official NR saying “Jet’v Nhi Bonh” [dzjet-ev nee bonn], which in New Rayiti (NRA) means “Find the Path”. The idiom came to be after the doom of Onomok, when the people on the boats started a prayed to the Guardian god of Claire to help them through their pain and suffering. “Find the path!” was supposed to make the divinity find them a path to savior. Wether the space jump was an act of a god or something else will never be known, but the phrase is still used as an alternative for “Farewell” in most of the NR, even by the altori part of the population.

Jet’v Nhi Bonh!

[RP Faction] Wyvernsdale
[RP Character] Lord Gerrey Kodí

To me, the Iceori are still a faction. A faction isn’t necessarily a nation or settlement. A faction can simply be an organized group. This is why we use the term ‘faction’ because it’s a generalized term for anything from a group of friends up to an empire.

Couple things I wanted to question, if I may:
You mention they use portal transportation to access Taurios (which is great), but you mention two successful space-jumps? Can you elaborate on that? How were they able to make space-jumps if they have (presumably) medieval tech? Or are you relating to other portals?

I love the start of this and look forward to seeing how it develops!


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