[RP Episode] [CANON] Soldiers of Fortune


The Valkorian ship sped across the waves, spraying splashing from the bows and curling back in great sheets onto the forecastle. But gradually moving from the more turbulent waters off Valkoria, and into the more placid seas near Kaveh, the ship returned to an even keel, and arrived safe and sound with its message.

Carrying the scroll, marked with the Imperial Seal of a blood-red eagle, the 2 messengers left their ship after it docked, and traveled to the palace, walking in awe through the foreign lights and sounds of the strange city. Their eyes drank in the sight, only to blink and blur when confronted by yet another incandescent and blinding light from some computer monitor or screen. It was surreal, a flawed dream world, and the two men became all but lost before they asked for directions.

Eventually, however, they did find the palace, and left their message for ‘Lord Yatavo’.

Lord Yatavo,
When first we met I did not have need of your services. Yet things have changed, as the world does. Come to Valkoria, that we might discuss matters. The ship that bore you this message will bear you hence. Bring the heads of your companies, for this concerns them as well.



Roughly one week later, a the ship moored in the grand harbour of the Valkorian capital, and within half an hour four men stood in front of Caesar’s desk. The bald Kavehan was familiar, and Lord Yatavo Tlanextictototl once again laid eyes on the impressive working room of the foreign monarch. With him, though, were three smaller men, each representing one of the three main mercenary companies that made up the Tlanextictototl Munitions and Defence Solutions Conglomerate.

Yatavo spoke up. “My lord, we come at your request. It will be my pleasure to do business with you. As you required, I have brought my captains with me. Allow me to introduce them.”

He gestured to the first man, short and stocky even for a Kavehan, wearing heavily customized infantry armour dyed in dark grey and pale yellow. “This is Captain Arash of the Midnight Shields company. His men are regular mechanized infantry, equipped with weapons and infantry fighting vehicles, and specialize in rapid menoever and defense.” With that said, he indicated the next, a taller man with hair and a beard the colour of charcoal. His full set of powered exoskeleton armour had been dyed black and deep red. “This is Captain Morvarid. He leads the Red Vanguard company, a mixed heavy infantry-armoured unit specializing in rapid shock assault.” The last man to be indicated, finally, was entirely unremarkable. His armour had been dyed with dark green highlights, and his face showed absolutely nothing except for a mottled burn scar covering almost half of it. “This is Captain Zaeed of the Firestorm company. Their speciality is urban combat and area denial by use of flame weapons and explosives.”


Caesar bowed his head slightly in appreciation.

”Thank you gentlemen. I called you here because I have need of an army with a talent that mine own does not possess. Some thousands of you would be required. What is your going rate?” his gaze was shrewd.