[RP Faction Geography] Nedewis Mountains


The Nedewis Mountain Range

The Red Mountains are one of the 5 major mountain chains of North Vallenora, the others being the White Mountains, the Icy Mountains, the Yellow Mountains and the Saber Mountains. The Part of the Red Mountains along the shore to the South Calledian Sea is called the Nedewis Mountains. This stretch of rock reaches all the way from Maruba in the north, to the village of Karezugreb in the south west, and Larkimar in the south east.

Regional History
The naming of this region is after renowned explorer Lord Petyr Nedewis, who first plotted the region in the 12th century ar for the king of the Kingdom of Roklavia, Ambrus V. The young lord reported back then only of primitive tribes and noted a few scattered villages, but the hostile terrain in the valleys prompted Ambrus’ plans for an expansion of the kingdom.

During the Roklavian uprising, many people crossed the sea, a large portion of whom were heading for known ports such as Praeulis, Larkimar, or Connemara. However, an ever growing crowd started to assemble in one of the petty villages, noted down by Lord Nedewis as “Yawron”. The newcomers, who came to found the Free City of Maruba, expanded and took over a large part of the Nedewis Mountains, founding new industries and villages in their wake. This led to a population boom for the area, which had roads made, mines dug, and lumber huts erected all over.

Regional Industries
The mountainous region has sprung up a lively mining industry, with main sites near the village of Kirugrad. Most of the mining industry is dominated by Maruba, although the City State of Larkimar has notably begun excavations in and around Mt. Larcana. The metals which are mainly found in this area are copper, iron, tin, and platinum. Newly conducted studies by the Maruban Department of Subterranean Resources concluded the possibility for excavation of silver at. Mt. Hiópon. A mine has yet to be set up, as mobility in the area must first be improved.

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