[RP Faction] Kingdom of Kaldaross


Kaldarossian Kingdom

( "Long may he reign". The National Anthem of the Kaldarossian Kingdom.)

Melody: God Save the Queen/King (Thomas Arne, 1745)


Verse 1:

For - ever we stay Kaldaross - ians,
Be - loved is our gra - cious King,
Long may he reign!

Bring fourth our prin - ciples,
Peace a - nd equ - ality,
He wil - l pre - serve us,
Long may he reign!

Verse 2:

Thy loy - al vo - ws you swear,
Pro - tect him fro - m thy fears,
Long may he reign!

Faith - ful in li - fe and death,
Brave in w - ar and fight,
Long to rei - gn o - ver us,
Long may he reign!

(The official flag of the Kaldarossian Kingdom.)

After the sudden collapse of the new world, only a few members of the then formed Wintershadows managed to escape and settle on this new continent. The new settlers scrambled the old religious beliefs, and their old habits, and began a new, more equal way of living. One meant that all nords were born equal, regardless of their gender, wealth and social status and that all Kaldarossians should have an equal way of living. Because of this new lifestyle, one will see that a lot of the core elements of the newly established Kaldarossian Kingdom is formed after these principles.
Regarding the notorious Silverblue crystals, no living man nor woman has seen the silverblue crystals which were one of the key elements to maintaining peace and stabilization between the humans and the gods for over 3000 years. Because of this, the stories about the silverblue crystals, and their effect has become folklore passed through generations.

  1. History
    1.1 Origin of the Wintershadow
    1.2 History of the Kaldarossian Kingdom
  2. Government
  3. Diplomacy
  4. Houses Colours, Sigils & Flag.
  5. Currency
  6. Trading & Economy
  7. Location
    7.1 Settlements
  8. Culture
    8.1 People
    8.2 Religion
  9. Stats

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Origin of the Wintershadow

Before the second great ice age, all nords used to live together on a big continent called Fosmane. There under their dark spruce wooden rooftops, the nords lived side by side with each other. At that time the Nordic race was seen upon as a friendly and peaceful people. They were the greatest merchants and the biggest exports of pelts, Iron, coal and their well-known silverblue crystals.
The winter had just laid its first snowflakes, when all the lakes and the rivers started to freeze and turn ice. Animals started to disappear, and even the spruce trees started to lose its leaves.
Then, the temperatures dropped much lower than the average temperature during
winter and stormy winds began forcing its way across the land. Snow started falling from the sky, more than ever before. Nords thought this was happening because their silverblue crystal mines had started to expire. Panic started breaking out, and the foods and livestock were fenced in and given to the rich and wealthy. Many nords were arrested or even killed while they were trying to steal food from the rich.
Then it happened, the silverblue crystal mines had expired, and it was too late to try to search for new mines now. Conflicts broke out and eventually the nords started fighting one another, which lead to many nords leaving the great continent. It was this that started the journey for the wintershadows.
A group of young and poor men and women had just arrived on the shoreline at the western corner of the continent. As far as they could see the ocean had turned completely into ice, and their only option was to leave Fosmane behind and cross the ocean before they themselves were affected by the cold weather now approaching them.
They had walked over a small portion of the ocean when the young person that lead the group, Grani Wintershadow saw an open round circular form in the middle of the Ice. He walked a bit forward and saw a reflection of another dimension. The substance that were making the reflection was dark blue, almost purple and he saw small particles of air flying into it.
Suddenly a strong snowstorm laid its cold snow and its stormy winds over them. They all got dragged into the substance, but instead of falling into the cold icy water they were flying around in another dimension, they all thought death was upon them, as they began to fall, faster and faster, and when they were about to hit the ground they all passed out in the air.

Later that day they began to wake up. They were laying on the cold ice, but there was no storm, but sun and no clouds could be seen in the sky. Slowly they began walking in again, when the nord who lead the group, Grani Wintershadow saw something, it did not look blue, like the Ice they were walking on but brown like dirt, with white on the top, as snow. “I see land!” He yelled. Slowly turning their heads, they looked up, exhausted and in pain, and saw the small bay that they began to walk into.
They got into the bay, which they later renamed Kalmarsa bay. And from that day forward, the group, or the wintershadows as they called themselves, settled down in the little bay known as Kalmarsa bay.

History of the Kaldarossian Kingdom

The history of the Wintershadows goes back many generations, all the way from the second great ice age, through the Nordic civil wars, and to the old Kaldarossian Kingdom.
This story of the Kaldarossian Kingdom will take place from the sudden collapse of the great Kingdom, and to the establishment of the new Kingdom.

“One day, the High King of Kaldaross received a raven, with the allegation that the world would not see a new winter, but it would be able to see the end of the summer. The king showed this message to his advisors where none were able to crack the mystery behind this message. In response to the King, they answered: “It must be a joke, Milord”, and the king thought no more about it.
Then, nearing the end of the summer, strange things began to happen. At farmlands throughout the kingdom livestock began to mysteriously vanish, and fields began to dry out. Natural phenomenon began occurring more frequently, and the sun never rose on the sky again. During this blackout, theft and murder occurred more regularly, and the realm were on the verge of collapse, when all of a sudden, a large explosion, followed by violently shakes was heard and experienced throughout the kingdom.
To the little farming village of KomĂ­r, forty kilometres north from the capital came running a farm-boy from the capital. He brought with him news that the capital had collapsed, that a giant rock from the sky had crushed the capital, and that magmatic eruptions began occurring where the capital once stood. Conflicts had begun erupting, and once again, the kingdom controlled with an iron fist, was about to be thrown into a new era of civil war.
Fearing for their lives, some fifty farmers from the village decided to run to the nearest coastal harbour, and leave their homeland, with the course for new land. With better hopes for survival and equality in mind. The farmers began their journey sailing eastwards, until they arrived at a new continent.

At this new continent disputes and disagreements arose between the new settlers. In the end, it resulted in two groups, where one decided to move more inlands, and one which decided to settle down on a small island, located within a large lake. They decided that it would be the safest and wisest decision for the group to settle down on the island, due to some factors:

  1. They would be protected from the dangers of other human beings, and dangerous animals.
  2. By living near an area with water, they would have access to drinking water, and also fishing possibilities.
    The second group, which decided to move further inlands has not been located, nor has anyone heard from the group ever since they left.

The settlers who had decided to stay at the island had adopted new ways of living, and they all worked together to construct the main mansion on the island, as – in the beginning, was used as a boarding house, housing all of the settlers who decided to remain. For years, the settlers began rebuilding their society which they had left at home, and discovering other newly assembled civilizations on the continent.

After some centuries had passed, the Kaldarossian Kingdom, had yet again arisen from the shadows, and began expanding inwards on the continent. Farms had been built outside the stunning, high and protective walls of the kingdom, and the founding fathers principles had survived trough the times. The kingdom was a pride of its own, displaying a peaceful, equal and extraordinary society, built upon the founding fathers principles, of everlasting peace and equality.

The government of the newly established Kaldarossian kingdom is contrary to its predecessor, a constitutional Monarchy. The new colonists saw the old elective Monarchy which they had left behind in Karnsaskogr ineffective and more of a dictatorial way of governing, hence the newly established constitutional Monarchy.

The Monarch, represented with the title “High King”, will be the governing figure, yet important diplomatically assignments and discussions has, according to the constitution – to be discussed with representatives from the parliament. The current High King is Liasetten, the first of his name. This new way of governing includes the populous more into the politics, whilst also allowing them to participate in matters which includes themselves.
Finished Kaldarossian Parliamentary System

In charge of the parliament will be the High king. Whenever a high king dies, a large funeral is held, where every member of the public, regardless of their social status will be allowed to attend. The following week, a realm-wide inauguration of a new heir will be held, where the old High King’s son or his closest relative will be inaugurated at the capital, becoming the new heir of the Kingdom.

The parliament was formed in a way where it would be as democratic and inclusive as possible. Through permitting 42 regular citizens to participate, 21 from the rural areas, and 21 from the more urban areas – the founding fathers assumed that it would include the general populous further into the politics of the realm.
Every fourth year, 42 new citizens would be appointed through an election to replace the old ones, thus always having a shift in the country’s political interests, either it should be domestic or foreign related.

The rest of the parliament consists of 16 members from the nobility, and 12 religious priests. The nobility will, every eight years be replaced through an election, and the religious priests are chosen for life. The priests jobs in the parliament is to ensure that all the different religious beliefs are being treated the same way, and that they are getting the necessary aids which are needed for each different religion. They are also working to ensure that each man and woman gets treated accordingly, both during a trial, and also during a court case. The nobility helps with the export and import of goods, and is working more towards sustaining the economy of the realm.

The Kaldarossian Kingdom is as mentioned a peaceful nation. Kaldaross is more interested in long-term trade agreements, and non-aggressive pacts. Alliances are also a benefit for the Kingdom.


  • Empire of Ebongrasp: Friendly. (Ally)
  • Keldugnirian Empire: Friendly. (Ally)
  • Empire of Valkora: Friendly.
  • The Kingdom of Lexidon: Friendly.
  • The Kingdom of Kaveh: Friendly.


  • Imperium of Kleriel: Friendly.


  • The Free City of Maruba: Neighboring state.
  • Kingdom of Lásenor


  • Kingdom of Danheim: Aggressive attitude.
  • Roklavian New Order: Aggressive attitude.

(Other Nations not mentioned are unknown to the Kaldarossian Kingdom.)

In the newly established Kingdom, the settlers decided to keep the old house colours of grey and white, but the word of the house were changed. “In equality we bring hope and peace.” – This sentence was changed due to the principles of the new settlers, who meant that equality was the sole element to maintaining peace within the population. The Sigil banner of the house was kept, and resembles a Dire wolf, painted with the houses colours. The Dire wolf represents the Wintershadows, and the kingdom’s past. The houses Wax Stamp has a picture of a Dire Wolf, and has “Kingdom of Kaldaross” written in it. Kingdom of Kaldaross Stamp

Hacksilver is still the currency which are being used in the kingdom. This currency tracks all the way back to the older kingdom of Fosmane. During the exploration of the continent, the Empire of Ebongrasp was found, and their currency: Ebonsteel, has also been introduced within the Kaldarossian currency. Hacksilver has many shapes, but they are easily recognizable for their resemblance to blue block like crystals.
Hacksilver is, as one would believe the most valuable type of currency within the Kaldarossian Kingdom. Then, one has a yellow metallic element, publicly referred to as gold, followed by light green crystals known as Star Sapphires, and eventually blue minerals known as rubies.

Most of the trading which are being done in the kingdom, occurs inlands. There are future plans to connect the kingdom to the ocean, but for now most of the trades come inlands. Because the kingdom is situated on the main central continent, it is much easier to transport goods and merchandises via the roads leading into the kingdom. The kingdom does not, in contrary to its predecessor have to import a lot of foods and stone, seeing as it is a self-sufficient nation - capable of producing most of its food and goods on its own. However, the kingdom does export a lot of fish, wood, cotton and iron to other nearby villages and nations. Farmers and merchants from all over the realm usually gather at the markets found throughout the capital during the summers to sell their products and items.

The kingdom of Kaldaross is located on the continent of North Vallenora. Situated on the eastern side of the Great Lake is the capital of Keldoria. In the Great Lake is the King’s Island located, an island dominated by the wealthier population.

As of now, there is only one settlement within the Kaldarossian Kingdom; the main capital itself: Keldoria. There are evolving big expansion plans for smaller villages and settlements in the near future.

The Kaldarossians does still have Nordic features. Many of the males are strong, and still manages to live within the harsh climates. The majority of the population has brown hair, with blue or green eyes and have masculine features such as big muscles, fast and has a high endurance. They still have the ability to be good swordsmen and archers, and the Kalgir’s does also have the possibility to use their magic in warfare.

The warriors are equipped with their notorious battle-axes, and broadswords, whilst the archers rely on Longbows.

The population is dressed in wealthy clothes. The ladies are dressed with dresses and often have expensive accessories, like golden rings and earring.

The males are dressed in nice cloth with capes and usually has a family dagger or a knife hanging in their belt to represent their family.



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