[RP Episode] The Flower and the Frost


Yaran looked at her without changing his expression, his head to one side. His kind grey eyes were intent upon her outraged face. A moment of silence passed, before the elf spoke. ”It is a shame more Helcelen do not think as you do. But they do not because no one has shown them how. I make no claims in defense of our customs, violent, bloody, ruthless and cruel as they are. But be not so quick to judge, when you have the chance to teach.” He turned back to the fire.


Rhae let out a depressed sigh, ‘‘Thank you for your time, elder Yaran. Truly.’’ she bowed respectfully, and turned to Malvor, ‘‘I would like to return to our quarters now.’’


Malvor, who instead of fetching drinks had tarried to listen, nodded his head. ”Goodbye Yaran.” he called. The lore master smiled in return. ”Farewell, Malvor. Goodbye Rhae. May a star shine always on your path.” The three exited the rooms, leaving Yaran once again to his thoughts.

Moving along at a much slower pace than before, one more considerate of his companions, Malvor let the Niirai be, as the group retraced their steps through the halls and up the elevator shaft to the guest chambers, where Malvor bade them goodbye.

”I will be within call.” he said. ”Tera-Macil will not return for many days I think, but I am always here. If you wish to go outside, or wander the city merely shout my name and I will answer.”


‘‘Thank you, Malvor. I wish to be alone for the time being.’’ Rhae replied, standing at the door of their room.


”Then I bid you good day.” Malvor turned and walked off down the corridor, whistling.


Rhae then took a bite to eat while Que-Yu occupied himself with tending to his weapon and armour. Afterwards, she retired to her bed for some alone time. She had thought about everything she talked of with both Macil and Yaran, and realised she should take her own advice to Yaran, and record everything that had happened and was said in a journal. She had brought some pieces of parchment with her which she could use, but she knew, if things continued at this rate, she would run out.

Spending the next few hours taking note of everything she could remember thus far, she put her notes back in to her satchel, which she would leave beside her bead, and headed outside a bit. She approached the outer stairway she was first lead down from to her rooms that overlook the surrounding area of the castle to get some fresh air and take in the view.


Spread out beneath her was nothing but endless drifts of snow, broken by trees and occasional grey stone, extending as far as the eye could see. A large frozen lake could be seen in the distance, with a stream winding away from it in twists and turns like some blue skinned snake. Several miles away, a glittering train of silver flashed, where the Sorni army marched northwest, the sun reflecting on their shields and armor. All was still.


She turned around, looking down the hallway she just came from. ‘‘Within earshot, he said, eh? Okay, lets test that.’’ Rhae mused. ‘‘Malvor!’’ she shouted.


A quarter of a minute later, there was a ringing of boots on stone, and the young elf skidded around the corner, wearing leather, furs, and a short grey cloak equivalent to his stature.


‘‘There you are!’’ she exclaimed with a smile, ‘‘You are a swift one.’’


”You learn fairly quickly if Magor Sornion is your father.” laughed the boy. ”What do you need?”


‘‘I’ve noticed how swiftly your people have cleaned up the battlefield.’’ she pointed out as she focused her gaze below, ‘‘Very efficient.’’


“We haven’t, yet. The snow has just covered the bodies. There will be parties digging up the corpses later today however. It’s bad for the land to have hundreds of frozen bodies everywhere.” said Malvor. “It’s a shame the King took most of the manpower. It’s going to take longer now.”


Rhae turned towards Malvor with worry, ‘‘Disposing of the dead should be a vital task that should not be ignored. Dead bodies littering the fields unattended can very easily lead to outbreaks of disease and illness, and higher concentration of corpses can even poison local water supplies.’’


”It can?” Malvor followed suite with a worrisome frown of his own. ”I didn’t know that.”


‘‘After a battle, our people pile up the bodies in communal pyres, and burn them. It is the quickest way to dispose of the dead with minimal risk of lasting consequences.’’ she explained, ‘‘You should do something similar before too long.’’


”Oh, we already do that.” said Malvor, relieved. ”They are relieved of what armor and weapons are still functional, and burned, I think. It makes for a nasty smell though.”


‘‘I know.’’ Rhae coughed, ‘‘It already smells nasty as is.’’ She then pulled out a tissue, and blew her nose in to it. Her mild cold was persisting. ‘‘Do you have any tea?’’ she asked.


A blank stare was her only response.

”What’s that?” asked Malvor.


‘‘Tea? You know… the… its a drink. You boil special herbs in water so its taste and healing properties stay behind when you pull them out, and then you drink it. You can also squeeze in some lemon, or add honey to make it taste more bitter or sweet. Its very healthy, and tasty!’’ Rhae struggled to explain briefly.