[RP Episode] Please Be My Prisoner!


As Umbrage the Hunter left the unfinished throne room of his master Az Zhal Ghun, he suddenly remembered something. The lord had asked for a flying mount, and in the 15,000 years Umbrage had been hunting, he’d never captured a flying beast, because he liked to keep his feet firm on the ground and was positively terrified of heights. The wraith slapped himself on the head, he should have mentioned it to Lord Az earlier. Suppose he’d have to make do, and go out on another hunt. His last hunting ground was quite exciting, with sound seeking hell hounds infesting a giant city. A few of these “puppies” he decided to keep for himself, and they followed him about everywhere his travels took him.

Today he knew exactly where to look.

Umbrage took a little skiff out to sea, with his two hounds clicking excitedly, wondering where they were off to. He managed to catch a good breeze, and with a quick spell he made the breeze even stronger, causing his boat to skip like a stone across the choppy waves. “Woooooooooohooooo…!” He set his course northward again, and within only an hour he reached the shores of the ghost city. The city had become a hot spot for monsters and mythical beasts ever since it had been abandoned to the hell hounds, and this was probably the best place to find a flying beast, because there were many high perches and possible eyrie locations.

Umbrage docked the boat, narrowly avoiding crashing it as he approached at a very high speed. He stepped onto the dock, followed by his dogs, who stayed close to his heels. The sunlight shined in narrow beams as it cut between the tall buildings. The city had become quite overgrown. Moss and ivy covered the cobble pavement, and snaked up and into the houses and walls. Thank master Az for this armor, this light would be unbearable otherwise. As for the hounds, they looked a little uncomfortable in the light as well. A pack of hell hounds were gathered in the city square, feasting on what appeared to be a few horses. Umbrage’s hounds clicked impatiently, and looked at him with eyeless faces. “Oh fine, go play with your siblings.” The two hounds clicked in a playful manner and bounded off after their brothers.

The wraith surveyed the heights of the city, looking for a vantage point. He saw a statue of a hooded angel on top of the massive dome, and decided to start the climb up there. “Hmm…it looks like me but if I had Scintilla’s wings. Whoever made it had good taste…” Umbrage, continued the climb till he got past the steep part of the dome. Looking down, he gulped. “That’s…that’s pretty high…oof.” He could still hear the clicking of the hounds far below, but it now sounded so far away. With a little effort, he hoisted himself over and sat at the base of the towering statue. He scanned the horizon, but to no avail. Only birds fluttered in the distance. “Ahhrgh suspected as much. What kind of creatures are there? Griffins, dragons, eagles…what else? What would Lord Az like?” He thought for a minute. “Lord Az needs something powerful, something majestic…” He sat at the base of the statue for hours, but no flying beast came anywhere near. After much waiting, Umbrage decided to make camp on the dome, and wait for a few days…



The clouds drifted, wisps of white across a darkened sky. The moon cast some light upon the earth, its pale surface a reflection of the city below. Nothing moved under the moon.
A great flap of wings betrays the presence of some great batlike creature, flying overhead. A gigantic shadow casts itself upon the white city. The monsters within cower, their fear written plain to see. The shadow passes, and for a moment is silhouetted against the moon, watching from the heavens. Tonight, things more terrible and awesome than demons were about.
The dark terror, emanating fear and dread, passed over fallen Roklavia. Another great flap of mighty wings. Suddenly, a turn. The creature was returning. A third flap of moving air. The nightmare circled over the city, wings like coal, seeking out some presence. A flash of moonlight betrayed the beast, to reveal a monstrous Dragon!
Swooping back towards the harbor, the dragon landed with a great thump upon the stone and quartz of the houses lining the sea. They cracked under the weight, the dozens of tons crushing through the roofs like matchwood. The dragon snorted, a loud flaring sound coming from its nostrils. Grabbing onto a nearby tower, the beast moved across the square, slowly traversing the city, rubble falling in his wake. He arrived at the titanic building in no time, and curled himself around the base, sniffing. Broken glass and shattered stones fell from the houses and towers he had latched onto, crashing the pavement below. After determining that there was nothing that could be found, the Dragon made his way down the street, heading towards the mountain.


Umbrage had been sitting in a meditative position, his invisible eyes closed to the tremendous view that lay before him. His concentration only broke when the building shook beneath him. The wraith toppled backward in surprise. “What in the…” He looked over the platform just in time to see the dragon crunching his feet across the rooftops towards his building. Umbrage was a fast thinker, but sometimes his 5 second impulse solutions turned out rather weird. Umbrage proceeded to take off all his clothes and armor. Now he was invisible. The dragon approached the base of his building, sniffing loudly. Umbrage waited, and when the dragon lumbered away, he slid down the dome, and began climbing down the wall. He landed on the rubble with a loud crunch, which caused him to wince. Hopefully the beast didnt hear him. The dragon by that point had made it to the palace, and apparently had made himself at home in it. Umbrage took the clock tower staircase and started crossing the bridge to the palace, but he slipped on a patch of ice and landed flat on his nonexistent face, making a loud smacking noise.


A greaf crashing sound rang in Umbrage’s ears, and with a loud clang the gate which connected the bridge to the palace was rent in two, a claw emerging from within. The Dragon had heard the noise, and was coming to investigate. He passed through the shattered bars of the door, and slowly moved across the bridge, one clawed wing latching onto a nearby tower. He sniffed along the bridge, passing within a meter of the wraith, who lay flat as a rug on the cold stones.
He passed by, to Umbrage’s relief, and coiled up the palace, where his great bulk threatened to crush in the roof, his tail dangling over the side. Then he spoke, a hissing growl of deafening proportions.

”You are quite the cunning one, Wraith. You think I do not know how you are hidden from me? You are mistaken. Your very essence betrays you. Your feeble attempts to hide will not save you.”


Umbrage froze. He really, REALLY didn’t like getting talked down to, but he also really, really wanted to stay relatively comfortable. Fire wasn’t really his thing, and based on the heat he felt from the dragon and the wisps of smoke, this bad boy definitely breathed fire. He slowly rose, and turned back toward the tower, possibly to make an escape.


A rumbling chuckle echoed off the roofs and pillars. The Dragon swung his tail, smashing it down onto the bridge.

”Oh I don’t think our conversation is over, Wraith of the Bridge. The pattering of your feet upon the flagstones beneath you tells me your plan. You fear my fire. Speak, or I shall unleash it upon you!”

The palace and bridge groaned under the weight of the beast.


Umbrage turned around,“Alright. Wow. You got me.” He raised his invisible arms in surrender.
“Now what? You want a conversation? Sure we can talk.”


”There we are. Now.” The Dragon narrowed his vast eyes. ”Why are you here, Wraith? Your home is not here. Your master is not here. I seek him.”


“Ah yes, you know all about me don’t you?” He looked nervously at the dragon’s enormous eyes. “You’re not going to hurt me are you?”


The dragon smiled, pleased by the compliment. Like all such creatures, he had a ego almost as big as his body.

”You are intriguing, Wraith. Your kind is more known for scaring the children of men, not lurking about in the ruins of their cities. Where is your Master? I sense his darkness, his power. Where is his dwelling? I rooted out ever inch of the old fortresses in the north, and found only empty tombs and dead cities. Where has he made his home? Speak, and you might live a little longer.”

With a thrash of his long tail, the Dragon swept the tower apart. Pieces rained down on the ground far below. Umbrage was trapped.


“Well, dragon, you may have forgotten such niceties, but people normally give their names before they begin conversation. Forgive my rudeness. My name is Umbrage, Hunter of mythical beasts, in service of Lord Az-Zhal-Ghun, supreme being and ruler of the eastern wastelands. May I ask you yours?” Umbrage waved his hand, and his armor started floating towards him from the statue. “Excuse me as I get dressed.”


Somewhat mollified, the Dragon responded. ”There you are, Umbrage the Hunter. I forget nothing, but if you seek knowledge before your death, I will grant your wish. I am Draedan the Terrible, Dwarfsbane.” Draedan swung his huge head from atop the palace, and stared directly into the wraith’s face. ”You are quite bold, to show yourself. Where is this supreme being of yours, this Az-Zhal-Gun?” His pronunciation was perfect. A bright red glow burned in his chest, where his inner fire writhed.”Where is he?”


“Well I mean no offense, but why are you looking for him? I doubt he even knows you.” Umbrage finished putting on his skull shaped mask and crossed his arms and looked at the dragon. He felt braver with his armor on. “As a matter of fact, I was looking for someone like you, with your…unique…capabilities.”


”Oh but I would very much enjoy meeting him. I have some things I would like to discuss with him.” At Umbrage’s words, Draedan was curious, but annoyed. Dragons do not to being used. ”Capabilties? I am not some beast of burden Wraith, some mere animal to be enslaved. Where dwells your master? THAT is what concerns me. Not your insignificant quest.”


“Mmmm…I’m sure Lord Az would think otherwise. He was needing a mode of air travel, and a dragon would have been perfect, but I can pass on that. Oh well. So much for that. I suppose a griffin or eagle will do much better. I’m sorry, but I’m not telling you anything. The master finds no use for servants who have no desire to obey.” Umbrage turned around and started traipsing towards the clock tower stairs.


The Dragon roared, a horrible sound of screaming rage. He leaped down upon the bridge, cracking its already feeble supports. The tower crumbled, and the bridge broke. Draedan swooped off the falling pieces, and landed on the ground. Umbrage toppled from the destroyed bridge, which fell into ruin. The dragon roared again.

”YOU will do nothing, Hunter! I warned you of what disobeying me would bring! I was old when your kind first walked this world! They could not hinder me, nor shall you do so now! You WILL tell me where your master is, or suffer pain unbearable!”

A deep rumbling came from Draedan’s chest. With a third roar, fire spewed from his mighty jaws, leaping from rooftop to rooftop and into the night sky. The stone melted beneath the heat, and more pieces fell from the already devastated palace. The monsters cowering elsewhere fled, terrified by the red display.


Umbrage lay crumpled in the rubble. He extricated himself with some difficulty, and adjusted his hood and mask. “Ok that does it you pompous, overgrown lizard. Once does not simply disobey the wishes of Az-Zhal-Ghun!” The wraith recited a powerful spell that enveloped him in green, ghostly flame. He drew his bow, and placed an green flaming arrow on it.

“Hinder this bitch!” Umbrage realized that didn’t really make sense, but he drew the string back anyway and released the arrow, and it whistled through the air and stuck painfully in the dragon’s snout. Draeden groaned in pain, but that wasn’t all. The arrow exploded in blinding rays of green light.


Draedan screamed, blood leaking from his face. His long neck reared back, the pain driving him fighting mad.

His wings opened up to their full length, unfurling into a great black shadow that enveloped the palace. They flapped, gusts of winds blowing dust and snow over the scene. Rising above the smoke and fire, a jet of dragonfire set the ground aflame. His tail lashing in fury, the old home of Valentina came crashing down beneath the vented rage of the dragon. Umbrage’s position was enveloped in a fire and rubble, while the city began to burn.


Umbrage was now surrounded by flames and ruin. If the dragon wouldn’t submit willingly, he’d have to tire him out. Umbrage muttered another spell and fired another arrow, which struck Draedan on the back.

The spell he cast was a teleportation spell, and it made him instantly move from the ground and onto the dragon’s back. He drew his sword, which was also coated in green flame, and plunged it into the dragon’s back.


The agony of the dragon could be heard for miles, his roars of pain and fury terrible to hear. Dark red blood leaking steadily from his wounds, Draedan swooped into the air, fire and blood trailing behind him. His impenetrable scales had sustained him for thousands of years, but such pain he had not felt since his first death, hundreds of years before. Now he contorted, striving to throw the unshakable wraith from his back, who clung to his sword and scales with desperation born of need.
Tail flailing behind him, wings grasping at the air, mouth twisted in a snarl, the Dragon raced through the air, first high into the sky, then down, almost into the sea. He knew of Wraith’s fear of water, but his own dread was greater, for the water would quench his inner flame.
However, his fire seared the punctured flesh, and when he steadied out his flight, and Umbrage removed his sword, the wound ceased bleeding, cauterized from within. Now with little damage to either party, other than the seared quality of the Wraith’s clothes, Draedan circled in the air, thinking of how to rid himself of the insignificant figure astride his broad back.