[RP Episode] Chasing Lightning


The Niirai lot looked at the glasses for a moment with an odd stare until Cao-Zee quickly broke the awkwardness of the silence and asked, ‘‘Wat is dis beverage?’’


" It’s mead, its brew on honey this bottle is a sweeter mead, one i fancy on the sea. Its a command beverage here its like ale or beer if that helps" she replied back to Cao-Zee


‘‘But beer is made bai the extrashion of shugar from de grains to leave the alkohol. How is dis laik beer if its sweet?’’ Cao-Zee inquired further.


" you boil water and just add honey and let it rest for about half a year, you can add other flavors if you please. However in that half year the honey fragments and generate alcohol, so the sweetness comes from age and how much honey you have used. Its pretty simple and you can do even do it at home in your own kitchen" She replied back with a smile
the ship was now on open waters making it pace to where the test site was located


‘‘Interestying how maney drinks ar mayd by leaving them somewhere with something els to age. Makes you wonder how people actshually came up with dem…’’ Cao-Zee commented, ‘‘I will politely decliyn, i do not laik alkohol, it clouds one’s judgement.’’ he says, after which Ly-Ren stepps forward to take a glass for herself, ‘‘Thank you.’’ she said to the captain with a forced smile. Then she turned to Cao-Zee and whispers ‘‘Don’t be rude…’’ to him, which he scoffed at. ‘‘It’s just like Fengmiyu anyway…’’


As they waited for the ship to arrive to the area, Alva went over what was gonna happen, also using hand gestures to limit the language barrier
"However you may pick which one we are gonna use, we have a few test canons on board the ship different sizes, different barrels. So pick whatever you fancy and you will be giving the full tour on how it’s used how we load it and what range its meant to fire too. But do keep in mind they are prototypes" she said to the group while showing the group down to the canons that had been placed on the deck there was about five different to pick up


But the elves had no blasted idea where to start, so they went along with the assumption of ‘‘Bigger means better’’ and decided to start with, ‘‘The bigger one?’’


Alva nodded, “very well, the biggest one we got” she said
she looked at the crew on dock " Okay listen up once were there load the big one onto the platform, so we can show these fine people what they came for" she said out loud
the ship was pulling up to a stone platform in the water, once the ship was pulled up close a plank was lowered down and the crew members slowly started to move the heavy and large prototype canon down onto the platform
"Okay so, we should be ready in a few you can walk over to the railing and watch closer, as the gunner will tell you what his doing" Alva said


The elves were completely baffled now. They sailed by ship to this one rock in the middle of the sea to shoot a gun. ‘‘They couldn’t have shot one from one of their piers, perhaps?’’ Rhae-Ming thought, but by the expression on their faces, that was not their only question in mind. ‘‘Don’t mind me asking…’’ Cao-Zee, spoke, ‘‘But how did you manage to get this rock out in to the open sea? …’’ he asked as he looked over the side of the ship’s railing, inspecting if its somehow afloat, or how deep it actually goes.


"There used to be more rock here, but after blowing bits and pieces off, we started to flatten the rest out and made it into a platform, so yeah they used to be more Alva said, The crew lowered down the gank plank and started to move the canon down and setting it up
" We should be ready soon" she added


The elves waited patiently.


the gunner face forward to the boat and started to talk with a raised voice, going into detail on how you prep the cannon, and what to watch out for while doing, admitting some of it might not matter in the mist of combat use due of stress but high recommencement anyway, while talking his doing hand movements to illustrate whats going on.
Behind the gunner theres two other crew men doing what the gunner is talking about, nearly in perfect sync
"Due note using swords, spears as ammo does not work, however bundle of iron or steel spear like rods does show promising results"
soon after the gunner yelled " AIM CLEAR FIRE!"
a loud boom was heard as the cannon fire and the round went off to land and made an even louder boom as it hit the ground


The Niirai show appreciation for the demonstration with a brief applause, ‘‘Impressive.’’ Cao-Zee commented while stroking his goatee, ‘‘And wat about its usage on shyips?’’


" its all based on size of the ship and the cannon itself, we have used some smaller ones for really close firing were we cant really miss, aiming is still a major issue and the cannons themself are still on the drawing board, we field test most of them all the time to see if what we can use them for. Or if what they can handle but as i said the rods have shown great promise in use" Alva said before taking a sip of her glass


Cao-Zee nodded, ‘‘And the recoil? How du yu keep the ting in place onboard a shyip from gyetting flinged backwards?’’


" Oh that simple enough you see" she said as she pointed down onto the deck, where hooks were mounted to the deck itself
"We just strap the cannons up to these hooks in the floor and it below deck the cannon hole thats in the frame of the ship adds more stability making it slightly easier to stay in place" she added


Cao-Zee contemplated for a bit, and then realised, ‘‘But wouldn’t da biggar ones rip da ship appart like dat?’’


" if floor mounted yes, if man mounted you better be able to stay put and hold it down thats why we dont suggest large or big ones on ship but works great on land, once we get the aiming right anyway, which has been a slight problem" she said back Cao-Zee


‘‘You hold dem down yorselfs? Is that not dangerous?’’ Cao continued.


Alva starts to laugh
" Dangerous, Dangerous" she breaks out while laughing
"Oh yes it is but tell me what is life without a little danger?" she asked Cao