[RP Episode] The Flower and the Frost


”Never heard of it. We drink warm wine when we can get it, or our own brews. Hard enough to get greens without throwing them in water and NOT eating them.”


‘‘You won’t profit much from chewing on these herbs, which is why we make tea from them. They aren’t really meant for eating. Most herbs or flowers we make teas from can also be found freely in the wild. Do you have any such plants?’’ she asked.


”A few, but they’re not very edible and all of them are covered in snow right now.” Malvor pointed out. ”How fresh do you need them?”


‘‘As fresh as possible.’’ she replied, ‘‘And not poisonous.’’ she added, all though boiling things tends to remove poisonous effects from pretty much everything. ‘‘I hope you know your local plant life well?’’


Malvor drew himself up in a over dramatic display of height. It wasn’t very imposing, as he was still on Rhae’s level. “I learned to hunt with my father, and you have to know what animals eat to hunt them.”


‘‘Good. Then kindly fetch me some, will you?’’ she said, completely ignoring his proud posture and walking past him to return to her quarters while wiping her nose.


“As you wish.” He slipped off.


Rhae went back to their room and sat herself next to the warm fire when Que-Yu approached.

‘‘Where have you gone?!’’ he asked abruptly.
’‘I just took a step outside to get some air.’’ she replied.
’‘You should warn me when you do such things.’’ Que-Yu worried.
Rhae rolled her eyes, ‘‘I’m fine Que, and we are in good hands… i think.’’
’‘You think?’’ he cocked an eyebrow.
’‘Yes.’’ she said, keeping her gaze focused on the fire as she absorbed its warmth.
’‘Who were you talking to?’’ Que proceeded to interrogate her.
Rhae turned to throw Que a displeased glare, ‘‘Malvor.’’
’‘And? What did he want?’’ Que-Yu continued.
Rhae sighed, ‘‘You overheard me speak with someone, but did not care to hear me yell for ‘‘Malvor’’. If i yelled for you, would you have not heard me either? What an attentive bodyguard.’’ she teased, hoping that would make him leave her be. But Que-Yu only stood there, giving her an odd look, waiting for the answer to his question.
And Rhae noticed, ‘‘If you must know, i sent him off to collect some herbs for me so i can make tea.’’
’‘What if he brings poison?!’’ Que barked.
Rhae cringed, ‘‘If they wanted us dead, we would have been already. Don’t worry…’’
’‘And how will you make this tea? We don’t have a kettle.’’ he pointed out.
Rhae smiled, ‘‘Then maybe you should go fetch one, since you don’t trust me wandering the outside.’’

Que-Yu continued to stare at Rhae, unsure if she was being serious.
’‘Go on then!’’ she nodded to him, still grinning, and confirming she was definitely serious.
’‘Um… i’ll be back shortly…’’ he added and stepped out through the door, closing it behind him.

In the middle of the hallway, he looked to his left, and then to his right.
’’… where the heck am i supposed to go to find a kettle …’’


Luckily for the bewildered Niirai bodyguard, at that moment Malvor trotted back around the corner, a small box in his hands. “You need anything?” he asked Que-yu, coming to a halt in the doorway. “Is Rhae inside? I have the herbs she wanted.” Malvor was breathing heavily, having just sprinted up several flights of stairs and down three different tunnels to reach the nearest food storage room.


‘‘Yeah, she’s inside.’’ he narrowed his eyes at him, ‘‘I’ll take those herbs if you please. And i will also need a kettle of water. Perhaps some honey as well? She has a sweet tooth.’’


Handing over the box, Malvor laughed. ”There are no bees here. They only live in the far south near the Angoni’s home. I’ll be back in a moment with a kettle of water. Should I boil it first?”


‘‘No, bring just a kettle of water. We will use our own fireplace to make the tea.’’ Que-Yu replied and took the herbs off of the lad.


With a shrug, Malvor vanished again, his footsteps fading away. In the distance, a loud horncall echoed from the gate.


Que-Yu stepped back through the door, promting Rhae to turn around to see who it was.

‘‘I have the herbs.’’ Que-Yu announced with a voice of accomplishment.
’‘What happened to that kettle i sent you to fetch?’’ she asked.
He placed the box in to her lap for her to inspect. ‘‘Malvor is on it.’’
’‘Fair enough.’’ she said, and opened the box to see what he had brought her.

Inside were a variety of different herbs she could make tea from, such as mint, chives, thyme, parsley, and sage. She chose parsley, simply because she likes its taste better.

‘‘I asked if they have honey, and was told that it is only found in the south.’’ Que explained.
’‘Thats fine.’’ Rhae added.


Two minutes later, a now completely breathless Malvor knocked on the door. “Found a kettle and hot water. Here you are.” A metal rod hung over the fire, from which hunk a hook. Malvor placed the kettle on the curved metal with a grunt, and stepped back. “Anything else?”


‘‘That will do for now, Malvor. Thank you.’’ said Rhae. Waiting for the water inside to begin to bubble. When it did, she got up and opened the kettle, and using only her hands, tore up small pieces of the parsley with her hands to throw inside. Then she sat back down and waited. Knowing these people did not know what tea was, she didn’t expect they would have tea cups, so they would have to use the larger ones they used for drinking… whatever that beverage was that Rhae remembered the King served her. ‘‘Do we have a strainer, Malvor?’’ Rhae remembered.


”A what?” The boy’s confusion at Rhae’s actions was only justified further by the strange request.


‘‘Surely you must have heard of a strainer before?’’ she gawked, ‘‘It’s… uh… it’s a tool! Which has a large surface, and has holes punched through or is made from crossed wires. Its purpose is for separating solid objects from liquid.’’ she explained, ‘‘It can be made from iron, but in our case, preferably cloth.’’


”I’ve never seen one…give me a moment.” With uncertainty in his steps, Malvor trotted off again.


Rhae looked at Que-Yu with uncertainty.

‘‘What’s next? They don’t know what ‘‘the wheel’’ is?’’ he jested.