[RP Episode] Please Be My Prisoner!


“You are strong and powerful Draedan. Well suited for war. However, I currently have no wars or ambitions. I have yet to learn more about this world. Wait a while. You can assist Scutus in assembling a military and securing our borders.
Your patience will be rewarded with conquest and mayhem, suitable for your tastes.”
Lord Az paused for moment. “As for my original intentions, I still need a way to travel quickly, but if you would help me with that, you’d provided an added bonus of intimidation. No one would defy a ruler who travels by dragon. What do you say to that?”


Draedan slowly considered, his great glowing orbs of eyes dilating in thought.

”I shall bear you, Az-Zhal-Ghun. It appears you are now the third rider whom I shall carry over the wastes of the world. I will be near, if you call.”

The Dragon leaped into the air, claws hurling the winged terror into the sky. After surveying the volcanic lands, he flew to the side of the mountain, and after searching about, began enlarging the opening of a small cave. Within a few moment, the dragon had carved a large hole into the ground, into which he vanished, tail slithering like some monstrous snake. Digging further, Draedan hollowed out a large cavern in the side of the volcano, accessible only by a small tunnel, from which smoke and vapor drifted, but wether from the dragon or the shouldering mountain, none could tell.


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