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The Gaslamp Society formed after the first explorer from the Obscura Dimension found Allura and formed the town now known as Gearhelm. Obscura is a magical and technologically advanced dimension where discovery and innovation is constantly happening. Some in Allura refer to our philosophies and lifestyle as “Steampunk”. Our world is a place full of romance and whimsy.

  •      Steampunk as a philosophy is a combination between the maker ideals of creativity, self-reliance and an optimistic view of the future. As a style, it’s a design-aesthetic intersecting sci-fi, supernatural elements, and technology from the 19th century, with themes like victorian, post-apocalyptic, fantasy, and even the wild west.

As a faction, we work together to expand our territories and our way of life all across Allura. You can join us if you wish, but your expected to prove your worth. We are a hard working people, who are constantly striving to reinvent the world around us. You can of course keep and create your own towns, but we do have a headquarters open to all members.

Below is a list of jobs/classes open, mostly for role-play purposes.

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"I’m an Agent. I work for a house, or the faction, and I do things that need doing. Mostly I handle matters in the business or diplomatic line, things that require assassins or mercantile skills. I am discreet, efficient, and reliable.

"I’m an Alchemist. Alchemy is the process of refining and preserving the magical properties hidden in natural and supernatural ingredients. I buy and sell potions and valuable materials.

“I am a Lapidary. I work closely with ores, gems, and stones. I spend countless hours mining in deep caves in search of the most precious jewels and even the smallest nugget, and turn them into armor, weapons, or tools. From there I enchant them to become stronger, more valuable, and more useful. Whether you need something made or something enchanted I’m the one for the job. Needless to say, my lab is open to those who can provide the materials, for a price of course.”

“I’m a Harvester. I grow crops, and raise animals for food, and gather animal products and vegetable products from the land for my own use, my factions or for sale at the markets.”

“I am a Trail Maker. I am savvy in the ways of hunting, tanning, pathfinding, traveling, and exploring. When needed I guide expeditions for those new to these lands. I know places, people, plants, paths, wind, and weather. I know the geography of Allura and its regions. I am knowledgeable of the creatures native to Allura and how to hunt for them. When it comes to the blighted and undead creatures, or other hostile beings, my best defense is stealth, sneaking past trouble, but I can fight bow or blade when the job requires it. I live for the thrill of discovery.

“I am a Nomad. I go where the wind takes me. I buy and sell with those I meet and share stories of my adventures. I do not stay in one place for long as the whole world is my home and I wish to see it all. I seek higher things and enjoy studying the hidden mysteries of life. I am fluent in the ways of ancient martial arts and the use of blunt weapons. I am willing to teach any who wish to learn.”

"I’m a Pickpocket. I was born to be a thief. I love to sneak around in rich people’s houses, and liberate their possessions. I enjoy puzzling out the security provisions on doors and chests, and disarming traps. And I’ve always had an interest in the law – property rights, criminal justice, bribes and such. Me and the guards, we’re old friends.

“I’m an Engineer. I create and design machines with redstone materials, I understand math and mechanics and how to put them to use for various purposes.”[/details]

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