[RP Faction] The Holy Reich of the Maeythians


A nation of men and angelics living in harmony with their sole purpose being the evangelization of the entirety of Allura. They are industrious and rely on practical technology using fuel extracted from the Volcanic region. Celebrating their Victory over the demons years before they venture out in search of souls to save.

  1. History
  2. Structure
  3. Diplomacy
  4. Important People
  5. Fundamentals

Long ago the volcanic region of Eastern Vallenora, Maeythia, was inhabited by a primitive people known as Grunden, or Grundfolk. They were of stocky build, muscular, and extremely hardy, since they lived in a harsh environment. However they loved their land and cultivated it to the best of their ability. In the recent years rumors of hellish portals opening up reached their ears. They thought little of it and continued about their normal lives. Soon enough, a portal opened in the largest volcano in the region, and from it spewed forth a horde of demons that immediately began murdering and pillaging everywhere they went. Eventually the entirety of the Grunden race was enslaved and forced to labor in the mines and factories for generations. Despite the hopelessness of their situation, old Grundenfolk legend prophesied that angels from on high would come and rescue them in the dire time when the jaws of hell would enslave them.

As if an answer to a prayer, a small group of angelic beings known as the Faethern came from an unknown land in the east and discovered them suffering under the yoke of demonic forces. They brought a religion of light and purity to the savage Grundfolk in the volcanic eastern lands of Vallenora, who soon used these new-found gifts to purify the land of the demon hordes.

The Grundfolk, with the help of the Faethern developed weapons of destruction that enabled them to battle against the demons. The resulting massacre of demons was so successful that they eventually purged their land of all evil presence.

The Faethern brought advanced technology, government, and a new way of life for the Grundfolk that improved their lives immensely. Finally the Grunden could live together in peace, under one rule, with a seemingly pure purpose and direction. The Grundfolk looked up to the Faethern with such reverence that they view them almost as living gods.

Maeythia has a bureaucratic government, led by a council of mostly Faethern. The council makes all important decisions and rules the people strictly, treating them like their children, guiding them to live pure lives, in accordance with their religious by-laws. Priests consisting of Grundfolk blessed by the Faethern council serve as local leaders and guides to the people, priests may also serve as military commanders.


Faethern - The Angelic saviours viewed as holy celestial beings by the Grunden. They generally hold leadership positions in both the government and the church, both of which are closely intertwined. In comparison to the Grundfolk population, their numbers are few.

Beorngrund - Knights created from extreme experimentation on the Grundfolk

Grundfolk - The original natives who inhabit the volcanic land of Maeythia.

Faethern are apprehensive about dealing with outsiders, especially those of other religions. The particularly religious Grundfolk see the humans of the world as lost souls. Non-humans are seen through a lense of fear, some may even see them as humans corrupted by demons, needing to be cleansed. They seek to spread their religion as far as possible and to incorporate all believers within the Reich.

Knight Bothen Forsplider @Noiy
General Alisar Morccidere @Music


Fervent zealots, seeking to cleanse the world of corruption and sin. Their religion consists of a central God who tasks his followers with spreading his religion and rooting out evil wherever it rears its head. This God is viewed as being the sole provider with all that is good in the world, to the people of the Reich, God is seen as a harsh judge who makes no leeway for unrepentant sinners and demons.


The Maeythian army, commonly referred to as the “Holy Reich”, consists of both Grunden and Faethern. The common Grund possesses a tan cotton uniform, along with a tough steel helmet and steel armor on the chest and shoulders. All metal armor is covered in a layer of leather which muffles the sound of clinking. All footsoldiers are equipped with rifles and swords, while a select few are trained to use high caliber explosive rounds.

One of the most important people in the Reich are the Beorngrund also known as the Knights, a warrior class created by the Faethern by experimenting on the Grundfolk. The Process is painful and tests the will of even the strongest men, with a mortality rate of 98% the “Enlightenment” process is seen as the ultimate test of faith and will. Even dying to this process is seen as one of the highest honors that one can receive, with families of those who have died undergoing the Experiments are given respect and more influence within communities out of sheer respect for having produced someone so worthy of God’s Enlightenment. Beorngrund are equipped with a variety of weapons and pack on even more armor than the average soldier. As a result of the experimentation, Knights have waaay more muscle mass and thus appear much larger and bulkier than the average Grund. Their weapons consist of chainsaws, flamethrowers, heavy duty pistols loaded with explosive rounds, and much more.

Faethern military tend to have officer positions such as Captains and Generals. Their wings are usually armoured or covered, as those appendages are vulnerable in a combat situation. Military Faethern often have to be extremely fit to be in action, since flying even short distances is tremendously difficult when heavily equipped. A favorite weapon of Faethern is sabers, although they rarely get an opportunity to use them. Some Grunden engineers did develop pistol sabers in honor of the Faethern, but they are more of a novelty weapon.