[RP Episode] The First War


This is set beginning near the end of A Meet of Figureheads. Any discrepancies between the two are mine.

The Winterkeep

Georgar gazed out his window, sizing up the road ahead. He buckled his armor on, strapping a guantlet on his left arm, and sliding his winged helmet on. He nodded to the men standing around him, and then walked outside into the courtyard. There, thousands of men were gathered, all in full battle-array, with the rangers and knights scattered in among each other. He nodded, satisfied, and then spoke:
“Warriors of the Grimguard! I called you hear to ask you: are your blades thirsty? Do you wish to hit the war trail once again?” After the roar of agreement subsided, he continued:
“I say, let’s hit those cowardly northerners who dare to call themselves the Northern Realm. They hold claim to being the power here, and yet they can’t even bestir themselves to pick up a sword and fight. Shall we test their mettle, and see if they are true northerners, with the blood of the Frostwithers, or are they merely young men playing at power? Who is with me?!” The troops bellowed back, roaring their affirmation. Georgar smiled grimly, knowing that for once, he would have the chance to pay back those lords whose endless politics and bickering had driven him from their ranks. Captains, stand out! Sergeants! Form up your troops! Let’s go!" A aide brought him his horse, which Georgar mounted. "Hyah! Let’s go! He jerked his horse around, and lead the grim faced and bearded men out of the castle and down the causeway, heading North, to war…


A few hours later
Georgar surveyed the sizable encampment. He had led his army down into the plains, and set up a camp from which to plan his operations. The trees scatter across the sweeping plains provided wood to fuel the cooking fires, while the nearby fields and lakes provided enough wheat and fish to supply his army for some time. He watched as the men set up camp, digging trenches around the entire camp, and then using the excess dirt to construct a rampart. He wanted a base of operations from which he could both launch an attack or fall back to defend the Winterkeep.
Turning to the aides gathered around him, he ordered scouts out, telling them to head north. He needed to know if Davos would launch a preemptive strike. If Davos did, a massacre would occur, but not in the manner the northern king would expect.
After sending them away, Georgar walked to the edge of the camp. He had thought long and hard about his decision to attack his erst-while comrades, but doubt still gnawed him. This decision was not easy for him to make, and he knew attacking the Northern Realm would alienate every other nation that did not yet want him either dead or gone. He had been unable to make it to Ebonsgrasp, due to faulty guides and bad snows, but he hoped that the fabled Lord of Ash would sympathize with his actions. He had trifled with the idea of invading the North with the intent to hold it, but after his head had cooled, he abandoned it. He had enough troops to beat off, one, maybe two Northern armies, but after that, it was only a matter of time before he was driven in the Winterkeep and trapped. He sighed. He thought of the long friendship he had with Muzwall, and then of the dreadful night in which he killed him. “Oh, why did he not tell me that he disagreed with me? I never thought it would come to this, invading my first real country…” he groaned. Then, wrapping himself in his old traveling cloak, he fell asleep, curled up underneath a nearby tree.


Some time later, Georgar awoke, to find his lieutenants standing over him, with a worried looks on their faces. “Sir, the scouts have come back.” said one of the name ofJason, a good soldier, and an even better planner. “They report that Lord Kodi has fortified the Blackwood Province, but are unsure of whether he is still in the area. What are your orders?” Georgar thought for awhile. If he attacked now, he could sweep the still preparing Northerners out of the province, but if he waited, they could have time enough to bring in enough reinforcements to keep him at bay, even launch a attack of their own. He knew Kodi well enough to know that he would seek a solution that would shed as little blood as possible, and he planned his strategy accordingly. His lip curled. He had worked well enough with Gerrey on smaller problems of logistics, but once Georgar started planning for wars, Gerrey usually began to find a more peaceful approach. Shaking himself out of his reverie, he frowned. "How would they know we are coming? Did the scouts see any sign of a army arriving? How many men are in the Province total capable of bearing weapons?