[RP Episode] Give 'em Hell


Dusk was fast approaching. Red sunlight flooded the valleys and crevices of the mountains, highlighting every bump and crag in the terrain with painstaking detail. The evening was relatively silent, with the occasional bubbling of lava flows, and pebbles cascading down the mountain side, hissing as they splashed into the molten rock. The silence was rudely broken by the sound of gasoline engines sputtering to life. On a hill to the East, a truck laden with soldiers crested the top followed by another, and another, making a small convoy of vehicles driving down into the valley. Each truck swayed back and forth, as the suspension dealt with the rough terrain, rolling over rocks and fissures in the ground. The soldiers with their guns slung over their shoulders huddled together on the backs of the trucks focused on keeping their balance as they were jostled from side to side.

Three Grunds drove in the front seat, constantly adjusting the steering wheels as they bumped along. In the front truck a Faethern officer sat in the passenger seat, his wings neatly folded behind him, and his mask wrapped firmly over his nose, so as to avert the noxious volcanic fumes. The convoy continued for a while longer until they reached the bottom of the valley, where an unusually large crevice opened up in the ground.


“Bídsteall!” The officer barked. The first truck slowed to a standstill while the others followed suit.

The men proceeded to hop out of the trucks, talking among themselves, slinging their guns over their shoulders. The last two trucks contained ordinary soldiers. The officer climbed out of the passenger seat of the first truck. His face was completely covered, as he wore both a red bandanna around his mouth and chin and a helmet and goggles, all for protection against the elements. His uniform was mostly brown leather with a few parts the same blood red as his bandanna. The tag embroidered on the right side of his chest read “Morccidere”. Above the name were sewn in three golden stars, and below it outspread golden wings. The only non-protective part of his uniform was the pair of polished brass wings fastened to the sides of his helmet.

Angel Top

The sound of heavy boots crunching into the volcanic soil sounded from the back exit of the truck, followed by five more. Six knights of Reich exited the vehicle, carrying a variety of heavy weapons with them. They lined up in front of the truck silently and awaited orders. The shiny patches on their chests bore their names written in tiny golden letters.

“Your orders are as follows!” Morccidere continued to command. “This is the last and FINAL nest. We are to exterminate everything and let none of them escape.”

The general turned to the Knights. “Forsplider! You and the other Beorngrund go first, the rest will follow.”

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The Knights went first, flanked by 4 scouts, the rest of the platoon hanging back to ensure the rear was covered. The dark walls of the crevice and the red sky brought Comfort to some of the older Knights as it reminded them they were fighting within their home and not within Hell as some these very Knights had done centuries before. Forsplider being a young and relatively new Knight took charge on this mission, as he saw it as way to prove his worth to God.

“Bid!” Shouted Forsplider, stopping the march in its tracks. Forsplider could feel the Demonic presence shooting through his body as the Arch-Daemons within tried to take hold of his will. “We draw close to the nest, prepare for the first attack upon the wicked!”

The nest was seated within a massive cave at the end of a large crevice, gore from the corruption of the demons littered the mouth of the cave filling the air with a stench worse than death. The men could hear the clamoring of the demons as the peons of the dead rushed from the depths of the cave toward the entrance.

As hundreds of demons in the form of dead men rushed from the cave towards the brave soldiers, the men ignored them, saying personal prayers to God instead. These men do nothing in their lives without seeking guidance or thanks from the Holiest authority in the universe. After praying, Forsplider’s fingers twitched with excitement as he started up his Eviscerator, a monstrous weapon consisting of small blades on a chain powered by a gas motor.

The soldiers charged with swords and eviscerators at the ready, these simple undead were seen unworthy of using holy technology such as guns and flamers to exterminate them. The men felt as though they were meeting with a wall of pure flesh as the densely packed forces of the undead slammed into them at full force. Blood shot about like a geyser as the undead were torn to shreds, every drop bolstered the morale of troops adding to the intensity of the combat. Forsplider took pleasure in crushing the skulls of the undead with his bare hands as the smaller stature of a human compared to the Knights allowed for the average skull to fit near perfectly into his hand.

“More blood men, we need more blood! Every drop of blood from these monsters fuels God’s love for us!” Shouted an unknown soldier as he drew his rifle and executed a Demon Champion.


As the horde of the undead slowed it had become apparent the demons began sending their soldiers and champions out of the nest to greet the warriors of the Reich. The smell, sight, and screams of the demons as they were burned alive by flamers brought joy to all those around. Demons jumped into the blood pools that had formed in the divots in the ground to try to relieve themselves of the Holy fire bestowed upon them. The blood was not enough to wash off the gas that had stuck to their skin and they instead boiled in the blood of their brethren. The Knights readied their 1.00 caliber pistols and began to fire into the demon horde, each time they loaded another round into the chamber their body shook with ecstasy, knowing they were about to fire yet another explosive bolt into the body of some unholy beast.

Suddenly demons began falling from the sides of the crevice, taking notice of this a Flametrooper named Algar shot flame upon the ground to cut the demons off from the rest of the troops as they wouldn’t dare cross the threshold of holy flame. The flame was soon extinguished as a Demon cleric began to wield his unholy magic to control the flame. The cleric created a magic barrier that stopped bolts and fire in their tracks, anything moving faster than a man or hotter than a cup of tea was stopped by the magic. “Stop firing you’re wasting ammo, I will get the bastard!” yelled Algar in a rallying cry. Algar ran breaking rank with his soldiers to charge knife at the ready towards the cleric, but when he was just shy of plunging the blade into him, he was grabbed by another demon. The demon began biting at his armor breaking ribs before breaching his chest piece and biting through his flesh. It was at this moment Algar pulled a grenade from his side and detonated it in his hand, killing the cleric and igniting his Flametrooper gas pack. The flames engulfed the last of the demons and all fell still as the last of the screaming terrors burned to death. The stillness reminded Forsplider of the Holy Cathedral where he spent so much of his youth. They took this break in the fighting to collect the dead and to pray for the dead to give them protection, as these Holy Martyrs had attained a seat at God’s side.

“Prepare men! The Arch-Daemons come!” General Morccidere commanded, as the roars of the Arch-Daemons thundered from the cave.


The first red-skinned horned behemoth pounced out of the darkness, seething and roaring with fury, or was it fear? The Knights backed away cautiously as more arch-daemons emerged, brandishing massive razor-sharp claws.

“Fire!” Morccidere swung his saber as a signal to the foot soldiers, who responded with a barrage of fire from their high caliber rifles. The rounds they fired were explosive causing the body of the first monster to be riddled with flames and smoke, each bullet tearing a gaping hole in its protective leathery skin.

The Beorngrund knights took this as a signal to attack, and charged as their chainsaws roared above the clamor. As the footsoldiers reloaded and prepared to fire at the next target, the knights made quick work of the stunned daemon’s legs, reducing them to blood-gushing stumps. The daemon screeched, raging in pain as it tumbled to the cave floor. It’s screeches turned into frantic fearful cries as the Knights clambered over its fallen body, chainsaws buzzing and cutting its flesh all the while. The daemon’s blood chilling screams came to an end after Knight Forsplider promptly removed its head.

Exterminate. The Knights minds all held the same thought. Purify. Their blood drenched coats served as a sacred witness to their dedication. Sacrifice. Knight Algar’s charred remains reminded them of the costly price of freedom.

The remaining arch-daemons were processed in the exact same manner with little loss of life. As the final daemon fell to the Beorngrund’s saws, General Morccidere called for the troops to regroup.

“Bretheren,” He turned to his men. “Tonight…we have made history.”

He loosened his folded wings, allowing them to spread a little.

“Tonight, you are redeemed. We all are redeemed. In God’s eyes, Maeythia can finally fall back into his arms, now that it is free of corruption. Having extricated yourselves, and having exterminated corruption, we can now look forward to a life of peace and perhaps someday, we will search out the corruption elsewhere, purging it as we have here, as soldiers of the Holy Reich of God. Now home! Cythu!”

The Faethern general marched back to the trucks, followed by the Knights, who were followed by the foot soldiers.

The Holy Reich was safe at last.


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