[RP Episode] The Ambassador


Davos looked out at the fog, searching for the slightest speck of land to no success, He never visited Ebongrasp much less heard much about it enough to have a good understanding of them and their culture and yet he was ordered to visit the Ebongrasp emperors private estate. Davos tried to think of every thing he knew about the large empire but was too distracted trying to find a reason why King Muzwall wouldn’t be available to meet him in person when he was sent out to be an ambassador to Ebongrasp, But why me? He thought to himself, he wasn’t very charismatic. To send you away to keep you far away and busy , a voice told him in the back of his head. But Davos dismissed that thought off, Muzwall unlike the former king Inceptus, he knew well. Davos was brought out of his thoughts when he noticed a tree shaped object out in the fog, upon further inspection Davos realized it was in fact a tree sized mushroom. Davos had never seen a mushroom so big in his life, but before he could inspect it further out of the fog came an island with a large castle. The emperors estate, Davos thought to himself as the boat reached the docks of the island as he wondered who awaited him there.