[RP Faction] Danheim



Brief introduction.

  1. History
  2. Structure
  3. Diplomacy
  4. Important People
  5. Fundamentals

After years as an normanic tribe lead by, King Welsey Deniro’s Father and his people found them self in a new
world and somewhat trapped in what was a Frozen waste, where they fell over a settlement of Dwarfs.
So the king and his army of battle harden men rushed the settlement killing the Dwarf-en army that was standing at the time of the attack and those whom wasn’t killed
was kept as servants for what now should be an new Kingdom a Viking kingdom.
From tales that came from their old life on the path, King Deniro took the name Danheim as a term for his new Kingdom.
After finding out the Frozen waste was an island he named it Ofraer Hamarr and changed the name of the city to Danheim
the people ruled under King Deniro
a few honored folk of them in the kingdom kept their role as druid’s which also covered herbalists and had mastered the craft of Runes, which is used as a magical aid but later on also used in the weapons Danheim uses.
The new Kingdom was now mostly converted to fit the new owners and the buildings is build mostly out of stone, which the skilled drawfen workforce mined in great supply which kept out most of the harsh cold and issued a natural defense against foes and the weather,
due of the years to come yearly raids was sent from the port of the town to provide extra goods and trades for the kingdom
and help the young folk to become true men and women and skilled warriors.
Many of the people in Ofraer Hamarr speaks the common tongue but also speak their own language which still sits a present, both of them are learned in the school, where the young folk also learn basic trade of craft
when they do speak the common tongue the way some letters and names comes out sounds different.
Most of the people in the Kingdom serve in the kings army and are trained as such from young as its seen as a great honor,
the most honored Shield Maidens is sworn into the legion of Valkyries which few men has had the honor granted, as the legion was formed for the goddess Freja
the front of Norse army is the Berskers Men which are armed to the teeth with heavy armour and tent to dual wield.
To raise the income of gold in the hall of gold and settle an issue of Pirates, King Deniro took it up to himself to make state supported Pirates and a “pirate license” officially the king does claim he or the kingdom has anything to do with the pirates, Danheim tent to trade in Slaves, Weapons, Potions and army for hire


little to none

Norse mythology

The king Wesley Deniro

WarMarshall Erik Iron Axe

Lead Valkyrie Frej True Strike

Sell Swords

Materialism :small_blue_diamond::small_orange_diamond::small_blue_diamond: :small_blue_diamond::small_blue_diamond: Idealism
Nationalism :small_orange_diamond::small_blue_diamond::small_blue_diamond::small_blue_diamond::small_blue_diamond: Internationalism
The citizens of Danheim are a patriotic people they feel an responsibility towards Gods and the King. Danheim will place themself first before any other nation but will remain neutral in circumstances where there is no clear best option for their own means or goals.

Democracy :small_blue_diamond::small_blue_diamond::small_blue_diamond::small_blue_diamond::small_orange_diamond: Autocracy
The king of Danheim is the true ruler and will always be so, the king may listen to others but his word is law
and he follows the ways of the gods

Progressive :small_blue_diamond::small_blue_diamond::small_blue_diamond::small_orange_diamond::small_blue_diamond: Conservative
The poeple of Danheim follows a very strong opinion that has been formed by their religion and the culture
it has been tried and tested when interacting with other people that does follow their ways

Militarist :small_orange_diamond::small_blue_diamond::small_blue_diamond::small_blue_diamond::small_blue_diamond: Pacifist
The people of Danheim is always ready to roll out arms and pick of the axes and they belive direct action is much better suited to solving disputes then silly diplomatic means, they see the way thru the than battlefield, as an honor and death in honorable as their duty and right so they can enter Valhalla but it doesn’t mean Danheim wont sit down at a table and talk about the issue.but for them a good defense is an good offensive.

the great wall of Varðijǫrð, not only for normal defense but a wall ready to stand against the jotens and giants when the end of the world comes, the wall upholds Danheims mighty cannons and magical gates to keep invaders at bay

Horn of Heimdall
the mighty war horn of Danheim when it sounds everyone will know Danheim is taking up arms, and it is said that holds magical effect one of them being summoning a local snow storm to defense the nation


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