[RP Faction ending][Canon] Into the sunset


Shah Ardashir sat, weary, back at his desk. Preparations were finally complete.

The expedition to retake the ancient homeland from the Tyrant’s Heir was now prepared. On the morrow, dozens of airships, ranging from the very small to the huge battleships of the Royal Navy would depart, taking with them the entirety of his people. It was the venture of a lifetime, and Ardashir could not have been more proud. Nor could he have been more apprehensive.

Prince Gilgamesh stepped into the office, and the Shah looked up. One more reason for pride. His son had grown up into a fine young man, and the years in Valkor had done him good. He would make a fine successor, a new ruler for the homeland beyond the seas. Together, they walked out of the office, into their destiny.

On Ardashir’s desk laid one last letter to the Emperor Gaius of Valkora, speaking of his intentions and professing the desire to engage in trade and cooperation again, after the war was over.

It was the last the Emperor would ever hear of his friend.

the end