[RP Episode] The War of Eight Princes


He meandered outside, supporting himself on the spear. Birds began to chirp their morning song, while outside the town hundreds of carrion birds ransacked the bodies of the slain. The stench was overwhelming. Halatir resolved to both discover more about Rhae’s doings, and began wandering about looking for her or an officer.


And purely by chance, Liang appeared from out of the barrack’s main hall, and wandered across the yard, coming to a full stop when he noticed Halatir limping, again. ‘‘We need to stop meeting like this…’’ he said.


“That we do. Hello Liang.” said Halatir, breathing heavily. The walking was easing the stiffness in his limbs, but pained him nonetheless. “Tell me, have you seen a Sage about, named Rhae?”


Liang shook his head, ‘‘I don’t think you need a Sage for that wound of yours, Halatir. All you need is rest. And yet again, you rather wander around…’’ he suppressed a laugh.


“Do I strike you as one who whimpers over wounds?” Halatir demanded. “I do not need to speak with her for her healing skill. She is the elf who caused me to be brought to Xia in the first place. I need to speak with her.”


Liang’s brow shot up in an arch of surprise, ‘‘Oh?! That was her?’’ he thought for a moment, ‘‘I can’t say I’ve seen her. The local Sages here all returned home for the night, and it is still early… so…’’


“Oh…I see. Will there be anything you require, sir?” said Halatir automatically. As advisors and bodyguards to a prince, this placed Liang and Wei-Yong much higher up the totem pole of the military hierarchy than Halatir.


‘‘I’ve spoken with Sima about you…’’ he began, slowly at first, ‘‘I’ve told him of your feats, and how you saved the prince’s life more than once. Considering you very well have also saved Sima’s life yesterday with that spear throw, he is impressed.’’


“I did what anyone in my position would have done.” said Halatir self deprecatingly. “Any one of your other soldiers would have done the same in my position.”


‘‘But most soldiers never get the chance, and neither would have they been able to perform like you do even if they did, or have the chance to walk away from it alive. Remember, the common Xia soldier, is a peasant conscript. Do not cut yourself short, Halatir.’’ Liang lectured him.


”I do not sell myself short; I know my own strength. I do not want to sing my own praises, is all.” replied Halatir with a short laugh. ”You have put me in something of an untenable position. If I give in to your logic, I become a braggart. Get to the point, please.”


‘‘You have my thanks.’’ he told him.


Halatir bowed slightly. ”You are welcome.”


And with that, Liang took his leave.


With the departure of his friend, Halatir continued in his quest in search of Rhae. Considering the information she had given him the day before, the two of them needed to talk a great deal. Particularily of her plan to return to Helegeron. He strode on through the town, methodically criss crossing down one street and up another.

Eventually, he came across the town inn. Considering that Rhae was not a native inhabitant, Halatir determined that she might have spent the night there. Pushing the door open, he walked in.


And wouldn’t you know it, there she was, sat behind one of the tables, eating breakfast. The inn was full of people at this time, mainly to eat. There were lots of merchants and refugees that came here to run from the war. They came from otherwise dangerous areas, settlements without any defensive walls, especially from those who were near the border, and were especially susceptible to raids.


Walking over, his makeshift cane thumping slightly on the floor, Halatir looked down at her. ”Mind if I join you?” he asked.


She looked up with surprise, ‘‘Oh! Um… good morning? No, not at all…’’ she said awkwardly as she noticed he was using a spear as a support still, ‘‘Shouldn’t you be…’’


Sitting down, and leaning his weapon against the wall, Halatir shook his head. ”I am quite recovered.” He leaned forward.

”When do you intend on returning to Helegeron?”


‘‘As soon as possible.’’ she told him, and took a sip of her drink, ‘‘I don’t like what has become of Xia…’’