[RP Faction] Kingdom of Lexindon


Kingdom of Lexindon


Near the north-eastern shores of North Vallenora stands Lexindon, a proud, thriving Kingdom. Its’ foundation dates back to ninety-five years ago, when colonists from far-northern lands arrived to Atua and settled down, creating Lexindon’s first town, Portex, on the mountainous continent’s shore.

General History

The pioneers did not waste any time. After settling in and creating the Kingdom’s first town, the people got to work. Lumberjacks, fishermen and farmers worked their trades, while the miners set out gather stone, coal, iron, and most importantly, gold. The Kingdom’s first mine, Aeger, still operates to this day.

More settlers soon arrived to their kingdom’s sister state, and the people of Lexindon decided to expand. They’d found the perfect spot for their capital; shielded by mountains, near their first town and with a large hill in the middle, more-than suitable for a castle. The Founders cared greatly for the safety of their citizens and future generations in the kingdom, and so work on the capital’s walls was the top priority at the time. They’d decided to name the city Alexandria, after its’ founder.

Fifteen years after Lexindon’s creation, the day after a particularly destructive thunderstorm, men scouting the shores west of the Kingdom had come across an intriguing finding; several ships bearing black and purple banners had crashed on the coast. The Lexindanians offered help, not knowing that these ships were from Ebongrasp; an empire with wildly different beliefs (They likely would’ve refused to help had they known of Ebongrasp’s true nature). The Ebongraspians, being in a time of need, accepted. The Lexindanians weren’t too charitable, however, and expected something in return; so Lexindon gave the Ebongraspians food, building supplies, and other resources to get them back on their feet, and in return the Ebongraspian settlers gave them powerful scrolls and spells of dark magic as well as knowledge of the south. The people had no need for the dark magic and locked it away in the dark recesses of the castle.

The Ebongraspian settlers went on to create their own Nation, known as Keldugnir, and the two states are currently allied; not because of shared goals, but an alliance of tradition, dating back to the beginnings of both kingdoms.

And so today, the grand kingdom of Lexindon lies on the northern coast, its’ majestic capital standing gloriously, built from the ground up by a motivated people. Many predict that Lexindon’s future is full of hope and that the kingdom will thrive for many more centuries. Some in the upper-class may be corrupt by money, but the nation has remained untouched by magic’s corruption.

Until one day, the third king was exploring the darkest dungeons of the castle, and found a bag full of strange books and scrolls…

Current Events

Today, Lexindon has experienced and dedicated workers. Everybody is encouraged to do their fair share of work. However, under the rule of the new king, Lexindon has partaken in the underground Ebongraspian slave trade, as it saves a large sum of money (You don’t have to pay or feed slaves well). It is however highly secretive, as the people wouldn’t be happy to find out that the products they buy are being made by foreign slaves.

Government Structure

The government structure of Lexindon is relatively simple. The man on top is obviously the king, followed by the royal council (more lore on those guys soon), the sub-council, then in small settlements and towns there are lords and dukes who are in charge there. (I don’t know shit about governments okay? This section will be updated in the future).

Royal Council

The Royal Council is the group directly below the king in ranking. Almost every decision that the king makes goes through the council first. However, after Alexander III inherited the crown, almost everything the king says is immediately approved by the council members due to inexplicable reasons.

Royal Guard Department

The Royal Guard Department is the capital city’s department of defense. The Guard Council oversees the city and maintains order. Its’ headquarters are inside Alexandria’s castle.


Lexindon has two cities within it’s territory:

  • Alexandria, Lexindon’s capital city (Currently under construction)

  • Portex, a town on the north-eastern shore of Northern Vallora (Planned)

Lexindon’s capital city is being worked on, and a second town by the name of Portex is planned. Being surrounded by massive walls, the Alexandria doesn’t get attacked very often.


Historical Diplomacy

Since its’ early days, Lexindon has been in an alliance with a neighboring kingdom, Keldugnir. Though the two Kingdoms have very differing beliefs and cultures, they formed an alliance as kingdoms were new and could benefit each other at the time. Through Keldugnir, Lexindon also formed an kind of truce with Ebongrasp, Keldugnir’s parent kingdom.

Being in the northern lands, Lexindon is also a member of The Northern Alliance.



  • Members of The Northern Alliance
  • Empire of Ebongrasp: Friendly
  • Empire of Keldugnir: Friendly


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Nobody here yet.

Important People

Alexander III, King of Alexandria, Emperor of Lexindon (@Alexamder52)

This section will (hopefully D:) be updated in the future.

Culture and Traditions

In Lexindon, it is considered very important to work, earn lots of money and leave a good legacy for your children. The upper-class is considered more important than the lower classes, and many lower-class citizens look up to the upper-class and aspire to be like them some day. This is great motivation for workers, as it keeps them working well and encourages people to put more effort into their work, benefiting themselves and their family as well as the state.

Money is considered power, and the wealthy are considered to be superior in the eyes of Chrimatax, the god of wealth.

Here are the Social classes in Lexindon, in descending order:

  • Royalty

  • Nobles

  • The Wealthy

  • Middle/Working Class

  • The Homeless

Another thing that should also be noted is the way the military are regarded by the working class; although army members are well trained, many Lexindanian citizens, especially of the upper-class, look down upon the military. There are several reasons for this; being in the military is considered an “easy” job, and some don’t even consider it a job at all. Soldiers make living wages, and it’s considered the easy way to make a living for talentless university drop-outs and the like.

The reason that the military are looked down upon in this way has its’ roots in the early years of Lexindon; not being an aggressive nation and having massive walls, Lexindon has managed to avoid conflict with other nations. After almost a century of peace, the army has gotten softer, and many soldiers don’t take their job seriously. This has lead to the people believing that the army is useless, as all they do is sit around and slack off while many workers earn the same amount working dangerous jobs, such as mining.

Religion & Philosophies

The dominating religion (also the only religion) in Lexindon revolves around Chrimatax, the god of wealth. The main basis of the religion is that the more you work and grow your wealth, the more you will be favored by Chrimatax. Is it said that the more gold and emeralds you sacrifice (the government collects sacrifices, of course) the better an afterlife you will get.


Not only are gold and emeralds considered the most substantial sacrifice, they are also the main currency in Lexindon. There are different levels of currency, shown here in order of most valuable to least valuable from up to down;

  • Gold Bars

  • Polished Emeralds

  • Gold Coins

  • Emerald Coins

  • Gold Nuggets

  • Emerald Nuggets


Until recently, Lexindon has remained untouched by magic. However, recently, there have been rumors of dark magic being used by members of the royal family, but this has been unconfirmed.

Lexindon’s siege and war weapons are significantly out of date, as the kingdom hasn’t ever had to use any of that technology. There is an upside to this, however, as instead of focusing on military technology there have been medical studies and advancements instead by Lexindon’s scientists. Lexindon’s medical care is top notch, and is considered a basic human right.


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