[RP Episode] The Northern Reach


Rhae slowly stepped up, nearing him with calm graceful strides, hoping he would notice her. Que-Yu only a few steps behind her, his eyes scanning the surroundings, left hand resting on the hilt of his sword.


The Teranor spoke in the Helcelen tongue, his blue eyes narrowed in concentration. Finally he noticed the Niirai, and concluding his talk with the elven captain, nudged his horse forward, pulling up beside Rhae. He looked down at her, his horse reaching out to inspect this strange smelling elf. ”I did not think to see you here. I apologize for the abrupt departure.”


‘‘I came to say my farewells, my King…’’ she bowed, ‘’…before you ride for death’s gates once more.’’ She straightened up again, and looked around past Macil to see the many formed up soldiers and cavalry at the ready, waiting for this foreign wench to stop distracting their King again.


The King smiled. While he had caught up in the odd wording of her sentence, particularly the use of the possessive, he did not have time to explore it further. ”Never fear, Alalwe. I passed these gates before, and it was not my time.” The horsemen were beginning to ride out the door towards the gate, horse hooves clopping on the cold hard stone.


‘‘I will pray for your return.’’ she added, stepping back a bit as she presumed he would join them.


”Thank you, I hope Olossë hears them. Hyah!” Macil lashed his steed, which reared. Crashing back down, horse and rider swept forward, out the door and past the waiting lines of troops. They rattled their spears, clashing weapon to shield with a roar of triumph.


With a shout, the horsemen followed the monarch, out the gates which opened, spilling the sun’s rays over the armor of the assembled host, which flashed with a blinding light. With a shout, the army began to move, crunching out across fresh snow and past the piled bodies from the previous day’s fighting. Macil vanished behind the swaying ranks of spearmen, and was gone, leaving Malvor, Que-Yu, and Rhae standing alone in the empty stables.


The gallop of horses thundered as they ran out the gates to follow their King, their powerful legs pummelling the ground underneath them as their generous manes motioned with each movement. Not only the people here, but the horses too were different, much stronger and durable to cope with the harsh climate, no doubt.

Rhae stood there and observed the mounted warriors depart, then when they were all alone, she turned towards Malvor with a confused look, ‘‘Who is this Olossë the King mentioned?’’


”He is the God of Winter and Waves, lord of ships and snow.” replied the lad, with a serious expression on his face. ”He brought us here, and when we fall he returns us to the lands from which we came.”


She was expecting this eventuality, of course these people were heathens, she just didn’t know when they would start rambling about their god or gods, like in Nigardheim, where you couldn’t enter an inn without hearing something about Odin. Here it seems, faith was a more secondary or even a tertiary concern for these elves.

‘‘And… where DO you come from, if i may ask?’’ she continued.


Malvor waved his hand in the vague direction of farther north. ”Somewhere beyond the edge of the sea.” The boy looked impatient. He had more important things in his mind than the origin of the Helcelen race.


‘‘The edge of the sea?’’ the term struck Rhae with wonder, ‘‘Tell me more?’’


”The elders say that there’s an end to the sea that encircles the world, and that we came form a land behind that. I don’t know much more than that, it’s not that important. I can take you to people who do know more though.” he offered. The gates shut with a echoing boom, and the soldierly tramp of feet faded.


Rhae lifted both arms above hear head and twisted them hand in hand as she stretched to crack her back and release some tension, she was thinking, what does she actually want to do now that she has free reign of this city and days to explore it, with all her needs tended to.

‘‘Very well, i would very much like to see who keeps such knowledge.’’ she decided.
Que-Yu was indifferent.


Malvor thought for a moment. ”There’s Yaran. I’ll take you to him.” With one last glance at the barred gate, Malvor took a few steps forward. ”He’s the Loremaster of Helcar, one of the few still left. He can answer any question you may have, if he’s not busy. I can show you some of the lower levels as we go down, too.”


‘‘Of course.’’ she replied, and followed.


The three set off, deeper into the mountain fortress. Outside, the King began the trek west, his host’s spears glittering against the fresh snow. Macil wrapped his blue cloak around his steel-clad shoulders, and pushed all thoughts of the southern elf from his mind, bending his will once again to the task of slaughter.

Far away, the wolves saw the eagles, and crept from their lairs. Verel had not been idle.