[RP Episode] Deadly Depths


Tis’ your average day in Ayrith. City folk up to their usual, loud buisness as bored guards secretly nap whilst leaning against the walls.

Within the Ayrith keep, Garias sits on his shining throne, head resting on his hand as his dull, smug looking advisor reads a scroll to him.
Suddenly, the front gates open up and guards salute a familiar figure. It’s the usual Ebongraspian diplomat. He brings news of a summit taking place at the Raven’s Perch, the seat of Ebongrasp.

‘‘Ah! An excuse to get out! Let me know when’s the summit, my good man.’’ Garias excitedly asks the diplomat to tell him the exact time of the summit.
His advisor sighs and leaves the room, shaking his head.

Upon recieving his answer, he rushes to the royal living quarters to get ready for the long trip ahead.

Three hours later, he arrives via carriage to the port town of Harboria. Just as watches the crew on his ship, ‘‘Motus’ Hand’’, unfold the sails, he is stopped by a good friend.

It’s Ghoth. Or as some call him, The Wayfarer.
Garias notices the excess of travelling equipment dangling off Ghoth’s garment.

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Ghoth strolls towards the giant ship, on his back carrying a ridiculous amount of adventuring equipment, “Ah! King Garias! you travel on motus’ hand with us?” at the sight of his friend he attempts to put together a sentence with his very broken english. “what be the reason for such quest, if me could ask sir?” Ghoth asked excitedly.


Garias is confused at first. He was not expecting Ghoth to come on the journey with them. Hell, he didn’t even think Ghoth knew of it. By the looks of things, he was using this voyage as an opportunity to head to Ebongrasp. But why?
’‘I’ve been summoned to the court of Emperor Xial II for a summit.’’

He then stops Ghoth to ask him something as well, after explaining that the ship has been reserved for him.
’‘However, i am curious as to what buisness you have in Ebongrasp. Surely the summit does not excite you THAT much. Not to mention - i highly doubt the emperor invited you as well.’'
Garias lets out a short smirk at the thought of it.


As the conversation progress Ghoth came to the realisation that their ways would not part too quickly “you right to think that sir, but i has been told of a priest in Ebongrasp, apparently they know about us… heathens” his four eyes light up at just the thought of being granted more information about his race, that could possibly help unlock the secrets to his past. “i was wondering if me could hitch ride” saying that he attempts to mimic a smile to seem more friendly.


Garias gives it a thought…

…But just before he answers, he notices that they’re already far off shore. Too late to turn back now.

‘‘Can’t really say no now, can I?’’ Garias lets out a quick breathy laugh. ‘‘What the heck. Tis’ a long journey ahead of us. Come, tell me more of this priest you’ve heard rumours of.’’ He puts his arm around Ghoth as he leads him to the ship’s bowels for a drink or twenty.


almost immediately Ghoths tentacles flail in excitement “Thank so much you!”. When they walk down to the bowel of the ship Ghoth sits on a seat and lays his bag down to the side of him and lets out a quick sigh of relief knowing he can rest from carrying his heavy bag for a moment.

He took a second to remind himself of the numerous rumours he was told by the folk in Harboria “well… you see Garias… its pretty fifty fifty this trip” he said with a slight expression of doubt “some said the priest used be explorer like me, that on travels of his he found books relating to heathens” his expression seemed to lighten up for a moment before quickly returning to a sad and doubtfull expression “and some say he hate heathens” Ghoth sighs and looks to the ground.


Upon taking a drawn out sip from his mug of ale, he comforts Ghoth.
’‘Now, why would he hate your people? Unless it’s blind racism, i don’t really see a reason. Or is there perhaps i’m missing something?’'
He then looks into the mug, watching the two cubes of ice slide around on the bottom.


“reasons for why i know not off…” Ghoth contemplates whilst taking a big gulp of his drink, and proceeds to say " maybe in book he read bad thing, bad thing made him hateful… i do not know" and takes another big gulp. Looking out the window he notices trickles of rain running down the window “hmm, rough waters it could be today” he says looking back at Garias.


'‘Aye, it has been getting rather cloudy.’'
Garias responds as he hears the captain of the ship yell out to the crew to reduce sail.

The storm eventually brews. But it’s nothing that the crew hasn’t been through before.
’‘We have a few days at sea ahead of us. Let’s find you a place to sleep tonight.’’

Later that night, the rain calms as the waves shrink. Garias sits in his cabin, polishing his shoulderpads.


Ghoth sat the majority of his evening in his cabin, sifting through his backpack and gear, looking at what he took with him, if he forgot anything. As the waters were rough and a small storm was stirring he took out a book that he has been reading for the past few days to study further. It was a book of myths and legends, one he learnt not to take too lightly from previous travels. Ghoth stumbled upon the chapter “Deadly Depths”, probably not the best thing to read whilst out at sea, but his curiosity led him to carry on, he nervously flipped through the pages and stopped on page 290, it told of the kraken, who was said to rip ships in half and demolish entire crews within a few minutes THUMP!. Ghoth jumped from his bed in a heartbeat, his breath quickened, a second of silence felt like an eternity until he heard laughter from the upper deck “must be just some drunk crew mate” he whispered to himself, and slowly fell back into his bed, putting his book of to the side.


That morning Garias joked with the captain.

‘’…so das’ why i call my pegleg ‘Peggy’.’’ the captain finished his sentence, pointing at his pegleg.
They then both burst into laugh.

'‘Aye, captain. You never fail to amuse me with your stories.’'
Garias leaves the captain to his own thought.

He then goes check on Ghoth in his cabin. There he finds Ghoth on his bed, with a book by his side.


Ghoth, still uneasy after reading his book gets startled at the sound of the door being swung open by the king “Garias!” he exclaimed “What brings you to me cabin?”. He takes a moment to contemplate why Garias might have come to check on him “Be there trouble on deck?”. Ghoth sits upright on his bed, grabs his half full cup of thistle tea that still stood on his bedside table and takes a slow sip, looking into his cup, still haunted by what he read.


Garias is obviously slightly irritated by the lack of amusement onboard. ‘‘Na’ no trouble. Just checking if everything’s alright.’’

Garias sighs.
’‘By Motus’ fading patience, still beats sitting on a throne all day listening to some guy rabble on and on about local farm feuds.’'
He takes a short pause.
’‘Say, tell me what you’re reading there. That’s one thick book.’'
Then he points towards Ghoth’s book.


“that be truth, also beat it listening to drunkards argue” He chuckles for a second " Oh this, Amythias, not much, just book i find on travel long ago, it speaks of myths old and new". Ghoth quickly remembers the myth about the kraken, he looks at gar for a few seconds longer not uttering a word, then his gaze is drawn back to his cup as he mutters “some be more frighten than others”.


'‘Kraken, eh?’'
Garias obviously has no idea what a Kraken is.
’‘Erm… What exactly is this ‘‘Kraken’’? By the look on your face i can tell it’s not a gift-bearing fairy or anything nice, haha.’’


“No… nothing nice at all, it be giant squid the size of ship, with tentacles covered in rows of sharp teeth. I heard stories of whole ships being ripped to shreds” it felt to Ghoth as if nothing could cure his mind of the anxiety caused by reading of the kraken. He could do nothing but sitting on his bed, motionless, clenching his cup of tea with both hands, sipping slowly as he gazed of into space in silence.

Ghoth turned to Garias ”what about you, have you heard such stories, do you bielive them?”


“I’ve heard many a story of great and horrific beasts. Some more believable than others, but then i always remember that they are but stories.“

Garias pauses before continuing.

“I’d have to see something like a ship-sized squid with my own eyes to believe it.“