[RP Faction] Kleriel Imperium


Kleriel Imperium

Identity & Agenda:

The Kleriel Imperium, also referred to as ‘‘the imperium’’ or ‘‘the dawn empire’’, is an authoritarian, militarist, isolationist, and somewhat xenophobic nation, dominated by a society of sentient non-human humanoid beings known as the Keelish.

The Keelish, all thought of a pacifist nature, have a warrior culture of old that ties them together in empire on a deeply personal level. Their civilisation is technologically one of the most advanced in the world, possessing knowledge of both advanced refining and processing, as well as modern medicine, public transport, defensive barriers, the radio, and a vast variety of redstone devices. Their military technology, however advanced, is not keeping up with the rest due to a lack of conflicts and reasons to invest time and effort in an arms race.

The imperium is of an isolationist nature, keeping to itself most of the time unless it sees a need to reach for the outside world. It is opportunist in this sense, and will likely not deal nor align with any foreign power unless Kleriel gets both short and long term benefits assured with minimal risk to its security and secrecy. At the same time, it is also imperialist, having expansionist plans to further its reach across the lands for its ultimate goal of self sufficiency and optimal industrial efficiency.

The Monarch:

Kleriel’s form of government is to be described as an ‘‘Illuminated Autocracy’’, with a hereditary monarch titled the ‘‘Archon’’ which rules the nation with absolute power with an emphasis on rationality, logic, and sensibility, who is expected to lead their people away from lies, misinformation, and baseless superstitions in to a future of knowledge and enlightenment.

Each Archon is chosen by the last, and even though the Archon is not required to choose one of their own children as successor, that is most often the case. When an Archon has decided upon a successor, said individual is given the title of ‘‘Arch’’. Most preferably, an Archon is to choose one from his own lineage to rule the empire after him, and is expected to begin teaching them about all the difficulties and responsibilities of rule from a young age with the aid of his advisers, and pick the most promising of them when the time comes. Most of the time, this will be the oldest of them, seeing how the oldest also had the most time, but at rare points in history, the Archon did not choose their own kin as successor at all, but their adviser or other close relative, either due to a lack of an heir, or because the Archon thought none of them were up for the task. Such an action would shame all of his young.

The Magisterium:

The Magisterium is the upper house of the imperium’s parliament, referred to as ‘‘The Conclave’’.

The magisterium consists of 31 ‘‘Magisters’’ who bring forth subjects of importance concerning the entirety of the dawn empire, forming bills through which to pass laws and decisions. Each Magister is the of higher position of a wealthy or influential sector of the empire, be it industry, military, scientific, magical, agricultural, financial, or other. The Magisters are hand picked by the Archon, but a Magister can only truly become such with the approval of the rest of the Magisterium.

Bills can only carry so much weight. Any greater change or decision would need the approval, stamp, and signature of the Archon to pass in to effect. Any lesser propositions and changes only need to follow a few simple rules:

  1. They must not limit the power or reach of the Archon in any way, shape, or form.
  2. They must not conflict with any existing bills, laws or decisions made previously.
  3. They must not attempt to repeal or change any law or decision made by an Archon personally.
  4. They must not jeopardise, limit, or undermine any deals made with foreign powers.
  5. They must not jeopardise, limit, or undermine the stability, efficiency, and security of the state and its citizenry.

Any bill, law or decision, can be repealed or changed by the Archon on a whim. Once this has been done by the Archon personally, it cannot be attempted again, even with changes, without the Archon’s permission.

If required, the Archon can purge the magisterium of all members and assign fresh ones without any Magister’s approval needed, because there aren’t any. Such an act is badly frowned upon by all however, and does not serve to improve the Archon’s image in his people’s eyes unless the situation or cause, and the new candidates, are understandable and justifiable.

All Magisters who serve are expected to be at the head of their sector, and fluent in politics as well as in culture, be technologically adept, and posses greater magical prowess. The greater their understanding of all the forces at work that shape the imperium, the preferable the Magister.

Image of traditional Magisterial garments

The Publicanium:

The Publicanium is the lower house of The Conclave and consists of 241 elected ‘‘Publicants’’ from all sectors of the empire.

The Publicanium functions through bills of importance which generally originate in the Magisterium. The supremacy of the Publicanium in public legislative matters is assured by the Conclave Acts, under which certain types of bills may be presented and enacted without the consent of the Magisterium. The Magisters may not delay a money bill (a bill that solely concerns national taxation or public funds) for more than one month. Moreover, the Magisters may not delay most other public bills for more than two sessions. These provisions, however, only apply to public bills that originate in the Publicanium. Moreover, a bill that seeks to extend a term beyond five years requires the consent of the Magisterium.

The number of both Magisters in the magisterium and Publicsnts in the Publicanium is uneven so when a vote is called, there can be no ties. When a vote is called in either house, none can abstain, it is either FOR or AGAINST. It is better for a politician to vote against a bill if unsure rather that vote towards something they cannot trust would be beneficial or which they do not understand.

Police & The Law:

Laws concerning your every day citizen are rather relaxed in Kleriel. Most everything is allowed as long as it does not hinder or damage anyone or anything, this includes ‘‘recreational substances’’. Only the most addictive and destructive drugs are illegal.

Public order is heavily enforced by the state’s extensive police force which mainly consists of Mechari droid units headed by Keelish officers. Public peace is greatly valued, so extensive screaming or rioting is not tolerated nor permitted. The Keelish also strive to maintain their streets clean and orderly, so there are plenty of smaller bins around city streets. Littering and spitting on the ground is a punishable offence. One is not allowed to traverse the streets intoxicated either, so if an individual goes to a bar they must either watch how much they drink, or simply stay there until they sober up. Most drunks that spend their evening drinking at an inn therefore have to rent rooms to stay the night or risk an encounter with the law on their way home.

All recreational substances are only allowed for individuals of mature age. Such substances may only be produced and distributed by government approved businesses only.

Sexual relations are also only permitted for individuals of mature age. Prostitution is only allowed within registered brothels.

Civilian citizenry is forbidden to carry weapons of any sort, as are foreign guests, unless given direct permission.

Slavery is legal under contracts, and is referred to as ‘‘indentured servitude’’. Indentured servants have a whole host of rights and requirements that protect them and their well-being which their owned must respect and meet, however.

Hunting and fishing is only allowed in specified zones of the country side and the wild, and individuals wishing to either hunt or fish there require a license to do either as well. Such licenses are not difficult to obtain, as they require the individual to pass a safety exam and present medical proof that they are indeed of a competent and stable mental state. In this case, hunters also receive a permit to carry and use hunting weapons in said zones.

When the police give instructions to civilians, their words must be treated as orders and followed promptly, and are only allowed to be questioned afterwards to not stall whatever is happening at the moment. Stalling or getting in the way of law enforcement is a punishable offence. However, a citizen has a right to know what and why they are being told to do something, or allow the police to inspect or confiscate something, but such explanations come lastly. Law enforcement requires the civilian population to trust in them for the best outcomes in such moments. Because of this, there is a very fair and respectful police-populace relationship which builds trust in their authority.

Image of a Keelish law enforcer


The dominant and ruling race of the Kleriel Imperium are the enigmatic Keelish.

They are a very connected people to whom friends and family matters most, with personal honour coming in close second. The way an individual behaves, where they work, and what their social class is, reflects back on their entire family and who they are as a whole. The stigma of a badly mannered Keelish does not lie with the individual, but more so with their family who raised them. Because of this, in extreme cases, parents are known to disown their children for dishonourable acts that disgraced the entire family. Such Keelish then become outcasts, and often seek ways to redeem themselves through acts of kindness and/or bravery for the benefit of others, to restore their own image, and plea their family to take them back while offering gifts.

Family and friends mean everything, because it is through them that a Keelish has connections to obtain his own position in their society. An individual’s future is as such dictated by what family they were born in to, and what friends they made growing up. Loosing those, they are nothing, as none want to employ or take in an outcast, for who knows what hey have done or where they come from. Connections are everything. Keelish are happiest when working with people they know and trust, and will thus rarely attempt to seek employment somewhere fresh. Peace and cooperation in the workplace with a friendly and united workforce is the norm.

The Keelish are of a pacifist mindset, resolving things through conflict is their last resort, and they will rather isolate themselves and leave the situation rather than stay and expose themselves to violence. In Kleriel, this is seen both on a personal level of its people as it is on the state level. Because they are pacifist does not mean they aren’t prepared to fight however, quite the contrary. The Keelish originate from a predatory past, and have had a dominant warrior culture in previous ages. This warrior culture has survived to modern day, as practising their martial arts of old is still widely in use. So much so in fact, that sending one’s young to summer camp where they teach such arts, as well as meditation, and of course bringing them closer to nature, is common practice. The majority of parents agree that teaching their young discipline, how to defend themselves, and have them spend time camping, result in the youngsters growing up healthy in both mind and body.

Another practice still in use since the old days is mandatory military service, where every Keelish must dedicate at least 5 years of their life serving in their empire’s armed forces. In these 5 years, they are further disciplined, as well as taught how to use swords and firearms. This service period is also a great time to connect with new people. After their mandatory 5 years have passed, they can either return back to their life, or remain in the military. Those who remain are grouped in to units with their previous mates, so they serve along side their friends on the field as well, boosting morale, loyalty, and their ability to cooperate as they know each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

In other words, Keelish are communal, heavily attached to their closest, and heavily reliant on them. It is because of this that they are also sedentary, and are very unlikely to move away from their origins.

The Keelish built their realm with patience and care, they are attached as much to their friends and family as they are to their legacy, which is why even as a peace loving race, they will fight to the last if there is but a small chance at success, for what they have created. They are unyielding and resilient when defending their homeland.

Cultural Practices:

  • Cremation:
    The Keelish ceremonially burn their dead and store their ashes in special urns. These are then either kept at their homes, or placed in public crypts, while others still prefer to scatter the ashes and return them to nature.

  • Lover’s day:
    A day in the year in early spring where lovers traditionally pay close attention to their partner by bringing them flowers and candies which they know they would like as a show of affection. As couples naturally pay close attention to the other year round, this day has been market special due to the blossoming of nature, and has been connected to the blossoming of love, which is why on this day they pay special attention to their significant other.

  • Cherry Blossom Festival:
    The national Cherry Blossom Festival is coordinated by the government in cooperation with many independent businesses and services in Kleriel where tens of thousands of people pile in to the capital to admire the blossoming of the beautiful cherry blossom trees at the beginning of spring. Every day there is a sushi/sake celebration, classes about cherry blossoms, and a tour of the commercial district. Other events include art exhibits, cultural performances, fashion shows, dancing, singing, martial arts tournament, merchant-sponsored events. An array of activities and cultural events takes place on the following days. The Blossom Kite Festival usually takes place during the festival’s first and second weekend.

  • Autumn-Fall Festival:
    The Autumn-Fall Festival is the polar opposite of the Cherry Blossom Festival, where people feast in remembrance of a glorious spring and summer, and prepare themselves for the colder months ahead. There are lots of warm drinks and food, but not many events to take part in. Tea is particularly popular. The events of the Autumn-Fall festival include kite flying as well as baking competitions.

  • Winter Solstice:
    On the day when the night is the longest, and daytime shortest, the Keelish mark the winter solstice with a grand fireworks display, marking the beginning of a new year. Celebrations are held across the imperium as that day, and the day afterwards, they are free from work.

  • Day of the Dead:
    On this day each year, Keelish bring flowers and light candles at or near where their deceased family or friend’s ashes were kept or scattered in their memory.

  • Labour day:
    Labour day is a day in mid summer where the government shows its appreciation for the working class by giving them a day off on the longest day in the year during the summer solstice.

Keelish Biology:

The Keelish have a humanoid appearance, they stand upright on two legs, have two arms, and can effectively hold, carry, and manipulate objects with their proportionately thick three fingers and an opposable thumb on each hand. On average, they stand over 6 ft tall, with talons at the tips of their fingers and toes. They have outstanding forward facing eyesight, carnivorous teeth and jaw with a set of mandibles around their mouths, and a slender body evolved to move at fast speeds. Their most unique feature is their metallic carapace that serves as a sort of natural armour, which all indicate a harsh predatory past in their home region of Kesada.
As such, their diet is primarily meat-based.

Keelish features are avian, making them resemble humanoid birds or raptors, however unlike most avian creatures, Keelish are viviparous and give birth to live young.


Magic & Lapis:

The Keelish of Kleriel are naturally sensitive to the ‘‘winds of magic’’, and have manipulated its power to serve their needs for as long as their civilisation exists. Being able to cast spells of all four elements, earth, water, air, and fire, they naturally use magic for military purposes. For more practical uses, they use magic in the form of redstone.

The scientific and magical communities agree that magic is a free flowing force of the universe. Its currents can be predicted, exploited, as well as depleted. The Keelish refer to these magical forces as ‘‘ethereal energies’’, which anyone can tap in to and exploit if they posses sufficient will and know how.

For a mage to cast any spell, they need to use their own vital energies to manipulate ethereal energies, tiring them out eventually. Overdone or over stressed, it can even lead to death.

Lapis stones have been discovered to be a sort of a battery for these ethereal energies which simply suck it in until it is filled to capacity. Mages have learned to use this stored energy to cast spells with rather than their own vital energies, keeping them in the fight longer. In modern times, lapis is made in to batteries for mages akin to ammunition.

The most advanced magic wielding units in the military, the Cybermancers, are equipped with state of the art Cyber-suits, which have inlaid lapis batteries and redstone generators which makes their power storage almost limitless and self replenishing.

Image of Keelish Cybermancer

Keelish cast spells through physical movement in a form of martial arts to direct in which direction and with what intensity they wish to project their spell.

Keelish spell casting has progressed considerably since ancient times, and are now able to cast protective barriers, close wounds and apply pressure to keep it from bleeding, as well as manipulate metal through magnetism.

Cities are protected by Ward Crystals, which are large lapis crystals which continuously project a protective barrier across a desired area. Such crystals are very demanding on power, and usually have a number of large redstone generators along side them in an attempt to keep them from failing if under intense bombardment.

Image of Ward Crystal

The energies stored within a lapis unit can also be bound to an object, such as a weapon, enchanting it with special bonuses, such as swiftness, endurance, or sharpness. Once bound though, the lapis unit is lost and is not salvageable.


Redstone is considered to be raw magical power. A unit of redstone will never run out of its bit of power, though in its stagnant state of its parent redstone unit, it is useless. It is up to the Keelish to direct this power through redstone circuits to make it do what they want it to. The more redstone present, the more complex devices of greater power the Keelish can run, and the faster they can run them. Redstone is a clean and limitless source of power for Kleriel, and it is used in all industry and home appliances. Every industrial or ‘‘electronic’’ device ever made by the Keelish is based on redstone.

Redstone is used in industrial machinery, in elevators, airships, railways, street lights, home appliances, theatres, hand held devices, computers, radios, even in automated doors, Mechari & Golem droids, and any other device the Keelish have.


The Mechari are Kleriel’s so called ‘‘race of machines’’. They are in fact not dumb machines, but sentient life forms. They are large crystallised redstone, with the level of self awareness equal to any other sentient being, which the Keelish gave mechanical bodies to for them to pilot. They posses emotions and a reasoning capacity comparable to that of biological beings, and live in harmony with their Keelish creators. The Mechari have been found to have dreams and fears of their own, and a gender they identify with, which is why there are male and female Mechari body models.

It is because of the Mechari’s existence and level of self awareness that the Keelish have come to accept that the soul itself is in fact ethereal energy, and it can inhabit either a biological body, or something else entirely.

Their sentience was an accidental discovery, but as grateful as they were upon receiving full bodies, with the ability to perceive visuals, sound, and touch, they pledged themselves to the Keelish and have served them faithfully ever since.

Image of Mechari

As the Mechari are unable to feel physical pain, only detect physical encounters, it is mainly they who fill the ranks of security, the police force, and military units. A Mechari can’t die unless the crystal is destroyed, if their body is wrecked they can be given a new one. They are unable to tune in to and manipulate ethereal energies however, making them magically sterile, only able to fight using physical weapons, no magic.

Mechari can only operate as fast and efficiently as their redstone power force allows them to, meaning they have limits the same as other mortals, and can get burned out and will need a bit of time to rest and recollect themselves.

Mechari are also found employed as household servants by the wealthy.


Kleriel is an industrialised nation, relying on automated manufactories for most of its industrial goods while employing a handful of well educated workers who operate and upkeep the machinery. Most people find work in lesser private businesses and services, with the lower class occupying themselves with construction, mining, woodcutting, farming, quarrying, fishing, or transport jobs, or if nothing else is available, the military.

The Keelish are technologically one of the most advanced nations on Allura when it comes to industry, infrastructure, and electronics. Reliant on redstone power as with so many other things, Kleriel has refined not only these base chunks of redstone and lapis in to pure crystal form, but through them, they have achieved advanced refining and processing techniques that allows them to forge superior metals and alloys with enchants of superior durability.


  • Valkorian Empire - Neutral & Avoiding
  • Danheim - Friends with benefits
  • Roklavia - Pretending to be friends with them only because they are a friend of a friend
  • Lexindon - Neutral
  • Maruba - Neutral
  • Lasenor - Neutral
  • Trojiem - Neutral
  • Connemara - Neutral
  • Larkimar - Unknown
  • Keldugnir - Unknown
  • Kaldaross - Unknown
  • Ebongrasp - Unknown
  • AX-COM-IN - Unknown
  • Khalt Almaedin - Unknown
  • Lavande - Unknown


Political, Military, Magical & Scientific Leadership:

Lyrien na-Lettrix - female- age 28 - Archon
Gerrel na-Hanros - male - age 56 - Grand Marshal of Kleriel’s armed forces
Nyreen na-Kandros - female - age 35 - BlackOps Command
Ara na-Gottix - male - age 31 - Royal Spymaster (player: @Aragottix )
Xen na-Moreh - female - age 42 - Head Physician
Kesh na-Seter - male - age 73 - Magister & Elder Enchanter
Rhoa na-Tukka - female - age 24 - Lead Explorer & Archaeologist
Shal na-Teslaya - male - age 47 - Grand Admiral of Kleriel’s navy
Lia na-Vael - female - age 61 - Head of foreign affairs
Zaal na-Koris - male - age 52 - Head of internal affairs


Kira - female - age 32 - Rouge spy
Wrik - male - age 163 - Veteran mercenary
Neeko - male - age 19 - Kebab salesman


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