[RP Episode][CANON] Chasing Ghosts


With the battle concluded, and the foe banished to his home once again to lick his wounds, the bloody work of cleanup began. The soldiers piled the hundreds of Danheim dead in a great pile outside the city, and burned it, finishing off any surviving wounded. Their own fallen, the men who had been hit by artillery fire or been overwhelmed by weight of numbers were buried in a long communal grave, placed carefully in a trench along a bluff overlooking the sea. The 400 or so Valkorians, counting their wounded, rapidly recovered, repairing the damaged walls and burned buildings. Aelius was distressed to note the loss of the machine guns however.
Bloody hell, Caesar will not be happy…
The cruiser dropped off 30 marines to help rebuild, and sailed home, carrying Aelius’ report with it. He was right. Gaius was most displeased to here the news that Danheim had launched a full scale attack on one of his forts, and decided to pay them a visit at a later date. But as the airships were not seen during the battle, Aelius did not include a paragraph about Keelish involvement.
The cruiser was sent back to Kaveh, carrying another cohort, and more ammunition. Aelius turned over command to the tribune who arrived, and went home with the cruiser, to be immediately redeployed to his legion. He was killed a few weeks later by a Ultorii naval shell.
The new tribune moved the location of the fort to a more defendable position, setting up a more secure base of fire. The unit, now composed of 900 men, built a larger base, of stone instead of wood, and settled in, making a dock and the signature Valkorian roads about the place. No further incidents occurred, but the original cohort would tell stories of the day they fought in Kaveh.


When the Marshal returned home, with the remains of his forces and their spoils, people in the streets cheered for their might heroes returning home, however not everyone were as happy mother fathers son and daughters were now one short at the table. But when he marshal gave his report to the king, the king nodded and ordered a full study off these new items of war they were to be retro fitted and mass produced right away, however when he learned about how their foe looked like he agreed with the marshal that theses Valkorians were of the Joten breed and must all be kill if seen, they will never be able to help the forces of Jotenheim once Ragnarok comes, he made it heard anyone bringing a dead Valkorian will be rewarded less of them means less to fight at the twilight of the gods, which would grant anyone a right to enter Valhalla. However now it was time to help inform the families that lost some one and provide them time to grieve in peace.
But for the king the Kleriel kept their word and the spoils were worth every man and women even ships lost



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