[RP Episode] The Flower and the Frost


Abruptly, the door banged open, and Magor entered, blood running down his cheek, slipping a sword back into his belt as he walked in. There were five other elven warriors with him, who began searching through the suite of rooms. Behind them Malvor was looking distraught. The elven prince strode over to the fireplace where Rhae was standing.

”Did Landro say anything about her intentions upon arriving here?” he demanded. ”Any slip of the tongue, any thoughts on returning to Helcar?” The words tumbled out of his mouth, one after the other.


Her brow tensed with worry, her eyes looking questionably at Malvor who was standing behind them. ‘‘No…’’ she replied calmly, turning her gaze towards Magor.


”You sure? Absolutely nothing?” Magor looked up at the ceiling and whistled. ”…shit. Well, my apologies for disturbing you.” Turning on his heel, he brushed past Malvor on his way out the door, who edged to one side as the warriors accompanying his father raced after him. There was a brief silence.


Que abruptly turned to Malvor.
’‘What the fuq?!’’


”Landro…escaped. And she killed three Sorni her way out. My father was about to follow after Tera-Macil when it happened. And we don’t have any strainers.”


‘‘How did she escape? I thought she was locked away?’’ Rhae asked.


”She was. There’s a series of prison cells high up on the mountain side, she waited until lunch time and then stole a guards weapon, used it to break the lock and then escape. My father is so worried because she might be heading after Tera-Macil.”


‘‘Alone against an army. Rather unlikely, don’t you think?’’ Rhae mused.


”I don’t know, I’ve never met her. My father thinks she either wants to kill Tera-Macil, or try and keep him and her father from killing each other. Apparently she’s that kind of person.” Malvor was apologetic. ”Sorry about that.”


The water in the kettle began to boil, and its vapours were beginning to violently lift its lid. Rhae swiftly grabbed the kettle and took it off of the hook, and away from the heat, letting go of the hot metal before she got burned.

Back to their original topic of tea, she turned to Malvor, ‘‘How about a clean piece of cloth? We could use that as a substitute strainer. And do we have a funnel with which we can pour the tea in to cups?’’


Malvor reached into one of the desks near the fireplace, pulled out a cloth, and tossed it to Rhae. ”Why do you need a funnel to pour?” he asked. ”The kettle has a spout.”


‘‘Its easier to direct the flow of the tea through the cloth if we hold it against a funnel, otherwise it could go all over the place.’’ She explained.


”Oh. We don’t have any cooking funnels that I know of, though the smiths use huge ones for forging weapons. I don’t suppose one of those would work even if I could get my hands on one.” Malvor apologized with a slight smile. ”Would anything else be usable?”


‘‘No…’’ she sighed, '‘We will have to simply hold the cloth over the cups themselves when we pour.’'
Que-Yu having had fetched some from the cupboards in the room, she proceeded to pour a cup for each of the Niirai. The tea was rather simplistic, without any addons, filtered through a rag which was supposedly clean, and in to mugs which were used for mainly alcohol, but it was tea none the less.

‘‘Would you like a cup too?’’ Rhae asked Malvor, still holding the steaming kettle.


”No, thanks.” He eyed the brew with suspicion. ”Will that be all you need?”


‘‘That will be all Malvor, thank you.’’ she confirmed, put down the kettle, and sat herself back in to her comfortable position beside the fire.


Malvor turned away, walking towards the door. Halfway there, he remembered to turn and bow, before leaving. Once outside, he breathed a sigh of relief as the door clicked shut. Now there he would hopefully have several hours peace and quiet, during which he could work on the model he was building. Pattering down the hall on tired feet, he settled back into the small room that was one door down from the Niirai guest suite. A small, nondescript and unnoticeable funnel ran between the two, to allow for him to easily hear any shouts or calls that would require his attention. Seating himself in the chair beneath the hole, he picked up the half finished carving, drew out his knife, and set to work.


Malvor would continue to take on the role of errand boy for the King’s Niirai guests, who would rarely wish to leave their rooms because of the cold, even if it wasn’t winter. Rhae would wish to take a stroll along the battlements of the castle every now and then, but did not feel comfortable casually venturing in to the city for walks, because she felt like she was getting unpleasant stares from the locals. With each passing day, she would record anything of note in to her journal, though it hasn’t been filling up at all since the King left Helcar.


On the eighth day after the warriors’ departure, in the mid afternoon, a column horsemen could be seen, winding their way back towards Helcar. They were moving very slowly, and with caution, and a blue banner, emblazoned with a white eagle and trimmed with black wax at their head. Hearing the news of their return, Malvor dispatched himself to the Niirai’s quarters, arriving armed and armored as if for battle. He thumped loudly on the door.


Once again, Que-Yu opened the door, and after just a moment of looking at Malvor where he was about to say something, the door shut closed. He could hear, ‘‘Its Malvor, and he’s armed.’’ through the door, and after another few seconds, the door opened again with Rhae behind it. ‘‘Whats going on?’’ she asked with Que right behind her.