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The Lásenor are a peaceful people just now beginning to explore the world beyond the borders of their mountain home.

  1. Ancient History/Development
  2. Structure
  3. Diplomacy
  4. Important People
  5. Fundamentals
  6. Timeline and Modern History
  7. Geography

The history of the Lásenor is largely unknown even to them, as they have developed writing on in the last century and a half of their existence. However, folk-tales and other forms of oral history suggest they evolved with the rest of humankind, but at some point in the distant past became enstranged, whether through choice or circumstances, and have had little to no contact since then. The forefathers of the modern Lásenor lived as nomads for a great length of time, but more and more they returned to the mountains wherein the Lásenor dwell today, eventually permanently settling there and beginning to develop the kingdom as it is today.

Separated from the rest of humanity, the Lásenor have developed a peculiar system of a absolute monarchy that cannot tyrannise the people. In the nomadic times, the strongest hunter was often the leader, and, settling into their permanent location, this remained similar. However, early in the history of the settlement, the leader of the time began to grow ever more power-hungry, and the people suffered under his tyranny. Eventually, he was deposed by a small group of warriors. However, these warriors knew that should any single person take complete control, another cruel ruler would arise. However, the instabilty of a developing nation meant a single ruler was necessary to ensure the survival of the people.
    After months of heated debate, the consensus was that a single ruler would be elected, and, for as long as they and their sucessors remained just, they and theirs would have complete authority to rule. However, if the ruler became oppressive, their was a system in place that would allow them to be easily deposed by a vast majority of the people. This has been all but forgotten by almost everyone, as, due to the pacific nature of the Lásenor, it has come into play only once, hundreds of years ago.

Today’s structure:

King/Queen -> Whenever a prior monarch is deposed by order of the Assembly of the People a new one is chosen. For as long as they rule with the people’s good in mind, the power will be passed down hereditarily, usually to the eldest child, whether male or female. Due to the peaceful nature of the Lásenor there is rarely cause to force the abdication of a monarch; this has happened only once since the establishment of the system.
Lords -> There are 6 lords at any one time. Half are elected by the people as regional representatives, the other half are chosen by the monarch as they felt necessary.
Assembly of the People -> This is a biannual gathering of as many of the people as want to attend. It has clout with the monarch and lords but no offical power over them save for a super-majority (85% of the population) on a paticular issue, in which case it can override the decisions of even the monarch.
Village Elders -> Each settlement within Lásenor has the freedom to govern itself provided it follows the laws of the kingdom. In practice, this usually means each person or family can do as they wish, with a council of elders resolving disputes and giving advice.
Family Leaders -> Family groups are very important to the Lásenor, with extended families spanning up to four generations often living as a small community. These are often controlled by a matriarch, but are generally run holistically and peacefully.

For the first time in known history, the Lásenor are starting to develop out on a world stage. Virion and Meira have sailed off to a tournament in Roklavia, where they will sign Lásenor into the Northern Alliance.

After the tournament in Roklavia, Lásenor began to form close ties with Maruba and (to a lesser degree) Danheim. Simultaneously, Queen Ailreth brokered an alliance much close to home with Connemara.

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Queen Ailreth:
    The ruler of Lásenor, she is a wise and noble woman. Her husband died of unknown causes long ago, and is scarcely spoken of any more. She is cunning and has plans within plans, but always remembers she is a servant of the people and acts in their best interests.
    Technically a princess, she hates the title and prefers to do what is necessary quietly and privately. She is mischievious, and prefers the woods to the Keep or the city any day, but, like her mother, has a strong sense of duty and will always do what she thinks is right.
    An outsider to Lásenor, coming from Brittleburn on the outer side of the mountains, he nonetheless is fiercly loyal to Lásenor. Currently engaged to Meira, he is one of the most influenctial people in Lásenor, and one of the only two who’d be any use in a fight.
    There are various nobles such as the Lords around, but they are usually more focused on the affairs of their own local peoplem rather than national issues. Without them, the country could not run properly, but they have little bearing on international events and diplomacy.

   The Lásenor essentially speak the common tongue, but, having been isolated for centuries, it has evolved quite differently to how it is spoken elsewhere. The dialects are mutually comprehensible, but some words, especially those with cultural connotations, have quite different meanings, (OOC: this will mean that in the event of diplomacy, the two parties may unintentionally offend each other due to minor lingual differences).
    The kingdom is referred to as Lásenor (“I went to Lásenor yesterday”)
    The people are collectively referred to as Lásenor (“The Lásenor wandered among the trees”)
    The adjective form is Lásenorian (“That’s a lovely Lásenorian castle over there”)

Lásenor: LAY-sin-or
Lásenorian: lay-sin-OR-ee-in
Anfále: un-FAY-il
Anfálen: un-FAY-lin
Virion: VIR-ee-in
Meira: MAY-ra
Ailreth: AISLE-reth

(OOC: Anything I’ve forgotten here just ask, I’ll update this section as required)

Religion - Anfálen
    The Lásenor believe in a benevolent creator (Anfále) who can give them guidance when needed but will not physically appear. They believe that he should be worshipped privately, and have shrines and small buildings for this purpose, but they do not build extravagent temples or cathedrals as they believe this will detract from the appreciation of Anfále.
    Another part of this religion is the santicity of life. They are mostly vegetarian, but do not frown on those who must do so eating meat to survive, provided they show appropriate respect for the animal. They will never attack another faction, but if they must, they will, with great regret, kill to defend their own lands. However, this reluctance to kill should never be mistaken for being an easy target.

    The Lásenor developed their calendar at around the same time as their written language. They used Year 0 as the year in which the calendar was developed, with the uncertain oral history preceding this not being officially dated. Historians have, however, provided rough dates for significant events based on what evidence they have available. There are 8 months in a year, with each being 45-46 days long. The New Year is celebrated at the spring equinox (the equivalent of 21 September in the Southern Hemisphere or 21 March in the northern hemisphere), which is at the midpoint of the spring season (I.E. the interval between the two months of spring).
There system is purely numerical, with years being numbered positive and negative as necessary, rather than having qualifiers such as BC and AD (or BCE and CE if you prefer).

c. -3000: Lásenor split from other groups of humans
c. -1000: Lásenor begin to settle into their current home
c. -700: The tyrant king (name unknown) is deposed and the current system of governance established.
c. -400: The only known time a monarch has been deposed. The current line takes office.
c. -100: Written language begins developing
0: Lásenorian calendar established
112: Ailreth born
132: Ailreth married
134: Virion born in Brittleburn
135: Meira born
148: Virion leaves Brittleburn
149: Virion enters Lásenor proper and meets Meira etc.
153: Virion and Meira engaged, tournament in Roklavia (present day)
153: Alliance formed with Connemara.

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