[RP Episode] The Flames & Frost of Faith


The woman lead him through the main halls of the temple, the main shrine, and past the hall of memories. There was very little light entering the temple through the slim shafts of paper panelled windows, especially since it was now snowing outside, so the insides were of vibrant red and brown colours, lit up by torches, lanterns and candle light alone.

She lead Halatir down some steps in to a section of the temple that was carved in to the mountain itself, in to a natural and now artificially supported tunnel system of hot springs, where Ayro, along with some other monks further away, was bathing in the hot and murky waters. Relaxed, and utterly without worries, he was laid back, his face turned upwards, with cucumber slices upon his eyes.

‘‘Master Ayro. Your white haired friend is here looking for you.’’ the woman spoke, and Ayro lifted his head, and took off the cucumbers.

‘‘Oh?’’ he whelped unsuspectingly, but his tone swiftly turned cheery, ‘‘Oh! Yes, come come. You must join me!’’


”No, no, thank you however.” Halatir replied hastily. While the steam would not hurt him, it wouldn’t be exactly pleasant either. “However, I did wish to ask you something.” He sat down awkwardly by the water’s edge. ”I joined one of your monks’ meditation sessions. While I was doing so, a…spirit approached me, and gave me a task. I must complete it.” He struggled to find the right words. ”I think the god of my people spoke to me.”


Ayro sat up straight with interest, ‘‘Really? Thats interesting. He told you many good things, i hope? And a pleasant task of taking a bath with a friend to reflect upon one’s lives?’’ he said with a smile as he gently tapped the surface of the water with his hand, attempting to tease Halatir to reconsider.


Formerly Halatir would have laughed, but for now he was too bent on finding out what his real task was. ”He spoke of a mountain…far away…but neither here nor there.” His tone was musing. ”I must return eventually to my home, but the task he set me is far greater than finding a mountain, I think.” He shook his head, clearing it. ”Ayro, where is the nearest military post?”


Ayro’s amusement faded with that, ‘‘You can’t be serious. What do you need the military for?’’


”I need to join them, for a time. I must.”


Ayro stared Halatir dead in the eyes for a moment, and took a deep breath.
’‘Your god spoke to you? The malcontent and manipulative one you’ve told me about while we were travelling? I do not know if you are telling the truth or not, but hear this. I respect you, i do. But i would not aid a being like that in any way, shape, or form. He, she, or it will likely attempt to use you in its savage game of endless turmoil, so no. I will not help you. No matter what boon it grants your people, its agenda is barbaric.’’


Halatir rose, his fists clenched. Anger gleamed in his pale eyes. ”Then I have no business remaining here. Namarië, Ayro.” He swiftly turned in his heel, and began striding back out through the temple, rage in every line of his rigid body.


Ayro noticed the weight of every step he took, and stumbled to his feet, and out in the water. The Niirai woman awkwardly turned to face away from him.

‘‘No Halatir! Do not be so blind! Don’t do this trickster’s bidding on a whim, and instead look within and ask yourself, what do YOU want! I have been in the army, you don’t know what you are getting yourself in to!’’ Ayro yelled after him from the hot springs as Halatir barged out of the temple and in to the now snowy covered valley. Who knows if he even listened to the old priest, or if his words carried any meaning to him at all. Perhaps in the future, they will.