[RP Episode][CANON] Go bab or go home


Neeko eyeballed the guard with a dark shadow over his brow and rage burning fiercely in his eyes as he opened his mouth and said ‘‘Okay.’’ in a calm voice and left.


Few days past by from when our young hero Neeko was denied from entering the hall of the king and today was the day, he would not know how many people would seek aid of the king this day it could be none it could alot


‘‘Finally its Friday!’’ he would say to himself after spending his last few days at the inn. A few have gotten to pestering him to make bab again, and he had to refuse each and every one of them every time, less he made the inn the iconic place to get bab, and not his to-be parlour. He took his necessities and made for the king’s den again.

2nd Attempt


As our young strabbing hero Neeko made it closer, he could see there were extra guards, and a line were already forming outside. This could take long


‘‘For the love of… no way I’m standing in line that long! There’s gotta be another way in…’’

Knowing there was no way he could fool or bribe all of these guards, he had two options, the 1st and probably best would be to find another way in, with less guards, or … create a large enough a diversion to draw the crowd and the guards away from the main entrance. How the shit would he do that? I have no idea…

But Neeko did!

‘‘HEY, EVERYONE!!’’ he shouted at the top of his voice so everyone there could hear, ‘‘Drunker Boar made so much profit from the cook off, he’s now handing out food and drinks FOR FREE!!! Only for the next half hour!’’


the offer for a massive free meal with mead to follow was way to tempting for half of the line and soon enough they sneaked off one by one trying not make to a screen or give any one that idea where they were headed
Neeko just kept taking the new free space each time, oddly each it didnt take long with the line that were left, most however didnt come out smiling


Soon enough it was Neeko’s turn, he was at the front of the line of angry mumbling Norsemen who decided to make their way back. They could say something, but they probably realized its their own fault for letting be tricked like that and didn’t want to make a scene in which they would publicly admit they care more about food and drink than they do about seeing the king.

As the last bloke left the king’s underground lair, the guards gestured Neeko to step forward. It was on that day, that Neeko met king Wesley of Danheim…


our young stabbing hero entered the hall and now stood before the king, the king looked at Neeko before rasing a brow
" Well spank my bare ass and call me nelly, a Kleriel coming to my hall asking for help. Now this is new, so young Kleriel state your name and reason"


Neeko stepped forward, bowed, and spoke proudly.

‘‘Greetings sire! My name is Neeko na-Snei, and i have come before you in search of property, a building, preferrably one on a main avenue, where i would open Danheim’s very first Kebab Parlour!’’


" a kebab parlour? is that some sort of eatery?, if thats the case i can’t assist you on a place on the main avenue however theres a small house not far from the main gate, right next to the whorehouse which is not in use. Due well the owner kinda died, if that would be enough i can help you all you have to do is pay me upfront for the house pay your taxes and your good to go" he said to Neeko


‘‘Whorehouse hm? Well… there will be SOME traffic at least, with that establishment there…’’ Neeko thought to himself, pondering if he should take the king’s offer. He did say a ‘‘small house’’ though.

‘‘Can i see this house before i decide?’’ he asks humbly.


“sure, one of my guards will bring you there. And if you chose to accept the house be there tomorrow cash in hand” he said as he took his hand up into the air making one of the guards come over “Show this young Kleriel to the house, you know the gray at the whorehouse” he said to the guard who simply nodded and walked over to Neeko


After being taken to the before mentioned house, he was satisfied. It wasn’t as good as he had hoped for, but neither was it as bad as he had feared.

‘‘I’ll take it!’’

He told the king upon his return, and began working out the deed.


" Now remember you pay taxes to me, everything imported is taxed and general tax is on the first every mouth, failure to pay, gives me full right to take your land or goods in order to cover the fee. However first mouth is free of charge" the king said to Neeko


Neeko nodded, signed any documentation needed and went about his new life.

In the following months, he earned enough to renovate the building, and turned it in to a proper Kebab Parlour. The bab gained popularity in Danheim, and he could earn to afford a comfortable life. He made trips back home every few months to go see his family. He even got married in Kleriel that one time he had this girl he didn’t cheat on, promise, and had her move to Danheim with him, and raise a happy bab loving family.