[RP Episode][CANON] Chasing Ghosts


instead of rolling all the way over to keavh, the fleet set anker a mer hour or two at lest on foot from keavh, still not issuing a feeling that they wanted to attack, they simply started to unload gear and men, in a steady pace


Meanwhile, the Keelish team dropped off in the desert spread out and, through intense casting and team work, conjured up wind shifts large enough to kick start a sand storm, severely decreasing visibility.


”Damnit, now is not the season for storms. That will change things. Get the men fed, quickly, and bring me a megaphone.” Aelius spoke to his second, who after staring at the rapidly rising sand for a moment, vanished to carry out his orders. Aelius looked down at his belt, where a flare gun was loaded. Unless the storm cleared up, it would be difficult for the cruiser to spot him. Best he could hope for was that the enemy would be just as blinded by it.


the troops from Danheim slowly started to pack their gear and moved on, on foot leaving the coast going into the sandy dessert, still taking it nice and calm no one were rushing around, for later meeting up with some from the Kleriel teams


As the storm began picking up, Aelius decided to send a message before visibility was completely gone. He gathered a squad of sharpshooters and snipers, some 10 men, set them into pairs, and sent them off into the desert to give the Danheimers a little nudge, a reminder that this was not free land.
The snipers slowly and surely picked their way through the dirt and sand, scattering once they grow close enough. Moving into various positions, one team making observations on the Viking weaponry, the snipers selected targets.
The lead sniper, a decorated veteran, held up his clenched fist. He pumped it twice into the air. Two shots cracked in the sandy wind. A Viking warrior threw up his hands and collapsed on the ground. Another clutched his arm, smitten by some unknown pain. The fist motioned towards the fort. The two snipers got up from their crouched firing position, and headed home. Again the hand gesture. This time 8 more shots rang out, and several more enemy soldiers fell. Then the whole team picked up and left, racing towards the fort on their long, fast moving legs.
Aelius nodded approval when the sniper made his report. That should teach you to saunter around like this is your land, hah.


the Danheim troops were getting near the city gate, which was not much of an issue, covered by the sand storm they started to work on the gate, once the gate were open they games could begine and danheim and kleriel could get what they wanted.


Once the gate had fallen to the Danheim the troops slowly and surely made their way inside the city, that once bloomed with life, color and light which now were nothing more then stone and sand, as they were making their way to the fort the danheim Valkyries started to ascend to the roof tops to provide back up for the other troops marching down the street. The troops were abit spooked over the city being dead, they had never seen such an event sure they had seen smaller towns and villages flee but then they would return shortly but here everyone just packed up and left. Not far from where the primitter from the fort the troops made a hold to unpack some new field gear the mjølner only three them sens they needed to be field tested the mjølner were pretty much just mortars, but the Danheimers named it after Thor’s hammer mjølner due that the payload would fall from the skies like lighting and thunder. As soon as the mjølners were ready to fire, they fired and the show were about to start, battle horns cried out in the city as shots fire against the fort and its outskirts


Aelius watched from the ramparts as the shells from the enemy mortar weapons leaped into the air with a great roar, flying up in a great arc, plummeting down to end in a eruption of sand, smoke, and flame. One shell impacted directly inside the fort, sending several Valkorians to the afterlife. As the Danheimers reloaded, Aelius decided to return fire. He had plenty of ammunition, and a perfect lock on a graphical point of the city around him. "Fire!"
The battery leaped backward, the cannon balls hurtling from the barrels to smack into the rooftops where the vikings could be seen clustering, while a precise and rapid rifle fire was kept up by the legionaries. Bullets whined and skipped across the landscape, as the fort provided decent cover for the besieged Valkorians, and the rapidly ruining town provided some cover for the invaders.
Unfortunately for the long range wielding warriors, the sandstorm too began to pick up in earnest, and as the visibility dropped, so too did the volume of projectiles.


As the storm picked up and the battle’s intensity waned, the Keelish Cybermancers amonghst the Danheim raiders proceeded with the second stage of their plan.

They conjured one way barriers from the outskirts of the town to cover the Danheim troops, while hiding themselves amongst the buildings. To the enemy, who could not see either the Keelish nor the barrier, seeing their bullets bounce off their targets through the sandstorm would seem as if they truly were protected by the gods, or that their armour was of incredible strength.

But that was as far as the Keelish would go, and the barrier only stretched so far. There were hundreds of Danheim raiders while about only 20 Keelish cybermancers covered them. The last push was up to Danheim.

The other Keelish teams meanwhile snuck in to the city, away from the unfolding battle, which was the perfect distraction. They returned to the Palace, the Academy, and this time to the industrial areas in search of a forge or weapon manufacturing facility as well, if they could learn anything new, even if the space was emptied.


”Cease fire! They have Keelish shields!” The fort ceased firing. The Valkorians dragged their dead from the ramparts, pulled their wounded into the hospital, and waited for the next attack. The Danheimers would be forced to charge now if they wished to take the fort, and rifles would be useless in the sandstorm, so the legionaries slung their rifles, double checked the machine guns, clearing away the sand, and drew swords, a smooth rasping sound of hundreds of blades being drawn. Aelius tapped the handle of the flare gun thoughtfully. So now the fight we’ve all been all been waiting for, Valkorians vs Danheimers in hand to hand. Damn, I sound dramatic don’t I? A decurion nearby looked confused at his commander’s muttering. ”Nevermind, get back to work.”


Thanks to the sand storm visibility were lowered, it did not work much in their favor but it gave the marshal leading the assault an idea “in Norse” “Okay point the mjølners right at the fort or were it should be in this fucking weather and launch fire charges, the fires will guide our troops. Valkyries spread your wings bombard the fort with fire, Bersker’s get ready for a charge once its lit. And you lot be right behind them we’re taking this pile of junk by force” he said before blowing his horn signaling the mortars to fire, when they fired it was like thunder and lighting stroke the skies not long after another horn blow and the Danheim Valkyries spread their wings and did their simi blind bombardment and the third and last horn blow were issued and the men charged the fort


About half of the Keelish dropped the barrier at that moment and charged in behind the Danheimers. They promptly injected their invisibility potions in their suits and dove inside with short blades drawn in search of their prize.


The storm began dropping, finally beginning to run out of steam. Aelius could see the mass of men attacking up the hill towards him. The shots from enemy artillery either hit the walll setting it ablaze, where legionaries raced to extinguish it, went over the fort and detonated in he sand, or landed directly in front of the charging Danheimers.
Aelius pulled his helmet onto his head, and drew his sword. ”Brothers! We have held this fort so far, let us not let it fall now!! And if you fall, Neptune is smiling down on us, waiting to open his halls! For VALKORIA!”
The legionaries roared back in response. ”FIRE!” The Danheimers racing towards them were about 3 hundred yards away, when Aelius gave the order. The gunners let loose.
A blaze of shimmering light poured from the machine guns, cutting through the Danheimers like a scythe through wheat. Men dropped like flies, cut down by the blazing weapons. Still despite their terrible losses, the courage of the northmen propelled the toward. As the gunners stopped to reload, they crashed into the walls, swarming up and over them.
The Valkorians were waiting. With a cry of ”BARRITUS!” The soldiers of Valkoria slammed their full weight into any man who made it to the top. Their height, reach and strength gave them a huge advantage in hand to hand combat, and the Vikings at first struggled to gain a foothold. Then the Valkyries took a hand, flying above the Valkorians, and raining hell down on them. As the men began raising their shields to defend themselves, the Vikings attacking them swung their battle axes with a vengeance, denting the Valkorian line in many places. Several managed to get inside, and open one of the gates, allowing a flow of men to surge into the fort.
The roar of the battle was tremendous, as the Valkorians fought with sword and shield, hammering away at the Vikings, while the berserkers raged throughout, only being stopped when covered in wounds.
Seeing the tide of the battle turning in the enemy’s favor, Aelius cried out to his battle group, and led them straight into the fray. ”TO ME! TO ME!” The legionaries responded by rallying, pushing back the Vikings, and began following them out the gate, where another battle began to take place, with the Danheimers struggling to gain reentry, while the Valkorian held their line firm, and exacted a terrible toll on the norsemen.
But it had required all the reserves to do such a push, and the machine guns were left unguarded, their gunners dead or fighting.


The brave and ruthless warriors knew their mission men and women fought with tooth and nail switching from close to range combat and back again, the bersker’s dropped smoke charges trying hard to confuse their foes, some jump up slamming the ax heads right into the chests of their target, as the battle raged on and blood were flowing freely, some of the Valkyries swooped down to manned the higher grounds and opened fire with their rifles. In the mist of the fight laughter were heard from men and women fighting " REMEBER we are sons and daughters of Odin! our might comes from Thor, we are justice giving from Tyr. These Joten kin are nothing! they will fall before us they are nothing but a shell off their line they shant be helping the armies off Jotenheim. DEATH TO THEM ALL!" the marshal screamed on the top of his lungs boosting morale of the warriors making them fight even harder and more brutal


The Valkorians suddenly heaved their shields forward, knocking the Danheim frontline back a yard or so. The legionaries instantly formed a shield wall, that towered over the Vikings by a foot. The second rank placed their shields over the heads of the front row, covering them. In a loud series of clanging of metal on metal, the cohort smoothly created a unbreakable line of defense, untouchable by any axe. Behind them, select squads drew their rifles, and began picking off the valkyries, who until now had been untouchable from their position in the air.
The cohort began marching slowly forward, stabbing from behind their tower shields. The swords darted in and out, slicing through flesh and penetrate bone. Wherever the norsemen managed to tear a hole in the line, the soldier was instantly replaced from his companions behind.

A hoarse chant broke out from the Valkorians, that swelled and never stopped. The vikings struggled valiantly to break their line, but the locked shields were indomitable. The legionaries held the line, even as they died, slowly and steadily pushing the Danheimers away from the fort, back down the hill towards the city. Whenever a enemy tried to flank them and go around, the back rank filed into place, extending the line.
The line could not see everything however, especially invisible Keelish with daggers…


The Keelish however only used the daggers to swiftly and silently take out any Valkoran that would catch them stealing abandoned machine guns or taking them from dead soldiers.

That is, before they formed a shield wall within the fort. It was time to leave. The Keelish have gathered enough samples of the weapon, and witnessed it in action. All but one Keelish retreated back in to the ruins of the town to prepare yet another barrier to cover the Danheimer retreat, while the last one snuck behind their marshal while invisible and told him
’‘Pull out.’’ before vanishing down the hillside as well.


“in Norse” " We got what we wanted pull out! Bersker’s drop smoke and cover our escape!" the marshal yelled out soon after the command, the bersker’s dropped their smoke screens and smoke started to form heavly with the smell of pine. the Danheim troops started to pull out from the fight, while the mortars switch ammo to smoke charges to grant even more cover. The Valkyries took to the air again and provided support fire to the troops falling back, the Danheim troops took cover behind the barriers the first to arrive were the first to shot back at the at enemy offering more support for the rest


The booming sound of the advancing cohort stopped. ”Withdraw!” It began pulling back, smoothly and with discipline. The troops reentered their fort, shattered and ablaze as it was, and returned to the ramparts, guns, and artillery.
Aelius looked out through the smoke. Can’t hit them accurately, and we’re already low on ammunition. Then his hand accidentally brushed against the flare gun. What do you know… He pulled it out, aimed far over the heads of the enemy position, where they could be vaguely milling about in a disorderly withdraw, and pulled the trigger.
With a soft popping sound, the flare flew from the gun, traveling hundreds of feet over the battlefield, detonating with a loud Bang! in an explosion of sparks and light.
Aelius felt something against his cheek. Wind, blowing away the remnants of the sandstorm. The dust blew away, to reveal the wreck of the fort and ground around it, hundreds of dead lying where they had fallen, the scattered corpses of the Valkorians mingled among the more numerous and smaller dead Vikings. Everything was plain to see, including the Danheim fleet, spars and sails poking over the sand dunes.

Two miles away, the Valkorian cruiser emerged from the headland, charging around the bay, racing towards the enemy fleet of defenseless wooden ships. The forward turrets trained on the enemy position on land, highlighted by the stream of flares and clouds of smoke, the gunnery crews clicked the shells into place, aimed, and pulled the trigger.
The Danheim position erupted in death, as 400 pound shells pierced through the Keelish shields, which collapsed under the enormous and unexpected energy transmitted into them, exposing everything sheltered beneath them. A second volley appeared, as with a clear line of sight, the cruiser poured another volley of accurate destruction into the exhausted raiders. Steaming past at full speed, the cruiser then turned its attention to the wooden fleet. The Valkorian ship didn’t even both to use its primary weapons, and instead opened up with high explosive shells aimed at the hulls, fired from the secondaries. Fires leaped from the crackling wood, while men and women screamed, hurling themselves overboard.
The legionaries yelled their approval, as the cruiser started coming around for a second pass. However, due to the long length of the steep hull, the cruiser’s turning radius was far bigger than the ships which she was hunting. As the Valkorian vessel was forced to turn out to sea, and slow down to make the turn, the Viking fleet picked up the remaining land troops, and vanished out to sea. By the time the cruiser was turned around again, the Danheimers were several miles away, and due to a need to conserve ammo, the Valkorian captain elected not to pursue.


The loses from the match didn’t matter much for the Danheimers they got what they wanted, and every soul died with honor in battle, and were granted they right to Valhalla. The wounded were being taken care of by combat medics, the rest while laughing and singing. All that was left were the trip home and a heavy debriefing with the king and Kleriel, the marshal looked behind at keavh as they left, what he was gonna tell the king would not make him happy but the prize were worth every ship every body lost


As the shells made first impact and the barriers dropped, the Cybermancers were thrown off and slammed to the ground or against buildings. Either dead or unconscious, their comrades would pick up their fallen brothers in arms and carry them off as the bombardment continued, giving priority to their people rather than the weapons. As more shells landed, neither Danheimers nor Keelish were recognisable in splattered form.

As the battle continued and the Danheimers retreated to the shore where they would barely escape their encounter with the Valkoran cruiser, the Keelish broke off in to town where they made their escape with the other teams from the city, who weren’t even noticed, and fled in to the desert under the cover of their invisibility potions. Out of sight, their airships were waiting for them. and after loading their mates and the weapons they managed to steal, they made liftoff and sailed straight for Kleriel.

Exhausted and a very long way from home, the airships made several stops along the way to replenish food and water supplies. Either by gathering these substances themselves, or purchasing them from astounded villagers or townsfolk who had never seen these creatures before. One such stop being made in Lasenor.

After two weeks, the airships finally reached Kleriel and presented Arch Magister Qeerel their spoils.

He nodded with approval.