[RP Episode] Northern Spring


The snowy winds began to pick up their force, howling round the mountain side with a vengeance. A gust of wind sent Macil’s unclasped hair flying back from his head. He looked down at his bride-to-be, and unclamped his cloak, throwing it around her shoulders. ”We had best go inside.” he said. ”You’re starting to turn blue.”



‘‘It would be best.’’ she murmured, still grinning. Holding him by the hand, she lead him inside with her. ‘‘You should go see your brother, and tell him the news. I… managed… to get him to stop swinging his sword after 10 hours of ceasless training. He’s unconscious now…’’


“He’ll recover. If he can swing a sword, he is at home.” Macil reassured her. “Thank you! Almien, oh happiest of days!” He paused in his walking, and grinned again. “I will have to teach your our language. It would be most inconvenient otherwise, as not all Helcelen speak Common.”


‘‘Yes, definitely!’’ she agreed, rather eager to do so, as their speech was as if a song sung to hear ears.


“But first, we must break the news. Myself to Magor, you to your companions, and then I will find you ere I speak with the council. There has not been a Aranel in Helcar since before I was born.” Macil said. “I am curious to see how Malvor will respond. He has been my one constant companion for five years now.”


‘‘Yes, i guess we must…’’ she replied, and began rubbing her left shoulder with her right hand, nervously.


“What’s the matter?” asked the King, his face furrowing into a frown of worry. “What ails you?”


‘‘Its, well, you see…’’ she began, closing her arms together, as if attempting to hide in a protective shell, ‘‘I fear how my companions might react…’’ she explained, ‘‘I still have a responsibility to them, and to Xia. I’ve been sent here do complete a mission, not to…’’ Rhae looked up at him apologetically, ‘‘I love you.’’


“I do not see a contradiction, sweetling. What mission were you ordered to complete?” Macil’s frown slowly faded. “I will not hinder it.”


‘‘Its already done, partly.’’ she sighed, ‘‘When there will be a chance to do so, my people and i are expected to report home…’’


“I’ll wager it was both to meet the Helcelen, and form some form of pact, alliance, or simply create an arrangement, perhaps?”


‘‘No, it was just to reach out to you. If any arrangement was to be made, it would have been a bonus.’’ she told him, now pacing around the room, ‘‘The issue is, i am expected to come home. If i refuse, they could consider it treason. And i don’t want them to go home alone without me, and tell the Empress of my treasonous acts, and potentially sour relations. You don’t deserve that.’’


Macil stroked his chin in thought. “What if an alliance could be secured, but with a small clause attached?” he asked. “The Helcelen are doughty warriors, and even the Sorni alone would be a valuable ally.”


She smirked, ‘‘A valuable ally indeed, but you may not be aware of the sheer size of the world, my sweet. You are too far away to be of use. When a crisis hits Xia, by the time word reached you, and you would bring your armies thousands of miles south, which could take months, in to a climate you are not suited for, it could very well be over, and you would be too exhausted to contribute much.’’


Frustrated by the web that was slowly closing around them, Macil smote on palm with his fist. “I will not let you be parted from me by force. But neither will I prevent you from returning to your kin. Oh damn this curse of Olosse!”


Rhae walked up to him. ‘‘When the time comes, i must go with them.’’ she wrapped her left hand around him, under his arm, ‘‘I will return, i promise.’’ and gently brushed the palm of her right hand along his right cheek.


”But how would you return? I would not have you fall to thieves and robbers in the wayside?” Macil’s never ending frown returned.


‘‘I-I don’t know…’’ she stuttered, ‘‘I would find a way, somehow. I would… hire protection maybe.’’


”Hmm…I will think of something. I will not lose you.” he said fiercely.


Those words filled her with joy, and she smiled again. ‘‘No, you won’t.’’ she let go of him, ‘‘Now go, see your brother. I need to see my people and tell them, regardless.’’