[RP Episode] Vodka with Old Friends


Reintroduction of a character I’m sure you all wanted to see again. @Kung will be acting one of the characters in the story.

Business was good as usual this Friday evening. The streets of Maruba didn’t have their usual bustle, but many were retiring after a hard day’s work, many of which made it to the Copper Inn for a cold drink. Their host, tovarich Marelli had his hands full tonight, and was busy taking orders, preparing various fancy concoctions, and talking to the customers at the bar as he scrubbed it down with a expensive looking embroidered washcloth.

“Tashenka! Another round of shots for the gentlemen in the back corner table!” Marelli bellowed with his usual jingling tone. A blonde Roklavian girl outfitted with a serving apron nodded and began filling shots of vodka on a tray and proceeded to carry it away. Flipping a gold coin in the air and catching it in his fist, Marelli stuck it in the pocket of his worn cotton apron and poured another glass of wine on the counter, sliding it across to his customer. He turned his head around looking for one of his employees. “Vladik, were is that kebab order? Mister Blyznik has been waiting for half an hour!”

“Two minutes chief!”" Vladik’s voice sounded from the kitchen.

The barmaid Natalia made her way to the back of the tavern, holding the tray of shots above her head to avoid tipping it on anybody.

The front doors swung open and another group of people flooded into the inn. Marelli looked lively as he prepared for another onslaught of “Grade A” customer service. One of the men that entered staggered towards the counter, obviously quite tipsy. He wore a wide-brimmed leather hat that somewhat obscured his face, and from beneath his hat flowed a wild, unkempt beard with streaks of white. He crashed into a stool, knocking it over clumsily, and just as clumsily he righted it and plopped himself down. He reached into his coat, pulled out a handful of shiny gold coins marked with the Queen’s emblem, and tossed them onto the counter. They landed in front of Marelli with a jingling clatter.

“Vodka…bottle. Arhhhmmm…now blyat.” He stumbled with his own speech, and Marelli barely made out what he said. The innkeeper smiled.

“Ey friend, you need to go home and get some sleep.”

The stranger got angry. Nyet tvoyu mayt! Vodka! Now!” He looked up, glaring at Marelli. Upon seeing the man’s face, Marelli’s mood changed from annoyance to pleasant surprise.

“Why Capitan, it’s you!” He grabbed the drunk man’s hand and shook it vigorously, almost causing him to fall over. The stranger was bewildered and confused as he stared with a questioning look at Marelli’s face.

“W…we…we’ve met?”

“It’s me, Marelli! How could you not remember me Capitan Moroztsev?”

“I…I…can’t remember…” Being interrogated made the the drunk Roklavian sea captain very confused.

Marelli knew what to do. “Natasha! Come here!” He beckoned the lass to the counter. “Take my esteemed guest here, Capitan Vadim to the corner table over there by the window. I’ll prepare some herbal ‘tea’ to help him regain his senses.”



Natalia was weary. All week she’d worked double shifts, all for poor old mama at home, sick at the worst possible time as she always were. The Friday was proving to be longer than she’d ever anticipated. Every minute dragged on for what seemed like an hour and although it was only four hours left until she got off for the weekend, she felt that she could call herself lucky to make it that far.

Tashenka! Another round of shots for the gentlemen in the back corner table!” the innkeeper shouted to her. She came back to her senses. Come on Tasha, she said to herself, four hours is nothing! She put her blonde hair back behind her ear and upon filling the shot glasses on the counter, placed them on a tray and went over to the three bearded men who were now laughing hysterically at something one of them had just said.

Thank ye luv!” the nearest said tipsily when she’d put the tray down in front of them. He looked up at her. “Such beautiful eyes,” he began, but was swiftly cut off by Natalia; “Alright then, Borod, I think you’ve drunk more than enough for tonight, so cheers!” and she emptied one of the vodka shots she’d just delivered in one, before leaving her bemused audience with a turn of her boots and heading back to the bar counter. Her tolerance for alcohol was high, even for a roklav. The Rusty Spoon at Smertangelsk had had similar fellows to Borod and his fellow sailors, and it was long since even a glass of Vodka had held any apparent effect on her, other than waking her brain up.

She had just reached out to put the tray back into the stack when Marelli’s voice came thundering again. "Natasha! Come here! Changing direction mid-motion she went around the bar and came out by the stairs, where the innkeeper was standing with a drunk fellow in a wide-brimmed leather hat. There’s someone who’s seen better days, she thought as she approached. She looked inquiringly at Marelli, as to ask him whether to take the man upstairs and dump him in a bed somewhere, but the barman seemed delighted. She was told the man was a captain and that his name was “Vadim” and was ordered to lead him over to a table. This, Natalia thought was a good idea, because the man appeared to be on the brink of collapsing at any given time.

Taking Vadim by the forearm, she led him over to the table in question and sat him down, but as she was leaving he grabbed hold of her arm, and the state of him made her sit down opposite in wait for the return of Marelli. “Esteemed guest, huh?” she said pondering to the man. “How come tovarich is so fond of you?” She asked while she looked dubiously at him from the bottom and up.

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Vadim looked with wild eyes. He didn’t answer her question. “Valya?” He gripped her arm harder looking her dead in the eyes. “They fixed you? Valya they fixed you! Who did it? How?”

He let go as Natalia jerked her arm away. He leaned back in his chair, heaving a long relaxed sigh. Marelli was finishing preparing a nasty looking potion at the counter. Eggs, hot pepper and other potent spices stirred into a glass of seltzer.

Vadim continued to ramble.

“Val, why did you stay? The place is a ghost town. Sure maybe those demons didn’t harm us, but what was the point? All I can say is thank Svetlitsa you’re alive. I couldn’t bear to have failed my duty again…I’m so…so tired…zzzzz.”

Marelli strode up from behind Natalia and noticed her arm. “Tasha did he hurt you!?” He placed the glass down on the table and inspected the red splotch on her arm where the sailor had grabbed her.


I’m fine tovarich!” she replied. “Your friend over here was too out of his marbles to harm a carp, but he should be put to rest for now in my opinion.” The table shook under the large man’s snores, making the gross liquid bob angrily in the glass. “I’ve seldom seen you so keen on a drunk on a Friday evening, tovarich,” she went on, “who is this man to you?