[RP Episode] Outside Help


Ma-Yiang swept the sweat from his brow, the heat of the desert has left him spent, pushing ever onwards as fast as he could with his escort of several hundred men. All of them on horseback, they set out from Xia about two weeks ago, as soon as his brother unjustly took the throne after the death of their mother, and the execution of their father. Lun-Yiang turned out no less of a tyrant that he accused their mother to be, and ruled Shiyiang with an iron fist, which ultimately served to pummel it in to ruin as it faced siege after siege from loyalist imperial warlords, civil uprisings, and attacks from their other envious brothers who were vying for dominance.

Ma-Yiang was the 6th prince in line for the throne by law of sucession, but he could not stand idly by and wait for some assassin to cut his throat in his sleep, or wait for his siblings to bypass said law by carving up the lands with their fielded armies. One such assassin already tried, and failed, who had sent him, Ma-Yiang could not know. It could have been that Lun’s accusations of mother were true, that she wished to kill her other children to secure the throne for her one true heir, maybe the assassin was from Lun himself who wished to secure his own power by removing Ma, and he was nothing but a manipulative liar, or it could have been someone else entirely for any number of reasons. He could only guess.

He decided to leave Xia two weeks ago because his holdings were not the best. They were defendable, amidst the mountains with many choke points and overhangs he could exploit to hold his own against an attacker with limited troops, and the area had rich gold mines, but he could not reach forth with only those, he needed more men, and a lot more of them. To get said men, he will take his plentiful gold, and march north.

They came across a number of trade posts and oasis settlements along their way where they rested and restocked on food and water, but these were too small from which to hire and form an army. So they pressed on, and eventually crossed the great Jida river, and soon enough after that, the capital city Khatiya of Akhaliqia came in to view. A city of hardened sand, built on the insides of a crater which they say was formed by a falling star.

Ma-Yiang was welcomed and treated as an honored guest as a member of the Yiang dynasty, but when he explained his reasons of coming here, the reactions of Akhaliqia’s elite were mute. None of them wished to cross any one of the princes of Xia, for if the wrong one won and took the throne, it would not bode well for Akhaliqia and its people. None wished to support Ma-Yiang, at least not officially.

A few faction leaders within Khatiya would approach prince Ma during the late hours of that evening, and would offer the services for their best cavalry, as mercenaries. In return, the prince would offer them an upfront payment to begin with, and then provide the troops with a weekly salary for the remainder of the conflict, or until he releases them from their service. To which Ma-Yiang agreed, as Akhaliqian desert cavalry was famed for its brutal efficiency.

But Ma needed more than just cavalry, he would need plenty more foot soldiers, arches, and possibly artillery as well. He spent a few days more in Khatiya, thinking about his next move, when he heard talk about so called ‘‘professional’’ mercenaries for hire in Nigardheim, which was further to the north still. So that is where he would go next.



Nigardheim was busy as allways ships passing in and out, traders coming and going, setting and putting down shop the lack of Xia merchants and traders had been fluxing unstably for awhile, which had left a large group of traders unhappy as they used goods from their stock to boost their own sales and income.
However news of civil unrest and what may and may not be an internal war over in Xia had been floating around, all unconfirmed. However at the Fafnir Trading company this meant more then they would let out, for a war is good for business if your business is selling men weapons and otherwise deadly means. On the docks of Nigardheim Fafnir had a more public office for which they used as front to source work
inside the very office sat an group of people talking with eachother
"My sources still not fully confirmed yet states a group of Xiaians has been seen out in the desert" one of them said
"Why do you even have a group out there, its a trade route that sends in a flow, its all about docks and harbors they have the most traffic" one of the countered
"Okay okay calm down, why don’t we send out a scout team on trade route and send a few ships along the different ports, the more we know the more we earn, some faction has to be left off guard with less men or weapons and we want to find that faction" an female elf said while placing her boots onto the table
"But ma’am why are we wasting good coin on scouting this clearly they would come our way at some point" one of the others mutters out
"Simply due i want, nay the COMPANY wants to be in from the start or as early as we can get it, meaning more coin" she replied back
"Now get word out to the scouts and get them going, offer a finders fee to anyone that brings any Xiaian that can inform us on whats going on" she uttered before tossing a bag of coins on the table and making hand motions to get lost


Ma-Yiang’s warband crossed the border in to Norse territory a few days after they left Khatiya, the desert sands were beginning to fade away to be replaced by dry grasslands, which began shifting to a much greener shade the further north they went. Crossing the Guden Åen river delta, it took them no time at all to reach the city of Nigardheim itself.

Leaving his warband encamped a good non-threatening distance away from the city, Ma-Yiang and his closest along with a few guards rode to town to seek support for their cause. They passed the gates unharassed, as they were not the only ones armed and mounted passing by. As luck would have it, Nigardheim was big on their people’s right to bear arms, and as such, mercenaries would not be too hard to find. Or maybe, it would be the mercenaries that found them.


Ma-Yiangs group passed without hassle and wandered into the city, which was busting with life, however giving their look they were standing out alot, which brought some eyes upon them, two men walked out of the crowd of people making their way over to Ma-Yiang
"Look at these assholes they are clearly from Xia and giving they are carrying arms and spotting some fine armor, they has to have the information Fafnir is seeking" one of them said in Norse and the other nodded
as they made it closer, one of them raised his “OI! you there, you there Xianain got time to spare!?” he said out loud waving the hand “We got questions, and we don’t mind paying yo for your time of course”


The prince turned his head to look at the man vying for his attention.
’‘What is it you want to know, manling?’’ he asked, looking down upon him from his horse. ‘‘I have important business to attend to.’’


“Well its clearly you’re from Xia, and we seek information about what happening there, our employer, is paying good coin for information and giving you’re dazzling looks, i dare say you would be able to confirm what we think is going on” he said back to the prince
" wheres my manners, i’m Mikkel, from the Fafnir Trading Company, if its arms men or exotic goods you want we will supply" he said putting his hand out for a handshake


Ma-Yiang raised an eyebrow at the man, ‘‘Is that so?’’ and proceeded to ignore the man’s offer to shake his hand, ‘‘Indeed, Xia is at war, and i came here seeking exactly that. Troops and weapons.’’ he told the scout, ‘‘And i am in need of plenty of them. Perhaps i should speak with your leader?’’


The two men looked at each other nodded
" We will gladly take you to her Office, its down by the docks, its abit of walk, but we will gladly take you there" Mikkel said
"if that’s okay with you?" he added in


The prince nodded, ‘‘Lead the way.’’ he said, and gestured his escorts who did not speak much common to follow.


the two men lead the Prince and his band of merry elf men down to the docks, leading the right into the more trade heavy part of the docks
"Our office building is just around the corner here Mikkel said
and sure enough, they had lead the prince over to a neat building, it wassen’t large but it had a sign: Fafnir Trading Company
on the building “I will go in and inform her of your arrival sir” Mikkel said before heading inside the building
about ten minutes later he came back out with a small bag in his hand
" She will see you now my good sir, please wipe your feet on the matt, and leave your men outside, its not a large office" he said before bowing and walking over to his buddy


The prince stepped off his horse and left it in the care of his companions. ‘‘Very well.’’ he said, while looking at him suspiciously, ‘‘I will not enter alone however. I am no fool. Two will come with me.’’ he demanded.


" Okay, it might be abit cramp but sure"
“Now hurry up shes a busy lady and i wouldn’t keep her waiting to long” he added in


The prince turned away, and scoffed at that statement. He was a prince,and a very wealthy customer, this boss lady would be wise to wait for him as long as it takes. Two of his armed guards lined up behind him as he pushed open the door, and stepped inside.


the prince and his bodyguards came into a small, but stylist office, in the middle of the room were a table with three chairs, and on one side of that set table sat an Female elf well dressed and writing down into a book
"Welcome to the Fafnir Trading Company Nigardheim Office, please take a seat" she said while looking up
and motioning with hand for the Price to take a seat
" The name is Audhild Iron heart, and whom do i have pleasure of speaking with?" she added in


Ma-Yiang stepped to attention, placed one foot parallel to the other, and neatly bowed his head to Audhild.

‘‘Greetings, my name is Ma-Yiang.’’ he introduced himself, and stepped forward to make room for his two guards to enter. Both were keenly observing the elf woman and were carefully inspecting the surroundings, resting their hands on the hilts of their swords by laying their arm along them, and dangling the hand from over the pommel.

Charachter - Ma-Yiang

The elven prince took her offer, and sat himself down on one of the chairs opposite herself.
’‘I will get straight to the point. I need men.’’ he said bluntly, ‘‘And a lot of them.’’


“Well what sort of men, is the true question workers, farmers , warriors, sails-men” she added in
she looked up and down at the prince, “But i have a slight feeling you need bodies for a fight”
"also may i offer you some to drink? while we discusses this, i got mead, wine, some herb tea"
she waved her hand over to the side over to a small table where there was some bottles and a kettle


‘‘Tea please.’’ he nodded, ‘‘And yes, warriors is what i seek. I have a war to win, and i lack in manpower. What i do not lack in however, is gold.’’


Audhild gets up from the table and moves to the kettle and starts pouring a cup and placing it onto a small place, she picks up a bag of tea and places it next to the cup, afterwards she moves over and places the plate infront of the prince, before sitting back down.
“Well then you have come to the right place, we hold the most contact infomation on most bands thats willing to fight for join, however their prices are not fixed and are based on what they need to bring themself and what you offer up aswell” she said while moving a hand over to a book laying on corner of the table
" Now how many men are you looking for and i have to ask if your in the market to buy weapons and gear aswell, company policy" she said before opening the book


‘‘I can provide weapons and gear, though i am not sure if these men i will be getting will know how to use any of them. Weaponry in Xia is a bit eh… different. So it might be best if they bring whatever they are familiar with.’’ he explained, ‘‘What good is a ‘‘sellsword’’ if he doesn’t have a sword to sell anyway?’’ He then grabbed the bag of tea, and tossed it in to the cup of hot water. ‘‘How many men can you provide, exactly?’’ asked Ma-Yiang.


“well right now from what i know we have about six groups located in the city, while about six others on the outside, and if your okay with more religion based groups i know a few others that would be willing but they are testy at best” she said
"But as of now in total we should have 1500-2000 men and women, now we can get more but that takes time, to get the word out and them getting here payment getting settled. Whats your time frame?" she asked