[Rp Faction] Milites Knights


Brief history: The knights order of Milites is an ancient order of knights founded by the first grandmaster Gundol Agusum as a way to keep peace among the lands of Allura. These knights were natives to the lands of Allura and consisted of many different native races, They tolerate the other races and rarely take in non-natives into the Milites order, and when they do it takes longer for them to gain their sword and shield and horse which are seen as status symbols among the order.

Sanctum: The fortress of Sanctum serves as a safe haven and meeting place for the order. The fortress was crumbling and in ruins when found by Gundol Agusum and his knights who then repaired it and ever since it has served the knights as their home. To this day nobody knows who built it but it was found to have a vast underground dungeon by miners which is currently being excavated. Its harbor was raided by pirates long ago and has since laid in ruins with all that remains is a small dock and fishing house. Instead of repairing it instead they have begun construction on a new harbor town on an island.

Relations: The Milites order is not happy about the settlers who have come in from other realms and settled city’s using their more advanced technology to push back the less advanced natives of the realm which is why the knights frequently attack traders and peasants of these nations. Because of this they have gotten into a lot of battles and wars with these
nations. Yet despite the enemy’s more advanced technology the knights armor and shock cavalry have proven to be a force to be reckoned with.
~Ebongrasp- (Neutral) towards Ebongrasp as they have not had many interactions with them other than visits from members of Ebon.
~Kleriel- (Spiteful) Despite building a massive wall around Sanctum agents of Kleriel still manage to get through and along with their false religion and their constant attempts to test their defenses.
~Brotherhood of the Yellow Cloak- (Allied) After coming into contact with the Brotherhood they quickly became close friends through trading and construction projects. They are now in Vos’ Volsung together
~Gaslamp- (Distasteful) The Knights do not like their fancy gadgets and contraptions but since there has been little interaction not much can be said about the relation.
~Graymane- (Allied) Being in close proximity to each other and have a mutual friend (Yellow Cloaks) They are in Vos’ Volsung together.

Religion: The Knights Milites are all followers of the sun (Solis). The knights are not required to follow the religion of solis but those who choose to devote to the sun are given the title of “Holy knight”

Warfare: The Knights mostly do mercenary work for whoever pays them to fight on their side. They do pick sides based on whats right or wrong but some coin could sway them.

==========================THE SECOND AGE====================================
At the end of the first age of the order Grandmaster Bart took all of his knights on what he called “The Suns Will” a mission Into the depths of the ruins of old sanctum where they entered a different realm. The knights were all but forgotten after Grandmaster Bart and all his men never again would return to the realm of Allura, With the exception of two of his knights.
Carolus and his right hand man Suluman Musafa. They came out of the ruins of the Sanctums underground claiming the right to rule as they had been the only survivers. With nobody to attest their claim they took power of the order easily. Carolus claiming it was the will of the sun and that he had survived the so called “Trial”.

The flag of Miltes


‘‘These knights were natives to the lands of Allura before any of the other races arrived’’ i don’t think everyone will agree with this :stuck_out_tongue:


Natives as in the native races or the land they were never just one race


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