[RP Episode] Northern Spring


”Ah, I see. Then I shall tell Magor to make ready.” Macil said. ”We too, have similar customs. And it is a long road for you to travel. If you wish to pass the mountains before the onset of the first terrible snows, you had best leave soon.”


‘‘I will start backing my things then.’’ she nodded, ‘‘When will Magor be ready?’’


“Ask him yourself.” Macil laughed, and pointed at the bottom of the staircase. Magor was waiting for them, a grey cloak thrown over his broad shoulders, a pack was on his back and a long Sorni broadsword hung at his side. “Brother, you had best give them sometime to pack.”

“I told them to start, but I’m not sure if they listened. I take it the ‘presentation meeting’ went well?” Magor called back gruffly.


‘‘I will go see to it that my companions have packed.’’ she said with a witty voice, and brisked past Magor with her happy youthful spirit evident in every step.


Magor turned to watch her go. “I’ll take them through Belar’s territory. He’ll give us some new horses, and then we’ll skirt around Midland. There’s a country called Nidgardheim beyond that that I’ve heard of. We’ll go there, then her home.”

The King drew him aside for a moment. "Be wary of the folk that dwell there. Rhae first learned of us by witnessing Helcelen in cages, enslaved, in that city. "

“Anyone touches her, I’ll gut them like a fish.” promised Magor. His brother laughed. “Make sure you do so.”

“What will you be doing?” asked Magor. The two began to follow after Macil’s rapidly disappearing fiance.

“I’m going to give Verel a lesson in tactics and strategy. I do no wish for you to return and find nothing changed.”

“Good. Time the wolf learned to fear the eagle, instead of simply respect him.”

A companionable silence settled over the pair, as they went their separate ways, Macil to his generals and Magor after Rhae.


Rhae hurried to her room, and saw that her comrades really have packed their things. They were eager to leave, as the rest of them did not find themselves a prince charming as Rhae has. Most of their original cargo were gifts for the King, and with those now having been delivered, the rest of what could be considered their belongings was not much, as they had left most of their things on their ships. This was when they had assumed they would return to said ships.

They began making their way down the steps with Rhae at their head when they came across Magor. Their mood was delicately merry.


“Let’s go.” he said, easing his pack on his shoulders. Without waiting, he began to walk towards the stables. Malvor abruptly appeared, running after them.

“Tenn’ enomentielva, Atar.” he called.

“Namárie!” Magor called back. He saluted.

Malvor returned the gesture. “Farewell, Rhae-Ming! Have a good trip!”


‘‘Wait!’’ she called, ‘‘Where is Macil?’’


“Right here.” Changing his mind, Macil had decided to postpone the talk of strategy for a few moments. He emerged from behind Malvor, still in his armor.


‘‘Macil!’’ she called to him gladly, using his name to adress him while he is present for the first time. She closed in on him. ‘‘I was beginning to think you were sending me off without saying goodbye.’’


”You are not so easy to forget as all that.” he laughed. Magor could be heard cursing horribly. A groom shouted, and several horses neighed. Paying no heed, Macil swept up Rhae into a hug. ”Be safe, little flower.” he said. ”I will be waiting for you.”


She kissed him.


Macil returned the favor.

A brief moment later, Magor trotted out of the stables, sitting on a large grey horse with a shaggy mane. Behind him were grooms leading half a dozen other animals, slightly smaller but with more docile expressions than the raging creature on which Magor was sitting.

“Daro! Any time before noon would be fine." he drawled. Somewhat annoyed, Macil broke off the kiss.

“Come back to me, sweetling. And do not let Magor brush over you. He is my brother, but you are to be my Queen, and he had best learn that. Ask him about his fight with Belar Mightyfist if you need to both mellow him and take him down a notch.”


‘‘I’ll be back before you know it.’’ she smiled, and broke away from Macil. She took saddle on one of the horses, as did the other Niirai, and she waved him one final goodbye.


Returning the gesture, Macil felt something else besides Rhae leave, as Magor directed the Niirai to mount up and follow him. His hand played with the hilt of the hammer hanging from his belt.

The party rode out the gate, horse hooves crunching onto the snow. The King stood watching, until they faded away into the distance. Malvor walked up beside him.

”They’ll come back, right?”

”I cannot say, Malvor.” Macil looked down at the boy, who was gazing mournfully after his father. ”I am holding a meeting of the lesser chieftains. Would you care to play chess?”

Meanwhile, Magor was surveying the land around them like a hawk, as he picked his way across the lower slopes of the mountain. They left the road almost immediately, heading directly south instead. As they rode, Magor dropped back to beside Rhae.

”I know the paths out of Helegeron, and beyond the Midlands. From there, I do not know the way. My brother mentioned a place called Nidgardheim? Do you know your way home from there? I can get us close to it, but from then on my knowledge as a guide is no longer useful.”


‘‘I have been to Nigardheim before, on a few occasions, actually. A few of those journeys i made were through the desert.’’ she explained, and turned to look at Magor worryingly, ‘‘You know what a desert is, right?’’


”I have heard this word, it is a great beach, but without water, and extremely hot.” replied Magor. ”I wonder perhaps if we could take ship rather than cross it. Helcelen do not manage the heat as well as you do the cold.”


Rhae thought for a moment. The seas were not a kind option either. ‘‘The southern seas are dangerous, plagued by pirates of all kind, with unknown beasts lurking in the deep. Not even Xia has yet managed to tame its coasts.’’ she explained.


Magor snorted. ”Pirates are craven. And there are foul creatures of the Eldar Days everywhere. They are not unique to any one location. I would rather fight our way across, then slowly die with strength slipping from my fingers. Is there any other route?”


‘‘No.’’ Rhae sighed, ‘We can either hitch a ride on a caravan though the desert, endure the heat, and we would be safe. Or, we board a ship in Nigardheim, and we sail south through those treacherous waters at high risk. Personally, i would choose the desert. I have endured it before, but it is not lethal to me… so…’’