[RP Episode] The Bloody Ballad


Halatir threw his cloak back over his shoulders to free his arms. With the prospect of a fight in front of him, his eyes gleamed with anticipation. He shuffled the two tools in his hands to place the short sword in his right hand.

”No, I don’t think I will…”


The fight was incredibly brief. Halatir dodged the first swing of a hookblade, and kicked the elf into a wall. As his foe struggled to recover, Halatir jumped full length on top of him, stabbing as he did so. When he arose from the bloody floor, the body he left behind didn’t move.

Liang has not been idle either. He’d managed to halt the initial assault of the second assassin, his Ji sweeping back and forth to keep the strange elf at bay, when Halatir tackled the assassin to the ground from the back. The two crashed to the ground, overturning a table. After several seconds of struggling, there was a sharp crack as Halatir’s fist connected with the strange elf’s jaw, below the ear.

Dusting off his knuckles, Halatir looked bemused. ”They must have struggled all this way, through a storm and several feet of snow, for who knows how long, just for this.” He sheathed his sword, still chuckling. ”We’d best get this one to the captain.” He nudged the unconscious body on the floor. ”Shall I take him, or you? One of us must stand guard.”


At that moment, Xi-Wan peeked around the corner of the cellar door.

‘‘Is it over?’’ he asked, ‘‘I was going to help you guys, but i forgot where i left my Ji.’’

Liang face palmed.


Halatir’s face darkened. ”Get back to your post this instant!” he barked. ”Liang, lets you and I take this one to the commander.”


Xi-Wan frowned at Halatir’s outburst, and left the scene. Just at that moment, torch light began to appear from the second floor in to the dining hall with ever increasing intensity. It was the commander, holding a torch. He leaned over the railing.

‘‘Whats all this commotion then!?’’ he barked as he saw the bloodied bodies littering the floor of his hall. ‘‘Explain yourselves! Who are these two? How did they get in?! And WHY did you not alert the rest of the base!?!’’


With a snap, Halatir saluted. ”Sir! While on sentry duty, I noticed that Xi-Wan’s light had remained unlit for several minutes. I requested permission to investigate, and found that he was not at his post, and blood trail was leading to this hall. I call Liang here, and we both discovered Xi-Wan in the cellar. As we were about to return to our posts, these two” he gestured to the bodies, ”barred our exit and attacked us. I killed one and out another. I did not think there would be to catch whatever had potentially attacked Xi-Wan, so I only saw fit to find Liang. Sir.”


The commander let go of the railing, and began making his way down. It took him a while to get to the steps, descend them, turn around, and approach the scene.

‘‘These look like assassins to me alright.’’ he mumbled as he took a closer look. He then glared at Liang and Halatir, ‘‘Why did Xi-Wan leave his post?!’’


Halatir looked uncomfortable and hesitated. ”He said he had a…nose bleed, sir.”


‘‘Hmmmph.’’ Huangfu-Shang murmured, ‘‘Leaving his post like that, and leaving the door open to assassins, was a foolish move and is a punishable offence. But lucky for him, it might have saved his life. And, that of others…’’ the commander sighed, ‘‘I am unsure how to handle him at this time. I can’t exactly throw away manpower with the few of us that remain, however, he definitely won’t be standing guard any time soon.’’


Halatir remained silent, looking as stoic as possible. The unconscious body in the corner groaned and stirred.


‘‘What?’’ the commander turned at the motioning body he before mistook for a corpse. ‘‘XI-WAN!!’’ he yelled, and Xi-Wan immediately rushed in with a salute, the commander continued. ‘‘Wake the other troops, tell them to secure the area. Make sure you somehow don’t screw that up.’’ he ordered. Xi-Wan saluted once more, and rushed off.

‘‘As for you two.’’ the commander turned to face Liang and Halatir, ‘‘Take this survivor, and nurse him to whatever resemblance of alive you can manage, and check if the other is dead. When he’s able to talk, inform me.’’


Halatir saluted, and heaved the stirring body unto a table. Tearing off the face mask, he found a massive bruise on the elf’s face but not other injuries. The other was quite dead. Blood was leaking into the floorboards.

”We’d best get that one outside before he ruins the floor.” said Halatir, pointing to the corpse. Running quickly to the door, he scoop up a handful of snow, walked back to the waking assassin, and opened his collar, and dropped the freezing flakes down his shirt.


The unconscious assassin stirred uncomfortably and gargled up some nasty spit that he coughed out with some teeth following it. He moaned.

Meanwhile, Liang grabbed the dead one by the legs and began dragging him outside.
Xi-Wan had managed to wake the rest of the troops in the barracks, and some were already heading outside with their arms and armour equipped to secure the perimeter of the outpost to ward off any further intrusions.

The commander nodded with satisfaction and left the dining hall to head for the tower, where Ren and Wei-Yong were stationed.


Halatir retrieved some more snow and washed the minor wound on the assassin’s cheek with it. As the elf came to, and looked around suspiciously, Halatir slipped his knife from his belt, and held it unobtrusively.

The assassin’s gaze wandered around the room, moving past Halatir and then swinging back in alarm. Halatir reached out a long muscled arm, seized the intruder by the collar, and heaved him to his feet, pressing the knife against his chin. In the throes of attempting to struggle, the elf ceased instantly when the metal pricked his skin.

”That’s it. Move!” Halatir bundled the elf outside in a rush, moving after the commander.


The commander was upstairs, speaking with Ren and Wei-Yong.

‘‘We need to move. Its not safe here anymore, we are too few, and they know where to look.’’ the commander pointed out, Ren nodded, ‘‘We need to reatreat up the mountain to the Guayong temple. They will keep…’’ Ren began to reply, and then abruptly cut off as he noticed Halatir coming up, and holding a knife to the assassins throat.

The commander turned in urgency.
’‘Whats this? He’s alive?’’


“Yes sir. He’s got a bit of a headache, but he’s healthy aside from that.” Halatir grinned.


‘‘Fuq off…’’ the assassin hissed at Halatir. The commander raised an eyebrow, and Ren frowned with intense dissatisfaction. Ren stepped up towards him, ‘‘Big words for a big mouth. Tell me, big mouth. How many more are there?’’ he asked. The assassin grinned, ‘‘Enough to demolish your little shack collection, little pri…’’ and in the instant, Ren pulled out his own knife, and in the same motion, slit the assassin’s throat, killing him. ‘‘Thanks for the warning…’’ Ren mumbled.


Halatir stepped back as the corpse dropped to the floor, avoiding the spurts of blood pumping from the elf’s throat. He sheathed his knife quickly, and looked to see the captain’s reaction. Suddenly, he thought for a moment. little…what? His eyebrows furrowed with thought.


The captain watched the lifeless body tumble to the floor, bleeding, with an emotionless stare. ‘‘We need to leave.’’ Ren repeated, and dashed down the stairway, followed by Wei-Yong. The cmmander looked at Halatir, ‘‘Get your things, we are evacuating to Guayong.’’


”Very good sir.” Halatir saluted, and hurried to retrieve his few belongings. After reaching the barracks, he quickly donned his cloak, stowed his spare shirt in his belt, and hurried back out to join the remainder of the unit.