[RP Episode] The Bloody Ballad


Liang reached in to his bag and pulled out three small iron spheres, they already had a fuse tucked in to them. He was always prepared if the need for them arose, but during the battle, too many friendlies were mixed with hostiles for Liang to have used them, and at the battle’s end, using them would not have made any difference for his group as they would have barely put a dent on enemy numbers.

‘‘Do you know how to use these?’’ Liang asked, giving Halatir a wary look.


”Light, then throw. Yes?” asked Halatir for confirmation. He was curious what an ‘explosive’ was, but he’d attacked other villages with his clan before. Tossing torches would be similar, he thought.


‘‘You don’t need to throw it, or it might bounce off of something and fly away from where you want it. Light the fuse with fire, then set them on the ground, and run as far away as fast as you can. The explosives aren’t THAT powerful, but the avalanche is.’’ he explained, and offered Halatir some matches.


”Place, light, run. Got it.” said Halatir, accepting the fire starters and grenades. ”Where should I meet up with you?” He drew his recently acquired longsword and ran the remainder of his ragged cloak along the blade, removing any blood.


‘‘Do you know of the Guayong temple in these mountains?’’ Liang asked, ‘‘That will be our sanctuary.’’


Halatir’s heart inwardly sank. ”Yes, I know this place. I will be there as soon as can be. Farewell.” He turned and vanished back down the mountain, waving once before disappearing around a bend.


The group resumed their track upwards, and vanished around a rocky incline. Halatir was all alone now, and snow just kept piling on, with the winds were getting no better. Their footsteps were indeed obvious to follow, as the snow was nearly knee deep. Even horses would have difficulty pushing through it all and would have been slowed considerably.


But this was precisely the weather to which Halatir was suited, and he made good time, moving quickly down the mountain looking for an overhang on the trail. After a few minutes search, he found exactly such a spot. Here the mountain leaned directly over the path, with snow piled in large heaps above and below the lip of the mountain. Placing two on the trail itself, and holding onto the other grenade for the time being, Halatir tried to light the fuses.

His first two attempts failed, the wind blowing out the match the moment a spark formed, but on the third he was successful .Swiftly touching flame to fuse, he ignited the bombs on the trail, which hissed and began to burn. The final grenade he also lit, but then threw it straight down the trail, where its weight cause it to sink into the deep snow.

Then Halatir ran.

With a rush of flame and a fizzle of smoke, the bombs went off with a dull thud. The sound of the detonation echoed through the mountains, reaching the ears of the party far ahead of Halatir. After half a moment, a white mass above the running elf behind to move…


The snow began to tumble, and where it rolled to, the avalanche grew in strength, until it became an unstoppable force of nature which roared through the dead of the night. Sadly, there wasn’t a view of what damage the explosives did to anything, if anything, but Halatir’s group’s tracks were covered for sure, and the path blocked by heaps of snow and rock.


As he ran, snow crashing down behind him, Halatir managed to escape the avalanche. However, in order to do so he was forced far off the trail, and by the time it was safe to travel again his tracks were clear to see. Nevertheless, having bought the others a few hours head start, he made his way back to the rough area of the trail and started back up.