[RP Episode] Far Flung Friends and Foriegners


Andreas looked down his nose at the pompous fop in front of him. It took all his reserve, carefully honed to razor edge over a decade of political experience and intrigue, to keep him from committing an inexcusable display of violence and lack of decorum. But that would not do, though Sagonos knew how much of a favour he’d do the world if he succumbed to the temptation.

Instead, as he’d so often done when faced with reprehensible officials, he bowed courteously and smiled. Even indoors, he and his attendants had not been able to remove their shaded eyepieces. The glare, shining from a thousand jewels and glass baubles, was simply too fierce. Only those who knew him well could see, from the slight tightness of his face, that the smile would not reach his slit-pupiled eyes, or the contempt that lay buried therein instead.

“My lord Heir, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.” He nodded to the second, more plainly dressed prince standing next to this… display of undeserved extravagance. “And, of course, my lord Prince. I am most pleased to find you, and your lord father, in good health.”


Sancho was in his element.

Nobles from across the land had attended, lavishing gifts of all kind upon his family. He had waited, patiently, for each to approach, greeting them, full of ceremony and pompous dignity. All had showed the proper respect, all had done exactly as expected. He smiled, just enjoying the moment.

He watched as the next carriage rounded the corner on its approach and his smile immediately faded, replaced with a look of panic.

“Oh gods, she brought the beast with her.”

He locked eyes with the white bear sat upon the top of Luzia Das Mares carriage, before breaking his view again. He was convinced the bear just narrowed his eyes at the Crown Prince. He would have greatly preferred if the mangy creature had been kept away, but he dare not make a complaint, he was terrified of the creature.

He took a deep breath, and then re-applied his smile. He wasn’t going to let this spoil his evening, even if the white beast prevented him from getting close to Luzia. It looked like a dance with her was off the table. No matter. Sancho bows politely to Luzia as she climbs the steps, the bear closely behind her, watching Sancho intently.

Yes, he was certain the bear was giving him the evil eyes.

“Welcome, friend, to the Crown Palace. I am glad you could attend tonight’s event. Please do head inside, his highness wishes to extend his personal wishes. If you have brought a gift, please do take it in with you.”

He smiles, doing his absolute best not to lose his nerve, as he feels the hot breath of Aslio behind his master. This was much too close for comfort. He waited patiently, hoping Luzia would move along quickly.


Sancho, practically unknowing to the strain on the Lord Protector stood opposite, smiled in return. He was quite pleased that the Lord Protector seemed to understand the civility and procession of the events, having turned out in some very fine clothes indeed.
“I thank you, Lord Protector, for coming all this way to honour my Father, the King, he will be most pleased by our continued commitment to good relations with each other.”
Sancho stood to one side, to allow Andreas’s group to move in further into the hall.
“Please do make your way inside, enjoy the evening and the refreshments. Should you need anything, please do ask one of the servants attending tonight, they will be more than happy to help you. If you have brought a gift, we can provide assistance with moving it to a suitable location, should that be required.”
Sancho turned to face the next group who were approaching, having greeted the Lord Protector; he must ensure that all others were greeted by himself. No one else was going to do it properly.

Meanwhile the younger Prince John had watched, much more closely than that of his brother. He had read of the vulnerability of the eyes of the peoples to the west, but it became obvious to him upon seeing the tinted glasses that this was a problem for them. He was glad he had made some additional preparations. He walked up to approach the Lord Protector.
“My Lord Protector, my I extend my personal thank you for attending, and I apologise about the lighting situation.”
John turned to look at the back of his brother, silently communicating the main reason the choice had been made.
“Should you want it, I had set aside a few rooms separate from the main event with lower lights for yourselves."
He bowed, much more humbly than that of his brother.


Fernando took a final look over of himself in the mirror at his attire and makes a final minor adjustment. He had chosen a longer jacket, black, reaching down to his knees, accompanied with larger boots. A simple sash of red fabric crossed his chest, at his right hip, fastened by belt, was his rapier and dagger. His assistants had initially suggested a doublet, but he despised how puffy they could be. This was much more comfortable.
He turned to look at himself from the side. He gives an approving look, as Alfonso open the door behind him.
“Are you ready?”
“Yes, I think so.”
Fernando turns to face his uncle, raising his arms up, as if presenting himself. Alfonso takes a quick look over his nephew, before nodding and stepping back out. He knew Fernando wouldn’t sit well in anything else, so this was a reasonable compromise.
The pair makes their way down towards the entrance where the horses are waiting, along with the personal guard. The two climb up onto their horses, before they gently urge them on towards the Crown Palace.

As they advanced, they passed through the space cleared for them by the City Guard, citizens lining the street, watching as the nobles of the land and foreigners alike made their way to the Crown Palace. Fernando held up his hand and waved to the crowds, smiling. He watched as members of the escort who came with him filtered through the crowds, talking and making merry.
Excellent, this should go smoothly. Perhaps this evening wouldn’t be so bad after all.

Sancho and Fernando stood on the steps of the Crown Palace. What peace and joy had been present in the air had evaporated on his arrival, as the two stood, a tension taking the space. Alfonso, Fernando’s own escort stood further back, the red banners only slightly moving. The Royal Staff stood quiet as well, holding their breath. If it was going to go wrong, this was a prime time for it to happen.

Sancho looked down the steps to Fernando. He noted the lack of luxury materials, the simplicity of his attire. Before him, in his mind, stood a man with no refinement, no measure of noble bearing.
These people have no place here, certainly not this boy and his rampant ways. No Marianna either. How disappointing.
“Welcome to the Crown Palace. I see you are short a member, tell me, what… has befallen your sister?”
Before Fernando can respond, Alfonso cuts in.
“My niece sends her apologies, but she has taken unwell and has remained back. She wishes she could be here to celebrate.”
“Indeed. Do… send her my best wishes for a healthy recovery.”
Everything about this man made Fernando’s skin crawl. He patiently held his tongue though; he knew he would have his opportunity.
“It is a pleasure to be here, I am glad we could honour the King on his birthday.”
“As am I. Please, do enjoy the festivities.”

As Fernando goes to move past, Sancho places a hand on his arm, stopping him.
“But no weapons are permitted. Please hand them over.”
Fernando stopped, looking Sancho square in the eye. Doing his best to hold his cool, but his free arm instinctively moving to his dagger.
“Why? No one else was asked to?”
The fact that Fernando had even questioned him annoyed Sancho. This Duque was HIS vassal, to do as HE commanded. His tone shifted, to one of hostility.
“Are you defying my instructions?”
Fernando’s face broke into a snarl. Sancho was trying to push his buttons, giving orders. Fernando knew it, but he wasn’t going to take it. His hand was now firmly on his dagger.

The air paused for a moment, seemingly dragging on as the two refused to give ground.

“I could have you removed for your insolence, boy.”

A voice cut through the crowds, one of clear authority and instruction.
A new figure, older than Fernando, but a bit younger than the Prince stepped forward. He strode with purpose across to them. Emblazoned with the Pegasus of Casa De Ferra, he didn’t break his stride when he was addressed.
“Duque Ionatan.”
The Duque walks up, before leaning in and whispering into the ear of the Prince.
“My Prince, is it not improper to make a scene here? Better to let him pass for them to save face. By your grace, of course.”
“…Yes, of course, that would be proper.” Sancho turns to address Fernando. “I shall allow you to keep your weapons. Please, go on in.” He gestures further in.
Sancho lets go of Fernando’s arm, before Alfonso hurries forward and ushers his nephew along. Alfonso and Ionaton exchange glances, a history of diplomacy and understanding passing between the two friends.
Alfonso breathed a sigh of relief. Thank the gods Ionatan had intervened. This night would have been a lot messier if he hadn’t.


The older man, leaning somewhat on his staff, stood watching the procession. He took in the throng of celebrating citizens, some watching the nobles, others drinking and making merry, another group watching some street performers perform “magic.” He smiled, knowing that, while nothing magical was going on, it still took a level of preparation and understanding to swallow fire. A clever trick, one which brought joy to people. Still, he would make a note to check in the following morning, ensure the man hadn’t inflicted any burns upon himself.

Like many other Sábio, he had returned to the capital to look at the variety of goods being sold, rather than in any reverence to the monarch. He had managed to find a few items he had been curious in, an older text discussing regional flora, a replacement pestle for his mortar since he lost the last one and a new glass prism for his experiments with light.

He was quite content with his purchases, but it had left him a little low on coin. No matter, he had enough for the next few nights and would be earning more in the coming days. There would be plenty of people who would benefit from his care and expertise in the coming days. Of course, he had also hoped for chances to speak with other intellectuals, theologians and magicians about the finer points of the humanist and scientific fields, though despite a few passing chats, he had yet to sample such a treat.

He turned, noticing a hooded figure stood amongst the crowd, watching intently the arriving nobles. Their attire screamed of foreign influences, though he knew not where from. Their appearance intrigued him, such a curious individual. Perhaps this one would partake.

He smiled warmly at the figure.

“There is no need for your hood to be up friend; it’s a lovely evening out and you may find this city is quite accepting of outsiders. Please, if you wouldn’t mind indulging a curious mind, where do you come from? You wear clothes unlike any I have seen or heard of.”


Hesitant to look away at whoever was speaking so close to her at first, she kept a watchful eye on the reception hoping someone would notice her outlandish (and outstanding) look for that one moment, until the voice mentioned her hood. Then she knew that it was her attention someone was wanting to gain. She turned her head, and barely turning her shoulders, to face the old man. She was not impressed.


A wrinkly old man in a plain grey robe, with greyed hair and a bushy beard was eagerly standing next to her, awaiting her reply. Not what she was hoping for. Immediately he could notice the slight bright tint of her skin tone, and her eyes, which unusually narrow with a subtly greater intensity at its outer corners. He could not view her ears yet however, as she kept her hood on for the time being, and her front view was dominated by her long bright blonde hair.

She smiled back, none the less.
’‘It is a lovely evening. Though I still like to keep my hood on, so that when people do approach me, they see my shell, my clothing, and wonder where i am from, where as if i have my hood off, and they see my physical appearance in contrast to theirs, they wonder what i am.’'
She paused for a brief moment as the man looked back at her with an even greater curious expression.
’‘My name is Yin-Wey.’’ she adds at the last moment, just as the old man was gathering his breath to say something.


“The pleasure is all mine, Yin-Wey, and I do say that your approach to gathering people’s curiosity is well crafted indeed, you caught me like a salmon on a fishing hook.”

He took a moment to ponder the information she had presented to him.

“Hmm… Yin-Wey. That IS quite the unusual name, unlike any I have heard before. You’re certainly not from anywhere I know of.”

The Saibo looked back towards what Yin-Wey had been previously watching, noting the Princes greeting nobles up on the Palace steps. Realising it was their attention she sought, rather than his own. He sighed. Alas, his curiosity must wait it seems. Although…

“Alas, I do fear that you will be without success if you’re trying to garner their attention like this. The Princes are quite transfixed on the approaching guests, and the approaching guests quite transfixed on the Princes."

“Though, might I suggest a different approach?” He gestures to a man further round in the crowd, with pale brown hair, beard and sculpted moustache. “That man there, his name is Tito and he belongs to the Negros Gyphos. They’re the personal guard of one of the nobles attending, Fernando Da Silva.”

Tito, member of the Negros Gryphos

He saw the look of inquisition on Yin-Wey’s face. Confused for just a moment, as he realised she was missing as to how this old man could possibly know such a thing. He took a moment to explain.

“I treated him a few years ago for an injury while on my travels and I rarely forget a face.”

After clarifying, he returned to his original trail of conversation.

“Notice how he’s not celebrating, but he’s watching the crowd? He’s waiting for something, expecting something. Perhaps someone? It might be worth keeping an eye on him too. It’s just a suggestion, of course.”

He smiled warmly at the foreigner.


Yin-Wey was pleasantly surprised. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a stranger offered her advice for practically nothing. Her face now bearing a genuine smile, she turned to face the old man with her full being to give the old man what he wants. To sate his curiosity. She pulled off her hood, revealing her almost exaggeratedly long pointy ears piercing through her hair.

‘‘Thank you, my friend.’’ she said and bowed her head to the man. ‘‘I came here from far away, from Xia. You seem very well connected, maybe you’ve heard of it? I could chat with you more, though i haven’t caught your name, sir.’’


The three ships from Nigardheim started to pull into the dock, as they had docked the gank planks ever lowered first from right then left and last the middle middle ship, the royal guards and servant started to depart the ships. the guards formed a line on the royal family dock, to keep rift raft out and offer protection for the crown.
as the royal family was departing the king was waving off servants
"Just do it you have the list, and the coin buy whats on it while were here"
"And dont you lot dare even sitting the gifts on the ground, if they get dirty i will have your heads"
Bjørn uttered
the queen walked over to one of the captains
"Find the proper harbor master or whom they have in place for this event to announce our arrival
the captain nodded and walked off


The journey had been long and uneventful, Wynneria looked out the window of the carriage, seeing nothing but hills, forests and fields for miles. After another hour of travel, she started to notice a change in the air. A fresh wind passed rippling through her blonde hair, and with it carried the scent of the seashore.

“Mama, Papa, look!” The princess pointed out the window to a city that became visible as they drew closer. It’s orange roofs were unmistakable. Aranca, the city of King Emmanuel.

As the carriage, and the cavalry guards proceeded to enter the city, it seemed the birthday celebration was about to begin, the streets were lavishly decorated and crowded with people. The Landshire horsemen had to route people aside in order to make way for the carriage. The king’s party continued straight to the palace.


Andreas’ smile at the younger man became someone genuine when he explained the courtesy they’d paid his kind. “Ah, my lord, but that is welcome news. While our inventors have festooned us with-” he gestured at his face. “…appropriate devices, it would do one’s eyes good to look at people naturally again.”


Having changed from their travelling apparel to something more formal, in Salvestra’s case a crimson evening gown, the trio left the inn for the palace. The entrance was grandeur itself, and she recognized the crown prince in the doorway. From a distance Sal thought he looked tense. He had grabbed hold of the nobleman’s arm and the two seemed to be getting ready o duel any minute now. As she approached however, the man was admitted. Perhaps her vision had failed her?

Coming up the the prince, she bowed courtly and said “Prince Sancho himself! An honor to be here for the celebrations! How’s the good king’s health?



One of the port clerks was scribbling away furiously in his ledger. Business had been booming this week, but it had put a lot of strain on the office to log everyone coming and going. His hand was beginning to cramp from the effort, and his handwriting was becoming harder to read. In front of him, a door burst open, as a bearded man stepped in, broad shouldered and muscular. He approached the clerk, and announced the arrival of the Nigardheim fleet.

“Oh, yes of course! You’ll be wanting these, ah, just a second.”

He got up from his chair and quickly dashed over to collect a few scrolls and present them to the captain, a collection of various documents detailing the number of ships, personnel and cargo being traded for returning.

“Not to be rude, but I would let your King know he may need to hurry, the event is already beginning. I can’t imagine he would want to be late.”

The captain took the scrolls and rushed back to inform his King of the situation.


Prince Sancho waited patiently, and watched, delighted, at the arrival of his grand niece, her husband and her children. They might not be Rescida’s by name, they certainly were by blood. He extended his hand to the approaching king, embracing it warmly.

“Welcome to the Crown Palace your majesty, I am glad to see you made it safe and well Nephew.”

As he welcomed the King Hendry, he was suddenly attacked at the legs by a young child, who had rushed from the carriage, breaking clear of the guards. Initially shocked and a little horrified at the sudden onslaught, Sancho gently patted the young member of the Midland royal family, peeling them off his attire. He smiled at them, and gestured on in.

“Please do head inside, I’m sure father will be overjoyed to see yourselves. Help yourself to drinks and food.”

Finally, he extended his arms to embrace his niece, holding her close. It was good to reunite family, from so far away, back to the home they grew up in.


Sancho recomposed himself following the encounter with Fernando, turning to greet the next set of guests. He smiled as they approached, hand extended to greet them. He examined the gown, a fine one indeed.

He read the look of concern on the face of the approaching guest. Ionatsn had been right about the scene. He mused to himself. Ionatan was easily the most capable man in the Lesser Council, and perhaps one of the few Sancho would take serious advice from. Someone worth keeping around.

He returned his attention to that of the guest, and bowed in return to their address.

"The honour is mine. welcome to the Crown Palace. Thank you for attending tonight’s event. If you would please make your way inside, my father awaits, as well as refreshments for yourselves.

He gestures inside, to where the other guests have gathered.


“Uncle Sancho! You haven’t aged a day!” She kissed him on the cheek. “It feels so unreal to be home again.”

Hendry bowed politely and smiled. “Good to see you again, Uncle.” He looked around for a second, trying to remember where everything was. “Where would our rooms be? I absolutely must change out of these clothes first before I’m in the dining hall, and Wynneria as well.”


Suddenly, he looked startled, realising the blunder in his manners.
“Oh, how rude of me, my name is Jonotas, and I am glad to be of service.”
He bows back to his newfound acquaintance. His smile turns to that of a face in deep thought, musing at the name.
“Xia? Hmm. No, I don’t think so. It certainly won’t be found on any map here in the Crownlands.”

“Though… I do recall the some travellers’ tales of a place far to the east, past the Great Desert. They talked of peoples similar, yet not quite like us, of their strange ways. I had always suspected a grain of truth to their stories.”
He ponders some more, before chuckling to himself.
“But then again, I was always a sceptic. Traders often like to exaggerate these things if it will get them another drink and a free night at the inn. Though, it seems there may have been more to it than I had suspected. What is your home like and perhaps more importantly, what compelled you to leave it and travel all this way?”


‘‘Faith.’’ she replied with a slight bow of her head, ‘‘Our realm is ruled by the divine mandate of our beloved empress. We have had stories of other lands for ages, yet few have considered the long journey through the sea of sand. Truly, i wished to see how far the reach of the celestial throne goes. To which i still do not have an answer to, as it does not have a defined border, its influence just slowly… fades as you venture further from the heart. So i took it upon myself as a seeker of knowledge to spread the flame of wisdom of our realm to those without.’’ she explained enthusiastically.

‘‘I have followed Xia traders out of our homeland, and as their goods changed hands, i changed caravans. Eventually, the sands gave way to grasslands again. I followed our wares all the way to Nigardheim, and now, even here. Some of your rare and exotic teas and spices come from Xia, and you don’t even know it.’’ she added.


“Neither have you, dear niece.” Sancho smiled back to his relation. And it is good to have you back, the Palace always felt a little bit quieter without you here.

He steps back from the young couple, taking a moment to admire them, before carrying on.

“Rooms have been prepared here at the Palace if you wish to stay, though I am certain we can make other arrangements should it be necessary.”

Sancho gestures to the various aides, who rush forward in preparation to take the bags and possessions up to the prepared rooms.

When you are ready, please do join us in the main hall, I would very much like to catch up with you both.


“I’m not surprised, in truth. The merchants travel far and wide bringing goods to the markets here in the Crownlands, I highly doubt many of them stop to consider the original point at which they were made, save to ensure their product is of repute, or perhaps not, in some cases.” Jonotas leans a little on his staff, easing some of the weight on his feet. He strokes his facial hair.
“And alas, it seems you have met one of the many curious wonders of state administration. How little the central authority holds influence over the lives of people beyond it’s immediate gaze. Most people would likely have little to no interaction with their rulers, if they live beyond the limits of cities and ports.”

“As for faith, well, on that front, I am perhaps suited to answer some of your questions about this corner of the world. I would invite you to join us at the University tomorrow morning if you are still here. You will find many minds capable and willing to discuss such matters.” He gestures to another building, standing tall among the roofs of the city, it’s dome a marked characteristic of the construction.
Of course, I am happy to answer some of your questions now, should you wish?