[RP Episode] Please Be My Prisoner!


Umbrage sighed in relief, so far he was safe while on the dragon’s back, he withdrew a chain and tied himself to one the dragon’s massive spines. He tugged the chain until he was sure it was secure. “Well now, how does the burden of one wraith feel, beast? I don’t weigh that much really, its just the armor.” The wraith called to him as the wind rippled through his raggedy clothes.


Draedan growled. ”You are more powerful than most of your kind, Umbrage. Your Master must be strong indeed, with such a servant.” He spoke grudgingly.


“Indeed. Lord Az is a thoughtful and generous lord.
He invested a lot of trust and wealth in all of us. He’d do the same for you if you only weren’t such a stubborn mule!”
Umbrage kicked the dragon’s sides like he was riding a horse.


The Dragon rolled over, spinning with wings folded. Pulling out of the twirl, he felt a feeling of satisfaction at the revolting noises coming from behind him.
”Do not get familiar, Wraith. I seek to speak with your master, not to serve as slave. If he thinks he can bend me to his will as a common undead servant however, he is mistaken! I have controlled more powerful men myself.”


Umbrage spat. He disliked being twirled about, but he was securely fastened to Draedans back, so he couldn’t move of he wanted to. “Well, dragon, if you really want to talk to him, turn around, you’re going the wrong way.” He drew his bow and fired a shot southward. “That way!” The arrow flew far away and became a shimmering green blur in the distance, till it was extinguished in the sea.


The great drake veered, following the arrow. With wings unfurled, and tail stretching out in a long line, Draedan made an impressive figure, over a hundred meters long, his head large enough to eat a Valkorian without a thought.
Behind, the fires spread, and Roklavia burned. The flames could been seen for many leagues, and the once proud towers and houses toppled into their eternal resting place.


The night’s watch in the peaceful kingdoms of Connemara and Lasenor saw quite a sight that night as a the black shape of a dragon blocked out the shimmering stars, if only for a brief moment. The sighting of a dragon caused some shocking rumors days later. The unlikely duo, dragon and wraith, soon were approaching the home of Umbrage’s master.

Umbrage pointed towards the shore, “That looks like a nice place to land, nice and flat.”

The dragon took note of the landscape and flew in a spiraling oath until he hit the ground with a loud thud and crunching of claws against stone.

“Halt beast! You trespass on the lands of our mighty Lord Giraffalo!” The mighty voice that bellowed the command belonged to a knight who stood in front of Draedan, shield and lance in hand.

Umbrage was hidden among Draedan’s back spines, so the knight couldn’t see him. He face-palmed. Of course, Scūtus didn’t know that Lord Az had changed his name. Before the dragon had a chance to react, Umbrage waved his hands frantically. “Scūtus stop! It’s me! Umbrage!”


Draedan swooped back into the air, his wings blowing dust and ash into the air. He responded to the knight. “Begone Knight, lest you bring upon youself a doom more terrible than is already imposed upon you. In my time, Saurians such as yourself were not even allowed to live, but instead killed at hatching as the disgraces that you are.” Between his talons no light fell, blocked out by the monstrous wings and body of the creature suspended above them ground. Dreadan was one of the few remaining Great Dragons of the ancient days, a creature of incredible majesty and knowledge, and full of cunning. His old hates and friendships had slept with him through his death and rebirth in Felix, including his hatred of servitude to those he deemed lesser.


Scutus was not easily cowed. “I understand your contempt of my race, drake, but we are more humble minded and trustworthy, which is considered virtue to some. But a saurian I am not, I’m no swamp dweller. I am a half-blood dragon. So blame not me, but my father for taking on the disgusting human form and falling for a woman.” Scutus glared angrily. He didn’t like being reminded of his human blood. "Umbrage, why have you brought - that thing - here?

Umbrage unchained himself from Draedan and slid down his back, his boots crunching in the obsidian gravel. "I’ve brought Lord Az the mount- " Draedan gave him a warning glare. “- recruit that he wanted.”

“Lord Az?” Scutus whipped his tail in impatience.

“Ah yes! Scutus, you missed the meeting. Lord Giraffalo announced that he changed his name.
Lord Az-Zhal-Ghun’s what we’ll be calling him now. Quite magnificent, isn’t it?”


Umbrage walked past Scutus towards the catacombs. “This is Draedan by the by. We’ll be on our way now! Talk to you later Scoot.”

Scutus grunted disapproval, but he let the Dragon pass.


With a snort of disdain, but also of approval for the knight’s attitude, Draedan moved on, a form of malice in the morning light, abandoning Umbrage on the ground with a sudden movement. The drake continued on, leaving Umbrage to make his way home on foot.
After an hour or two of flight, the dragon saw the gigantic mountain rising before him. Smoke billowed from its peak, and clouds of ash hung in the air. The air was stiflingly hot, and the Dragon felt completely at home.
In his flight, he passed around the mountain, spying the grim ruined castle beneath him, its broken minarets and towers stabbing into the darkened sky. Battlements of iron and jagged steel ran between the shattered bastions, and a series of tattered gates formed the means of entry.
The means of entry for men and landborne creatures, not a winged Dragon. Draedan swooped down, like some monstrous bat, and landed on the highest tower, his roar bouncing from castle to mountain to castle again. His claws dig into the stone and iron, his wings flapping to maintain his grip. The feeling of dark magic was incredibly poignant, and Draedan knew he had found the home of the Lich.


Lord Az Zhal Ghun was deep underground in the catacombs, when he felt the presence of a powerful being. His staff, which he had just found after rummaging through his treasury, glowed with a green ominous light. He rose from his searching and swiftly began walking down the empty halls, his billowy robes whipping wildly about him, towards the lofty staircase that led to the sunlit world above. After reaching the top, he looked around curiously. The dragon was perched on top of one of the ruined towers, adjusting his grip, crumbling the ancient stone beneath him, with a nasty smile on his face. Lord Az said nothing. He simply looked at the dragon with a strange look, as if though he was trying to recall something. Then he laughed. His voice was deep and terrible, “Draedan Dwarfsbane. Umbrage, I asked for a mount and you bring me Draedan Dwarfsbane? HAHAHAHAHA! That scaled fiend been dead for eons! That can only mean one thing…”

Lord Az looked up at the dragon. “How does being undead feel dragon? Me personally, I’ve never felt more alive.”


Draedan laughed back, a horrible chuckling sound of malice. ”We underestimated the power of blood magic Lich, it is most potent.” He jumped from his perch, landing in front of Az-Xhal-Ghul with a earth shattering boom. ”So you have returned…a relic from the long gone past, a creature crept from the shadows of death. You were before even my time Lord Az, but I know your strength. Tell me, will you sit here and rot, or fulfill the path of all undead, to plague the land of the living?” The Dragon was most curious. If Az had been alive for sometime, how come there had been no sign of any assault? Liches always had an army, usually a large one, which always led to war between the horrified living and the emotionless slain.


“Sit here and rot?” Lord Az laughed again. “I’ve been rotting here for 15,000 years. All that is left of me is dry bones. As for this blood magic you speak of, I know nothing of it. So saying that ‘we’ underestimated anything, would be false. ‘We’ have very little in common, dragon.”

He turned to Umbrage. “You did tell him why I wanted him here, right?”

“Yes, my lord, though it appears he is more interested in a…partnership.” He added in a whisper, “As ridiculous as it sounds, milord.” He made a looping gesture with his armored fingers.

Lord Az looked thoughtful. “Ah I see…”

“Dragon, come down from that tower, I’m in the process of fixing it! Come down here where we can speak…as equals.”


Dreadan bowed, his long neck swaying low upon the ground. “Forgive my intrusion, you are quite right. Guests should not destroy the quarters of their host.” He walked further down, finally standing over the Lich by virtue of his bulk.

Many speak of the creation of dragons, and how they came into the world. But Draedan knew where he came from.

Hatched by a lord of terror long ago, a spirit trapped in a essence of fire and dark magic, the Drake was one of many who had once roamed the land, untouchable by any weapon. Working as lieutenants for the greatest sorcerors and rulers of power millennia before the arrival of men, Dragons led armies, burned castles, and delivered ultimatums.

Despite his travels with Felix, Draedan still persisted in believing the balance of strength was unchanged, that Dragons still remained creatures of lordship and dominion. His cunning and ancient wisdom could not fathom serving under anything less than one who could wield tremendous power, far beyond that of armies of men, dwarves, or elves.


Az gave Umbrage a confused glance, then looked up at the dragon’s face. “Well, I rarely, if ever, allow people to intrude on my home, so you should have a very good reason for being here, as you see I haven’t killed you yet. Obviously, you came here of your own accord. Why?”


“Sometime ago, I sensed a dark presence awake in the world. Such a feeling I have not felt in a long, long time. Seeking out the source, I sought this power” he smiled wickedly, “To know why now, after all these thousands of years, a Lich has finally returned to the world. There was nothing in the wastes of the north, the gold all seized by the northmen, and the greatest city laid waste by lesser creatures.” His climatic voice rose a few decibels above normal. “I seek Gold. Power. You know my kind, Az-Zhal-Ghul. We are drawn to darkness and fear as wolves to sheep. What is YOUR desire, oh lord of the dark. If you too seek power, then I am at your disposal.” Draedan swung his massive head down to stare into the eyes of Umbrage. “As for you, Hunter, do not grow accustomed to riding on my back. Only one other have I suffered to bear, and his kind is not in the world today.”


Umbrage laughed, but Lord Az raised his hand as a warning of silence. “Gold. Gold doesn’t interest me. But if gold leads to power, as it always has, then what must be done will be done.” Az mumbled a few words and ice began forming and spreading around the dragon’s feet. The hot air suddenly grew deathly cold. “One thing I must ask however, what is it you fear most?”


A deep rumbling slid from the Dragon’s throat, fire building. ”You know well the weakness of my kin, Az. Water, which quenches fire. Iron can be melted, broken. Ice can be melted into tiny rivulets. A dragon does not freeze. But water…dragonsbane.” In his arrogance, the Dragon has forgotten the power that a Lich wielded.


“Very good then!” Az smiled as much as his skull face allowed him. He cancelled the spell, which would have killed the dragon if he had tried resisting. “I will find a use for you, Draedan Dwarfsbane.”

Suddenly, a feminine voice exclaimed from behind him. “Our mighty Lord Az captured a dragon? Ah it’s only befitting that such a handsome, powerful mage should have such a noble mount!” Scintilla came from out of the catacombs, her black feathery wings flapping excitedly.

Lord Az cringed. This whole adoration business was something he’d have to get used to.

“Lord Az, I took inventory of everything your grand tomb holds, and I found this!” She held out an intricately carved wooden axe. “The wand of construction! The one you built this fortress with so many years ago.”

“Ah yes.” Lord Az took the wand and examined it. He remembered. Giving it back to Scintilla he said, “Give this to Sycophant. He’ll need it to finish reconstruction of the battlements.”

“At once, my lord!” Scintilla soared off to the southern part of the ruins, where an un-dead construction crew was hard at work on the walls.

Lord Az turned back to Draedan. “I was going to put you under an enslavement spell, but…if you swear to not hinder my work, or question my authority, I won’t do so. I prefer intelligent, willing servants, rather than mindless ones.”


The fire faded. “Now then, Lord Az-Zhal-Ghul.” Draedan backed down somewhat. “What is your first order, to one who is willing. It long since I have been unleashed.” The smile of the Dragon was full of teeth. His desire for destruction and gold had earned him the moniker ‘Dwarfsbane’ long before, and he would gladly earn it again.