[RP Episode] The Flower and the Frost


The elves recoiled, crying aloud in their own tongue. Several of them drew their weapons. Malvor looked shocked, and backed away slowly, his young eyes filled with fear.


The effect persisted for a moment further, Rhae’s hands beginning to shake due to the sheer amount of Magor’s deceased comrades willing to provide for him in the spirit realm. Her eyes rolled upwards, and vanished from sight, when suddenly the winds ceased, the light returned, and Rhae collapsed to the floor.

During the entire thing, Magor’s body has, somehow, regenerated much of its tissue, leaving only ghastly marks and scars where his mortal woulds used to be. He too was now unconscious.


His motionless body heaved, drew a long shuddering breath, and sighed. Malvor ran to his side. Magor’s chest began to rise and fall normally with deep, full breaths. Assured that his father was alive, the boy moved to the unconscious Rhae, lying on the floor. He propped her up against the wall, while the other elves in the room began exclaiming over what they had seen. One of them rushed out of the room.


The transaction was overwhelming for Rhae, she was not aware what she was getting herself in to, and neither did the spirits that surged energy through her body to aid Magor. The process had knocked her out cold, and she would likely not wake for a few hours as both her body and spirit recover.


Suddenly there was a sound of tramping feet and the King burst through the door, followed by other Helcelen who crowded into the room. Macil saw the healed body of his brother, and cried out.

“Yé! Utúvienyes! Alayambo!” His face lit up, but seeing Rhae sprawled against the floor Macil rushed to her side. Malvor scuttled aside. “A hótule asinye i meneltannar tirien…” he murmured. He gently picked her up, and handed her over to the two more elves who were holding a stretcher. “Take her back to her rooms. Tell me when she wakes.” he said softly.


Waiting outside was Que-Yu, who was struck with surprise when they brought Rhae out on a stretcher. They had brought her to their rooms, and laid her on her bed. The other Niirai made sure she was comfortable and safe as one of the Helcelene remained near, watching over her, waiting for her to wake.

Hours passed with no notable change. The Helcelene almost jumped to his feet at one point when he thought she had woken up, when she had merely stirred in a deep sleep. Then after a while longer, she moaned ‘’…mmmm, stupid cold…’’ as she tensed and held her sheets closer.


With a nod of his head, the northerner stood up and bowing quietly to the Niirai, he vanished.

Several minutes later, the King appeared, no longer wearing his battered armor but instead the blue tunic and grey cloak of before. His head was no longer bandaged, revealing a fresh red scar running across his left eye, about a handspan in length. He was alone, and entered the Niirai’s rooms without announcement, arriving abruptly behind them.


In the mean time, Rhae had woken up, and was now sat upright in bed. Que-Yu had explained to her what he saw happen, and she remembered the rest. Suddenly, she noticed Macil stand behind him, her eyes focused on him with a questionable stare. She prayed he would not be outraged about her use of Magic, as it was frowned upon and even strictly forbidden in most northern cultures.


His stare turned to a smile. “You saved my brother’s life. I can never repay this debt, Rhae-Ming of the Niirai. Whatever you ask, if it is in my power, I will grant, starting with my undying gratitude, from this day until my last.”


Rhae’s tension ceased with those words, ‘‘You are very kind, your lordship. Thank you.’’ she smiled, ‘‘How is he?’’


“He told me to get the hell out of his room and to continue pursuing Verel instead of mooning about over him. His leg is tender and he struggles to walk at present. Apart from that, he appears whole, though he has multiple illworded phrases concerning the judgement he is going to mete out to the Narmani, and one large wolf in particular.” Macil’s smile slowly slipped away. “How are you? Malvor tells me you collapsed after your eyes turned green whilst the room darkened and a wind began.”


‘‘Yes…’’ Rhae raised her eyebrows, ‘‘Things got intense. I’m fine now, though. Not to worry.’’


“What did you do?” asked Macil, curious rather than apprehensive or angry, “Few amongst the Helcelen have or had such power, even in the days before the Fall.”


‘‘Well, I healed him… using magic.’’ she said plainly while rubbing her shoulder awkwardly with one hand, she really wasn’t in the mood to explain how magic works. She also didn’t see the need to do so to a people who do not or cannot use it.


“You are a mage?” Macil’s eyes widened.


‘‘Sort of…’’ she thought, but ‘‘Yes.’’ was her answer. For complicating the answer would only lead back to explaining how her magic works.


“You are quite the surprise to me, Alalwe Astaldion.” said the King, stepping forward to beside her bed. “You are not only a healer, but a mage as well. It is rare among the Helcelen to have such a gift, and none with that power of crossed the borders of these lands in many an age.”


‘‘Alalwha-?’’ she coughed.


The King frowned with concern. ”If you require rest I shall leave.” he said. ”I would not have you fall ill on my account.”


She smirked, ‘‘No no, i’m fine. I have been resting all week, and i made tea!’’