[RP Faction Geography] Lásenor Mountains


Lásenor is nestled in the mountains to the west of North Vallenora, occupying the west half of the range.

The Keep, which is the centre of the kingdom, stands on the central mountain, sheltered by the other peaks. To the south lies a farming village, while to the north is the capital city.
The Bowl of Lásenor is the roughly circular area within the western mountains, at the centre of which is the Keep. There are three passes into it, one in the east, the south-west and the north-west.
As well as the villages within the bowl, there are several scattered around the outer edges of the mountains. These include Brittleburn, the birthplace of Virion.

Red (Bowl NE-SW): 50km
Yellow (Northwestern part of bowl N-S): 22.5 km
Blue (Keep to nearest mountains NESW)
    North: 7.5km
    East: 10km
    South: 12.5km
    West: 7.5km
Orange (Bowl W-E): 42.5km
1 plot: 7km
Overall scale ingame:inworld is 1:70 for terrain.
(*OOC: this is not universal, I don’t expect anyone else to use it. It’s just a convenient way for me to determine sizes/distances within my own lands.)

Beliefs associated with the mountains:
The Lásenor believe than Anfále, their god, protects the mountains. They believe that anbody trying to climb them, whether in or out of the Bowl, will bring upon themselves storms of an unworldly nature and perish. This protection, they believe, also extends to the people of the mountains (the Lásenor) and their homes, including those outside the Bowl such as Brittleburn.

On the peaks of the mountains, great white trees crackling with energy can sometimes be made out. These are the source of the protection, carrying the essence of Anfále. Two of them guard the sides of each pass into the Bowl, while others stand on the highest points of the mountains.

The protection of Anfále also shields Lásenor from the huge storms that sometimes roll in from the sea. The climate inside the Bowl is peaceful, with weather never getting more extreme than some gentle rain or snow.
Outside, however, is a different story. The heights of the mountains and the nearby sea can create some fearsome storms. The villages outside the bowl are all built with shelter from the storms in mind, with every house having rooms cut deep underground or into the mountains as a place of refuge. These villages also have some farms underground, in case of a massive storm destroying the main crops or trapping the people inside for long enough that they would otherwise begin to starve.

The names of the landmarks/features around Lásenor originally came from a wide range of sources. However, as the use of the language wore them down, there have come to be three main suffixes - ‘cona’ meaning mountain, ‘láe’ meaning lake and ‘ír’ meaning river.

    Láscona | LACE-con-ah | The central mountain that the Keep is built on
    Taicona | TIE-con-ah | The large mountain in the northwest
    Norcona | NOR-con-ah | The mountain in the centre of the northwest group
    Dímcona | DEEM-con-ah | The small mountain to the west of the northwest pass
    Wercona | WERE-con-ah | The large mountain to the west of the southern pass
    Róthcona | ROITH-con-ah | The large mountain to the east of the northwest pass
    Aracona | AH-rah-con-ah | The small mountain in the middle of the northeast group
    Marcona | MAR-con-a | The large mountain in the northeast
    Hírcona | HEER-con-a | The large mountain to the north of the northeast pass
    Seacona | SEE-con-a | The large mountain to the south of the northeast pass
    Eircona | EAR-con-a | The large mountain to the east of the southern pass
    Deláe | DEL-ayy | The easternmost lake in the chain of 3
    Ailáe | AYE-layy | The middle lake in the chain of 3
    Merláe | MER-layy | The westernmost lake in the chain of 3
    Keiláe | KEEL-ayy | The lake in the west with the river flowing south from it
    Ebláe | EBB-layy | The small lake in the northeast near a forest
    Valáe | VAH-layy | The small lake high in the mountains in the extreme northeast
    Kinír | KIN-ear | The river running north from Merláe
    Ginír | GIN-ear | The river running south from Keiláe: keeps the name after it combines with Conír
    Conír | CON-ear | The river flowing southwest from a little south of Láscona. Tributary to Ginír.

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