[RP Episode] Chasing Lightning


Cao-Zee blinked twice at the captain’s statement and her complete disregard to her crew’s safety, and continued without comment. ‘‘Dis presentation has been veri informative, thank you. I belief we hav seen enuf.’’


" alright then, i will inform the crew and we will head back to port, however from the wishes from the king and queen we would like to offer you a ride back home. In spirit of good trade and future tradeship" Alva said as she raised her hand
" Pack it all back in, we’re done for today once we’re packed were heading back to port. You lot did a good job" she yelled out to the crew on the platform
" You may think about the offer on the way back" she added to Cao


Cao nodded and reconvened with his companions to discuss the captain’s proposition. Not all of them were fond of the idea, and were fearful of the many, many, many pirates that plague these seas in today’s age.


the trip back to port went fine no trouble, the crew were just relaxing on deck, Alva was standing next to the helmsmen talking
as the ship docked in its spot Alva walked over to Cao
"Well were back at Nigardheim, so have you though about the offer?, i mean it would take days if not weeks off your trip home and we would gladly transport any goods you have back with us. Its not a problem" she asked Cao


He smiled, ‘‘Thank you capitan, but all of our guds wer bought by your king. Which reminds me. You still haven’t payed for them.’’ Cao remembered.


“Now if i recall right you said goods for infomation on canons, which we did happyly provide but if im mistaken on this, whats the price?, i will send by the great hall and settle the matter” Alva said
" So thats still a no on the transport back home ya?" she chipped in


‘‘We said information, for information.’’ Cao pointed out, ‘‘The goods, which we had no choice but to let you drag away i might add, were not part of that deal.’’ he continued, and then narrowed his eyes at the captain, ‘‘And neither were your deceptions. Like, holding down a canon to counter its recoil with men? Please, that would cripple all of dem. You have made an excellent presentation indeed, a presentation of how little you know of this weapon, and then attempted to fake knowledge you don’t have to ‘‘sell’’ to us. We are insulted captain. Again, no thank you on that transport. We will find our way. As for the goods, let the king keep them. Let it pass as a gift, and a ‘‘don’t take us for fools next time’’ payment.’’

Cao-Zee bowed to the woman, and walked off the ship, paying her no further regard along with his companions.


the same human council member that had seemed soo railed up with joy about the groups visit to the nation were awaiting them at the port, he walked over to them holding a scroll
"I hope the captain put on a good show, but i fear it wasn’t enough so in hope to make a good impression and spring future trade relations i bring you this scroll" he said
"It tells you how to craft a basic and i mean basic cannon so you can get the basic of the whole ordeal down, but the king nor queen knows i’m here with it, all they know is that i’m here with a trade permit that allows you the right to step up a more permanent stall if you chose" he said with a lowered voice.
He was alone without any guards at all, so it was clear he was acting on his own


The group stopped, turned back to see the ship they were on and its crew in the far distance, and turned back to this council member.
’‘This is treason then.’’ Cao pointed out.


" It’s not Treason, just an informal gift issued by the king and queen without them knowing about it" he pointed
"If you don’t want it i will just leave it, its not an issue for me. Im just trying to smooth matters" he added
making the motion to hand over papers
"So what do you say ya or nay?"


Cao-Zee turned to Rhae-Ming, who nodded and closed her eyes.
’‘Fine. We will take your ‘‘informal gift from the king and queen they themselves don’t know about’’. I don’t have a reason to trust you with this, seems shady to me. But if anything goes wrong, it will be on your head, not ours.’’ Cao stated and proceeded to take the scroll.


"Wonderfull i do hope you enjoy the rest of your stay in our fair city, and i hope we will meet again one day it was a pleasure and dont worry about my head, if everything is coming along as it should it will be untouchable"
he said, took a bow and left


The group of Niirai had booked passage south on a private merchant ship which would take them to the delta of the mighty Jida river, from where on they would head south through the desert on foot, to avoid the pirate infested waters of these notorious southern seas.

Just as they were beginning their journey, Cao had Rhae copy the scroll’s contents on to their own piece of parchment, with a few sensible alterations to the plans, and had discarded the original scrolls with the trade permit by throwing it overboard and in to the gulf of Nigardheim, for they were not real traders, and had no need for it.