[RP Faction] Brotherhood of the Yellow Cloak


History: The Brotherhood was formed during [insert major conflict from the official lore] when peasants, soldiers and other common folk became empoverished in their respected homelands due to the economic impact of the conflict.
Their current leader Garias Cliff is himself a very mysterious figure. He refuses to talk about his past, speculated to be because of PTSD, as some believe that he’s a veteran. During [insert major conflict from the official lore], he recruited common folk, affected and angered by the war, and led them south to the frozen lands of Duh’Mogh. There they settled and thus, the camp known as Frostdagger was created. There, Garias trained these common folk in the arts of thievery, combat & survival. Each member who finished training would recieve an official mark of rank. This mark would either be a yellow cloak or a yellow bandana.
A year before [insert major conflict from the official lore] came to a close, Garias proudly announced the creation of the Brotherhood Of The Yellow Cloak.

Recently, the Brotherhood has grown to the status of a nationstate. They now have defined borders, a capital and a military.
The iconic yellow mask or cloak is now only present amongst the high-ranking members.
Workers, still hold a huge amount of power within the nation as they always did.

Important - The Brotherhood is no longer part of Ironglade.
Due to various reasons, they have declared independance and have joined forces with The Greymanes to form Vas’Volsung.

Ideology: The Brotherhood Of The Yellow Cloak is an organization of outlaws. They steal onlyfrom the rich and help those who are negatively affected by their governments, recruiting more members in the process.
They don’t see themselves as a petty band of thugs but rather a neccessary organization of vigilantes doing good for those who deserve it.

Economy: They’re not an economic power. Though food is rarely a problem. Many members of the Brotherhood are ex-peasants and farmers who provide their skills to grow food right in their camps. Same goes for other resources. Miners, fishermen, loggers… people of trade who had to for one reason or another leave their own homeland all provide the organization. This makes the Brotherhood self-sustaining.

Religion: While some of the members have their own religious belief, the majority does not. Religion is seen as a tool used by the powerful higher classes to control the masses. Thus it is not favoured.


  • The Greymanes - Due to the Brotherhood’s close proximity to the kingdom of the Greymanes, the two entities recieve eachother quite warmly. They often help eachother militarily, politically and resouce-wise. Together they deal with issues that threaten their shared homeland of Dun’Mogh. They are now in Vas’Volsung together.

  • Ebongrasp - The Brotherhood has a neutral to friendly relationship with Ebongrasp. This stems from the fact that Ebongrasp occassionally provides weapons, food and equipment to the Brotherhood. Despite Garias’ hatered for the rich upper class, he enjoys the company of the Xial in charge of Ebongrasp, Xial II. The two have always known eachother and Garias makes sure that the Ebongraspian government treats it’s peasants well.

  • Kleriel - Sharing similar economic, social and political views, the Brotherhood is quite friendly with this isolated imperium. Garias often meets with the lord and royal dignitary of the crown, Ara’Gottix vas Zha’til and the Lord even held a meeting with the headmaster of Milites through Garias.

  • Charkov - Ehhhh…

  • Milites - The Brotherhood recently came in contact with Milites, a small nation just south of Sandglacier. Their relationship grew and soon the two factions found themselves trading and even helping eachother with funding construction projects.
    They are now in Vas’Volsung together.

  • Mon-Taizon - Recently, Mon-Taizon has become friendly with The Brotherhood. The two nations have established free trade.

The Banner

Frostdagger, main settlement of the Brotherhood


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The leadership of the Brotherhood has recently moved into the newly-built headquarters of Snowhold, a manor standing on a hill overlooking Frostdagger.


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The Brotherhood is no longer part of Ironglade.

It all happened on the location of this stone just above Frostdagger


The village of Kle

This tiny settlement is one of the main exporters of ore in the nation. Kle is located just east of Sandglacier and south of Dun’Mogh. The villagers survive themselves with fishing and farming.


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